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Samsung 9.1.4 Ch Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer HW-Q950TXY for $1169 @ Appliances Online


I think it's the cheapest this sound system has been. But limited stock

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  • Which is better value, this or the Sonos Good Guys deal?

    Been doing my research all morning on what to buy as I'm a first timer in this surround sound world. I've got a ps5 and a Samsung Ru7100 43inch (bought last year). I was thinking of getting a Sonos beam and 2 rear speakers as my set up.

    • If you're new to surround sound, it's important to understand that sound bars are great for size and convenience. You don't have to give up much of your lounge room, and it's really simple to setup (plug and play). The downside of sound bars is while their actual speaker quality can be quite good, but their actual sound positioning (the feeling of surround) is emulated/virtualised, and is generally nowhere near as good as a discrete system. It's not bad, but it's not a discreet speaker setup at all.

      If it's the actual experience that really matters to you, a discrete surround setup with actual surround speakers will provide a nicer experience, even at this price level. That being said, if size and simplicity is key, it's hard to beat a bar like this one.

      • Thanks for the reply - so if I was to look into a discrete surround setup, what would be my options to look into?

        I assume a Sonos + 2 rear speakers and this Samsung deal are both in the plug and play (but not fully immersive discrete surround setup)

        • Yeah, don't get me wrong, the bars still sound good though! But yes, the actual installation is plugging in very few cables, and often the rear speakers and subwoofers are wireless, so you can place them around at will.

          Discreet is a little more complicated. You'll have to actually take some speaker wire (usually included) and connect each speaker to the receiver. Depending on your layout, this can be annoying or quite simple. Again, depending on your layout you might also need to do some trickery to hide some of the speaker wires (e.g. pull them through the wall), or you might be able to get some wireless speakers (but that's less likely at around $1000).

          I don't have any specific sets in mind myself (dont work in retail and the models shuffle constantly), but read your comment and thought I'd add some info as it sounded like the surround sound was something exciting for you (and ultimately, that's where the bars actually suffer). I know that you can often get pretty good yamaha systems for just around 1000, with really nice entry level Klipsch for around $1800 (these are a complete different ball game though, they are REALLY nice).

          @Ozbargain: Any decent all-in-one discreet systems for around $1000?

        • The Samsung has discrete speakers for all the channels advertised, just that most of the surround speakers obviously rely on the audio bouncing off the wall to place them around you, as does the height speakers.

          I don't think the Sonos delivers the same surround experience as the Samsung.

    • Soundwise 950T is much better. https://www.rtings.com/soundbar/tools/compare/sonos-arc-with.... 5.1 vs 9.1.4 means Q950T wins hands down for sound quality. I got mine this week from appliances online and for a decent sized hall I am really happy with my purchase. I love the sound and even though I have only seen Sonos in stores I am glad I didnt shell out twice the cash for a system with less channels.

  • Legend, got one!

  • Importantly it supports eARC

    • What if your TV does not

      • Won't work, need a TV that supports eARC

        • so eARC isnt backward compatible with standard ARC?

          You must be kidding me?

          • @poxy001: I'm new to all this but from my research, in order to get the benefits of eARC you need to have an eARC compatible TV so that you can run eARC. If you don't, it will run as standard ARC AFAIK

          • @poxy001: eARC is backwards compatible with ARC but you won't get any of the benefits eARC, it'll fall back to regular ARC.

            But when most people ask about eARC, obviously they're talking about things like Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA, and multi-channel PCM on the return channel. And obviously, if your TV doesn't support that, you're not gonna get it.

      • For an older TV you just plug all inputs into the bar, arc is fine for FTA sound. Only really an issue if using built in streaming apps… at which point get a shield/firestick/google tv etc

        • No, it's really only an issue for Blu-ray, Blu-ray rips, and games consoles where lossless audio is used.

          Streaming apps all use lossy audio which can be carried by regular ARC without issue.

  • Why do these things cost so much? I spent $50 on a 2nd hand Sony surround sound system including a powerful amplifier, speakers and subwoofer. I added in a pair of 1m-high Pioneer speakers that I also got 2nd hand for $30. It sounds way better than my parents’ expensive sound bar.

  • I should really return the one I got last week and get this… but that's a lot of effort to get $126 back… and kinda feels like a dick move.

    • Did you buy it from Appliances online? If so you can get a partial refund. They offer refunds if the price go down within 7 days of delivery.

  • The pricing for this soundbar setup in Australia is insane.
    The RRP is £1500 ($2800AUD), and is on sale for about £1000 ($1800) and they consider that price fair for the quality

  • Hi. I have HW.Q900t. These bars have 60 days money back guarantee. Anybody attempted to return it and any success? I have submitted an online form couple of weeks back. Havnt heard from them. Their support have no idea of this promo.