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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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    The site is already getting hammered!
    Let's see if we can OzBargain NBNCo!

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      Won't be bloody hard

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      Error 509
      Bandwidth limit exceeded

      😂🤣 Imagine that from NBNCo

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        Error 509 = NBN FTTN

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        Well Tony Abbot trashed the pure fiber NBN and it's now the shitshow dumpster fire we all love to hate.. I'm still only able to get 25MBPS NBN when I was on 25MBPS with ADSL2… Idiot libs

        • +3

          I can only get 17 hrmph

        • +3

          I have iiNet cable… typical evening speeds of (actual) 500Mbps

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            @Everydog25: Yeah, my dad and brother both have iiNet HFC and get around these speeds also, yet all NBN in iiNet HFC areas offer max speeds of 100Mbps.
            Not to mention, my dads first year is only $39.95 PM :)

            • @DisabledUser110907: I'm confused, if the plans only offer up to 100mbit, how are you getting 500?
              - or are you meaning that you are with iiNet and not connected to NBN yet?

            • +4

              @DisabledUser110907: If this is the offer through iiNet, let your dad know you can renew the $39.95 offer each year. I am on my 3rd year of having it at $39.95. Every year they say no initially, I ask if I can just disconnect it then reconnect to get the $39.95 offer for another 12 months. At that point they just renew it, I did have to pay $60 for it last time though.
              Also, normal speeds are 200mps but it gets over 400mps depending on the time of the day and how close I am to the router.

              • +1

                @MrFizz: Oh nice, his first 12 months is up soon, so I'll have to see what I can do (I put it under my name).
                Thanks for the tip :)

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            I have iiNet cable… typical evening speeds of (actual) 500Mbps

            well, la-di-da - why don't you brag about your life of privilege! :-)

        • -36

          Yes, it's Abbott's fault the NBN is a mess. It can't be that it was an impossibly ambitious project that wasn't deliverable in any form and simply repeated the mistakes of a tech monopoly like Telstra was.

          Neither outcome was going to be deliverable on time or on budget, neither of them were a viable plan, neither of them delivered a useful future (waits for the 'but muh gigabits fibres')

          • +29

            @unique452: So if neither of them were going to be deliverable or on budget, why opt for the worse option?

            • +1

              @lyle88: Yeah that was a mistake, should have just killed it.

            • +1

              @lyle88: Because timing and budget are not binary concepts.

          • +11

            @unique452: Neither of them delivered a useful future…? Optical fibre is not useful?

            Telstra was not a mistake, selling it was the mistake.

            • +2

              @nmartin84: It's not viable. Telstra used its monopoly to manipulate the market to its own gain. Telstra wholesale used to give their retail point cheaper prices than any other provider which is why the regulator stepped in to force Telstra to open up its exchanges to third party DSLAMs

              This isn't a communist ideal of state owned assets that work for the greater good, this is a commercial entity that will misuse its monopoly to its own gain

              • @unique452: Sounds like another commercial company that has a monopoly on Australia's Internet infrastructure….. it's called NBNCo.

          • +3

            @unique452: goddamn this is partisan and shortsighted.

            never forget who/why they gutted our national infrastructure.

          • +1

            @unique452: You know your comment is close to truth when it gets so many down votes :)

        • +5

          and I got severely downvoted when I said screw NBN I am going Optus Wireless

          I get 90/30 with no wires, and can take my modem with me when I travel

          NBN is bullshit

          • @shabaka: I get good enough speeds on NBN (80/27) but I'll probably switch to optus 5G once it becomes available for that reason.

            Vodafone plans look good if you tether to a router and abuse them too, they offer a 25/25 one. Not sure how long you'd get away with it though.

            • +1

              @knk: in my scenario I just got tired of waiting for NBN

              first they promised 2017 for my building, then 2018, then 2019..

              when I switched to Optus Mobile Broadband late last year, NBN wasn't even still available at my place, I was stuck with derelict ADSL what a joke

              so mobile broadband was my only option to get decent speeds

              • +1

                @shabaka: Yeah I had to do the same when I moved to my current place actually. Only option was ADSL (not adsl2) with a 4 or 5 km run to the exchange from memory which would have got me I think 3Mbps down.

                Ended up with vividwireless for a few years at 10/1Mbps which was great for the time.

          • @shabaka: I get 1000/40 with fibre NBN

            two anecdotes dont paint the picture.

            the fibnats gutted our national internet infrastructure(MTM) to help pay mates (fox/tel/rupe) because it was never about doing the best for australia and was always about private handouts from public coffers as anything they undertake.

        • +3

          Firstly - that's wrong. ADSL2 had a theoretical max of 20/1. You didn't get 25.

          Focus on the upstream speed, which on NBN @ 25 should be a minimum of 5? That's insanely better than what you'd get on ADSL2.

          It's trash don't get me wrong, the mixed infrastructure is a mess and the contention ratios are garbage but it still IS better than what you got on ADSL2.

          • +2

            @knk: I hear you, but that's not quite right either. Lots of people (the 10%-20% or so with a short cable run) were getting somewhere close to 24Mbps down and a few were getting 1.5-2.5Mbps up with AnnexM on Internode or the few providers that offered it. As an "up to" figure, 24:3.3 is valid.


            All the FTTP-for-93% plan would have given us is better latency, better reliability, cheaper maintenance, reasonably symmetric download:upload ratios as standard, 1000:400 plans for a price, an upgrade path, had us rid of most of the "up to" nonsense, …

        • -1

          Well Tony Abbot trashed the pure fiber NBN and it's now the shitshow dumpster fire we all love to hate..

          If each house is going to cost 10k+ to upgrade to FTTP, I can totally see why they scrapped it. That would have been ultra expensive on the tax payer.

          • +3

            @lostn: 10k would have been to a specific house. Once you do a street, the cost goes down per house.

          • +1

            @lostn: efficiency of scale. its like when the libs built a one way highway in SA then had to redo it a decade later

        • +1

          ADSL used to give me single digit pings, NBN gives us all grey hair!

          • +1

            @payless69: laughs in 2-3ms at all times fibre that isnt beholden to the pits like copper (FTTN) still is.

        • Who would vote for a statue with a climbing grid over it where wo could empty our bladders?

    • +1
      $ 9,462 inc. GST

      Hey, where are ScoMo and Boy Josh when they’re really needed? Surely, they’ll make heroes of themselves for OBers and have the NBN redo all connections at no direct expense for NBN customers and say, “Get stuffed!) to those who didn’t bother or couldn’t afford to have internet connections.

      • +6

        Reckon OB’ers should combine and get a Group Switch, after all we are all nearby residents- we (well, many of us) live on the same continent, Good Old Land Down Chunder.

        • +5

          On second thoughts, I will wait until April 1st when SHOPBACK AND CASHREWARDS compete against each other for our patronage and outdo the other with 100+% cash back offers.

      • +6

        Bargain - I got over $27,000! The stupid part being the larger the quote, the more problems we probably have with FTTN because we are further from the stupid Node!

        • I got over $27,000!

          I wonder if they're still doing the thing where they charge the first guy that much, then once the equipment is installed they give it to all the neighbours for cheap.

          I could write up a contract with my neighbours to share that initial cost.

          All I'd have to do is pony up a half-million bucks to move to somewhere with reasonable neighbours…

          • +2

            @ItsMeAgro: I saw that you can apply for a group switch quote with 20 people or something

            • @MrFrugalSpend: Hi Im the owner of the house futhrest, yes i would like to team up. lmao

          • +3

            @ItsMeAgro: The major cost is the upgrade of the node itself. A bit annoying the quote doesn't break down the basic costs.

            On the radio late last year, one lady upgraded and it costed her about 12k. Once the installer was done, he then told her anyone who wants to upgrade now will have it a lot cheaper. Just a connection to the node would be 1-2k. She was quite pissed when she was told that, after the install.

            She did try to ask her neighbours to share the cost initially, but they didn't want to have a bar of it.

        • +4

          At $27K+, if I stay here for another 5 years it will only be a $450 per month premium + interest on my internet bill - thanks NBN, so glad to be paying such a premium for something I really need for my WFH for my wife and I that was given for free to so many. Then again I may move in 2 years so I guess I have to be prepared to write off $1125/month + $89 for the plan = $1214… yeah, what am I complaining about, it's all good. I'm a regular on OzB cause I'm happy to throw that sort of money down the drain for a basic utility service. … C'mon 5G you just became an attractive proposition!!

        • My Quote is $29689…. from HFC to FTTN….

          No way!!

          • @joeventus: I don't think they will put you on FTTN if you have FTTC.

            • @johnmelb: is HFC same as FTTC?

              • @joeventus: No..

                Hybrid Fibre Coaxial is what optus uses, it literally looks like an antennae cable you put into old TVs..

                Fibre to the Curb has.. Fibre to the curb then switches to copper from your curb to your home.

          • @joeventus: Ouch and wtf

        • Mine is $11897, is it cheapest here?

  • +34

    Cost $ 11,156 inc. GST

    Where is the tax payers when you need them

    • +7

      Ready to get a second round of reaming?

    • +44

      Where is are the tax payers when you need them

      Correcting your typos, not paying your bills…

      • +5

        Who needs grammar when tax payers are paying your way… 😋

        • +6

          Have you heard of economies of scale? This is why you can buy a loaf of bread for $1.25 from Woolworths but a personalised cake costs over a hundred.

    • +10

      Paying for Scotty from Marketing's friends to get jetted around the world.

      • +9

        Straight to Foxtel and "Great Barrier Reef Foundation"

        • +2
        • +1

          don't forget apparently buying a $3.0 million block of land needed in a mere 32 years near Badgery's Creek airport whilst conveniently forgetting to put a decimal point between the 3 and 0 when agreeing on a purchase price… :-/ what?!?

  • Thanks op

  • +10

    Meh. Says I already got fibre to premise. No need to proceed.

    • +5

      Yep. When I was looking for my apartment I recently purchased, I made sure it was one with FttP, that was a must-have on my tick list.

  • +8

    $ 3,410 inc. GST

    • +15

      What, no bold? 😎

    • +2

      That is cheap!

      $14,286 inc. GST for me :(

      • +1

        The pit is only about 3m from the wall of the house.

        • +1

          what fi you dig the trench to your house yourself? potential discount?

          • @Sekhmet2077: There's already conduit there for twisted pair and coax.

  • +9

    I got $ 13,807 inc. GST in Fremantle , wonder if they'll let me afterpay that

    • +1

      $ 15,400 inc. GST - Belmont.

    • +8

      Don't forget to see if you can get any cashback

  • +1

    FTTC to FTTP $2655…. Hope Island…Still not going to pay.

      • +39


        • +8

          Copper VS Fibre I would pay the extra if I was buying a house

          • +45

            @daniesaurs: Most people don't even know/don't care about the difference

            • +13

              @DvApps: The ones that do know are willing to pay more, therefore making it worthwhile upgrading if the price is cheap enough.

              • +7

                @aligind4h0us3: As an owner looking to sell, why would you pay a premium if only a subset of buyers are interested?

                The tool enables you to calculate the cost for an FTTP connection.This means like replacing the carpets, a kitchen / bathroom renovation, etc. you just add it to the cost of buying a house. Compared with a bathroom or kitchen renovation most of the quotes here are cheaper and FTTP upgrade is significantly less complex than a renovation.

              • +4

                @aligind4h0us3: they could just pay for the upgrade themselves, why would they pay much of a premium for an existing install?

                • +1

                  @chickenface: The same reason people could just redo a kitchen or bathroom themselves - people want move in ready. Not “I’ll be able to work from home in 6 months after buying it when the net is fixed “.

                  • @PainToad: Dunno there… gotten two quotes for 150k for the kitchen recently. Really looking closely at Ikea and shaving 100k off.

          • +1

            @daniesaurs: The difference between fttc and fttp isn't so much though, you can already get 100mbps easily through it and likely can get 1gbps. Half the people on fttn will top out at 50mbps or less.

            • +1

              @macrocephalic: I'd be happy with FTTC. I'd pick 100mbps FTTC over the so called "up to" 1gbps HFC as FTTC won't be anywhere near as congested and will be much more reliable. Plus upgrading to FTTP in the future will be much cheaper on FTTC than HFC.

        • +1


          This would of been true pre-covid, but in a work from home world more and more realestate ads are listing when fibre is available because more people are not being ignorant on internet connections.

          Plus at this point where a family may want to stream to multiple TVs at once, it’s also essential entertainment.

          I’ve turned down houses I really liked because they were FTTN and too far from the node…or because they had Telstra Velocity which is fibre but has shit speeds locked to Telstra’s network.

          A FTTN house will just get harder and harder to sell to non-retirees as time goes on.

          If you’re present with a cheap upgrade option, ffs, take it.

          • @PainToad: A FTTN house won't be harder to sell, now that there is a known cost for the upgrade. Secondly the steps to upgrade are simply to completel an online form and pay the money. That is significantly less risky than other upgrades to a house like replacing a roof or upgrading a kitchen where you need to organise quotes and tradies.

          • @PainToad: Renters, I can see looking for FTTP, buyers not so much.

            Anyone who turned down a better house/better area that had FTTC/FTTN/HFC, to pay the same or more to buy a worse house/worse area because it had fttp is a fool. Just buy the better house and pay the upgrade costs, plus you house just gained value.

          • +1

            @PainToad: I am a property developer and create hundreds of apartments each year. We put FTTP NBN in every one of them. Very very few residents use it. Sub 5%. The vast majority are happy with a much simpler service. If I spent $5k on upgrading the internet at my house I would expect negligible change in my property value. It would be nice for me. But it wouldn’t change my property value.

            • @fantacular: This is the part that is overlooked by the NBN fanboys, most people don't actually want or need this but we're all being forced to pay for it.

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