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Targus USB-C Dual 4K Docking Station with 100w Power $280.70 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Been i while since posting but this came up and i thought i should share
I have been looking for one for awhile and this showed up. Cheapest I could find was about $400 inc post.
Seems like a good dock.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • would this work with the 2019 macbook pros?

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      My experience with USB-C and Thunderbolt docks is you need to try non-certified combinations yourself. Manufacturers of neither the dock nor the laptop in question will confirm functionality beyond their own specifically certified products. Yes, there are standards that cover all the various compatibility options, but there is literally no way to be certain by checking standards compliance and certifications - you either try it yourself, or you check online to see if someone has tried this exact combination of products and can attest to their relative success.

      Personally I've found the Targus docks to be fairly broadly compatible, far more so than so-called 'universal' docks from brands like Dell (the D6000 won't charge connected laptops via Power Delivery for about half the brands I tried them with, for example).I haven't used this exact model with any Mac though, so I can't provide specific feedback for you (so yes, my comment here is overall fairly worthless, insofar as I can't give you a direct answer to your question).

      If you can't find anecdotal feedback online, my suggestion would be to see if you can find these stocked at a local brick and mortar shop, take your Macbook pro in and ask if they'll let you test it out. Personally the way I figured out what would work with my own Fujitsu Lifebook was to buy various docks or test it on ones we use at work until I found one that would work reliably (yes, a Targus, but frustratingly it still needs to be power cycled about once a week or I lose the monitor signal).

      • +1 on going in to try a dock. USB C / Thunderbolt docks are an absolute crap shoot, especially if you have requirements like running at high resolutions / multiple monitors. All these docks have limitations in their fineprints.

        I have a MacBook Pro 2017, a Dell Precision M5530 and Thinkpad 13 paired with a CalDigit TS3+ or a Dell WD15 dock to a Dell U3415W monitor.

        MacBook + CalDigit = works perfectly, [email protected], all attached accessories work
        M5530 + CalDigit = works, but using the dock to charge eventually destroys the motherboard and the laptop won't charge over Thunderbolt anymore (had the motherboard replaced twice because of this). Also the USB ports on the dock and monitor don't always work when docked.

        MacBook + WD15 = can't get past 1080p even with various hacks on the internet on MiniDP, but works on HDMI [email protected]
        M5530 + WD15 = works perfectly fine [email protected] on either MiniDP or HDMI, good Dell+Dell combination

        The Thinkpad seems less fussy.

        tl;dr - just spend a little more and get a dock by the same laptop manufacturer if you can, or a reputable one like CalDigit if you're on a Mac and save yourself the trouble.

    • Yes, it works with MacBook Pro 2019.

      I’ve got two of these docks - one used for MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019 (Catalina) with dual 4K 32inch monitors (Dell) and the other for a Dell XPS laptop (Windows 10) with dual 4K 27inch monitors (Dell).

      The dock works great for the MacBook Pro.
      Power delivery is sufficient under heavy usage and all ports on the dock are recognised by the MacBook.
      Only issue I have had is with UI scaling options - the MacBook doesn’t recognise HiDPI capability of my monitors through the dock connection, so I can only get full res (4K) or low quality res which is blurry.
      The UI scales correctly if I connect the monitors directly to the laptop, and it works when using other DisplayLink hubs/docks, so the issue is isolated to the dock itself. I’m guessing it’s to do with Catalina OS, so hopefully a firmware update will eventually be released to address it.
      I was initially concerned with having USB-C connection instead of Thunderbolt, however I haven’t had any issue with it. Performance and connection are faultless. Admittedly though, I don’t know much about the difference in technology or compatibility criteria behind either connection type.

      This dock also works perfectly with my Windows 10 setup, including UI scaling - cannot fault it.

      From my research, this is the most affordable universal USB-C dock on the market which supports dual 4K @ 60Hz with 100W PD. Happy to stand corrected on that though ;)

      • I'm guessing if I'm using it with two 2k monitors it'll be fine as it'll just full res to 2k on both. Damn the deal expired already but thanks, i'll keep an lookout for this model.

  • US import.

  • Also wanted to point out that this is a fairly good deal for the 100W dock. Targus also have a new 60W dock (DOCK310AUZ) that will drive two 4k displays over HDMI for around $260, so that's worth investigating for those who don't need DisplayPort or 100W PD.

  • My laptop has USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5 Gbps) with DisplayPort over USB-C. It does not have Thunderbolt 3.

    Am I understanding this correctly: this dock can output to 2x [email protected] over USB-C 3.1 (without Thunderbolt 3)? I thought there were issues with bandwidth of USB-C 3.1 vs Thuunderbolt?

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      Yes, Thunderbolt 3 has more bandwidth than USB-C - USB-C SuperSpeed+ 10Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 2 x1) has, well, 10gbps bandwidth, and SuperSpeed+ 20Gbps is USB 3.2 Gen2 x2 (ie two lanes) which provides 20gbps, whereas Thunderbolt 3 supplies 40gbps. However, despite that doubling of headroom, when it comes to sufficient bandwidth to drive a pair of 4k displays USB-C 20Gbps is more than capable. I wouldn't expect it to push 120Hz or more - you're asking for disappointment there. But two 4k 60Hz screens should be no issue.

      External graphics cards, however, require Thunderbolt 3's 40Gbps. Both the upcoming USB4 and TB4 also top out at 40gbps, but with enhanced security protections. But if you're not driving graphics from an external high-end enthusiast card or arrays of SSDs, little else requires that sort of bandwidth.

      • Cheers for the response!

        My laptop (Acer Travelmate X3) is listed as having "USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5 Gbps) with DisplayPort over USB-C"…is 5 Gbps enough?

        I want to run a 4K and a 3440x1440 ultrawide at 60Hz (the ultrawide is 144Hz, but happy to run at 60Hz). I assume 5 Gbps is not enough for both, and I could probably only run one off the dock. Which means I would have to connect the other direct through the laptop's HDMI port?

        • Yeah I think you'd be pushing it trying to run two screens off that single USB-C port. Even if you get it to work, you'll see dropped frames and stuttering - I've seen laptops with USB-C docks to 4k screens that work perfectly for desktop work, but if you try and run full screen video content there is noticeable stuttering. If you have all graphics options turned on and you try to drag a window with lots of content around the screen you'll notice bandwidth limited connections either stutter, or blank out the window contents while you're dragging. Also remember the graphics card in your laptop may be a severe limitation - no amount of bandwidth will overcome limitations from the IGPU/APU if it can't push enough fps of content through.

          • @TrevorX: Cheers mate, sound like dual-port dock is not the answer for me (and my crappy work laptop!).

            (Lucky I didn't jump on this deal!)

            Appreciate the help!! :)

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              @caprimulgus: You're most welcome, of course :-) Do remember that trying to push dual 4k screens, even from different outputs, will have issues if the graphics hardware isn't up to the task. The first revision of USB-C 5gbps may also be a bottleneck, but just by avoiding that you're not going to necessarily overcome the limitations of that laptop. I've seen people buy a single 4k screen on older PCs that couldn't even output [email protected], so they had to either upgrade the graphics card or replace the whole thing. I've also seen on many occasions flickering 4k screens that people had put up with for months that came down to a cheap HDMI cable ;-)

  • This one or HP USB-C/A Universal Dock G2, which has Displaylink too? Price is sort of the same

  • apart from this one has 2 hdmi ports, why should I get it instead of a wavlink thunderbolt dock for the same price?

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