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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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        tried to do that but even mygov takes longer to load than the time limit

    • If you have the coin and plan on staying put I'd go ahead.

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    Does it stack with GST refund at the airport within 60days if I roll up the fibre and bring it with me?

    • +1

      Just stack Eneloops end to end and run through that.

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    $ 11,670 inc. GST . Nope!

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    This is crazy, I know some developing countries giving FTTP for the cost lower as $100 to $200. We are in a so called developed country paying 20-30% tax still from curb to premise they are asking for $3000. Freaking NBN a.s..

    • +11

      it's a paradox. developed country, high income, high labour costs.

      • not just developed but close to highest standard of living around.

        neolibs wanna change that however

    • I know right. First world country….

    • Labour costs in Australia are some of the highest in the world

      • -2

        Because workers get so many benefits and rights.

        • So we complain about how much things cost, but reserve the right to demand top pay?

          It’s not like nbnco or the government makes money from installs lol.

          People complaining that fibre costs $3-30k (extra!) per install…I mean who else is going to pay for it? Do you want to pay more tax? Can’t just print more money despite what J Pow says.

          Recommend some people look up ‘irony’ and ‘hypocrisy’ over their morning coffee

          • +1

            @ajole: The government can be horribly inefficient, we already know that about the NBN. If it can be done for $100 in another country, I don't see why it would cost ~$10,000 here. Labor prices shouldn't make up that cost difference.

            • +1

              @dmac: What portion of the direct cost to you do you think goes to the government?

          • +1

            @ajole: Huh? I was literally pointing out why work is so expensive in Australia..

    • It just not that simple to compare, cost to deploy in those countries might be lower but quality of connection and bandwidth are only theoretical, isp overselling and congestion is rampant to a level Optus not even daring to dream at. My brothers got gpon on his place ages ago but international speed is abysmal.

    • -1

      Just take away health care and we could get it for free!

    • Not to mention our fibre isnt just cable tied to trees or the side of buildings (most of the time).
      Now que those old photos of NBN doing exactly that haha

  • $ 12,567 inc. GST

  • +1

    HFC to FTTP $ 26,805 …..

    • Same, but $ 21,193 inc. GST

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    nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 24,952 inc. GST

  • 15425 for me

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    Thanks Malcolm

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    How do I invoice the Liberal party to upgrade my inferior connection?

    • +33

      Send it to the Hawaii PO Box. Scotty must be due there soon to check it…

      • +3

        Bushfire season is coming up again…

    • -30

      I suggest forwarding your invoice to Wayne Swan & Penny Wong who decided to add speed tiers to the NBN, with the expectation that <1% would connect at 1Gbps in 2026. If Labor didn't add speed tiers everyone on a fixed line connection have 1Gbps.

      • +33

        If Labor didn't add speed tiers everyone on a fixed line connection have 1Gbps.

        Erm considering Labor wanted 90+% FTTP and the Libs decided to give us the copper mess we are now dealing with that can't physically provide gigabit to the majority, I don't understand how not getting 1Gbps could possibly be Labors fault.

        • -9

          It is Labor's fault because they added speed tiers to the NBN with the stated expectation that close to 50% would connect at 12Mbps and less than 1% would connect at 1Gbps in 2026. Even today with Liberal's CVC price cuts ($20Mbps slashed to $8Mbps) and bundling on 50Mbps plans, just over 10% are on 100Mbps or faster. That means the vast majority find FTTN has sufficient speed for what they are prepared to pay for.

          It is reasonable to consider those who want faster speeds than 85% can afford due to Labor's speed tiers should expect to pay for a premium experience that is denied to others.

    • +15

      You're just a decade too late. We voted Labor out when they tried to tax the big miners on our behalf. Its just ironic…Now Gina's kids are spending that money big in the USA.

      • and she wants to sell her cattle stations to CCP. thanks lieberals

  • lol 25K for me. What a joke.

  • +4

    I paid $0 for my FTTP 7 years ago.

    • ^^ same!

    • How

      • +1

        Most of my state received FTTP under both the Labor and Liberal government. The Liberal government honoured existing plans and then later added FTTN and other technologies which have slowly been upgraded for free anyway in select areas.

        We were essentially the test area.

        • +1

          Oh wow very nice.

          In that scenario it must have been nice to be the Guinea pig.

          • +3

            @AlienC: They blew a lot of money on outrageous installs. If it was easier to run an extra 50m of fibre going around things they would. Not to mention the shielding they used initially seemed to attract rats and they had to replace kilometres of fibre that got chewed.

            • @Clear:

              They blew a lot of money on outrageous installs. If it was easier to run an extra 50m of fibre going around things they would. Not to mention the shielding they used initially seemed to attract rats and they had to replace kilometres of fibre that got chewed.

              ditto for FTTN (the legacy technology we paid good money for)

              • @abuch47: At least with FTTN half the job is done. I've had to deal with VDSL connections where the pits are still the same flooded mess they were 10 years ago.

    • same

  • $ 3,128 inc. GST

  • $ 15,898 inc. GST :(

  • $24,939 lol

  • $ 2,864 here fttc to fttp

    • +1

      That.. doesn't seem too bad.

  • +6

    It makes no sense for a single house to upgrade. It just feels like a way to try and prove a point about how expensive it is. Of course 1 house would be expensive, but equally clearly the price would/should be a lot lower if they upgraded a whole area (or you know, thought about it before spending money on fttn etc)

    • +21

      Coalition back pedals slowly, they’d hurt their ankles if they just admitted they were wrong and reverted straight back to the original NBN plan.

  • +1

    "A quote cannot be generated at this time." Booo @ Telstra Smart Community…

  • $ 8,679 for FTTC to FTTP… :(

  • $ 15,903 from cable. grrrrr!

    • Cheap from hfc: $ 21,193 inc. GST

  • +7

    Quoted $2688 to go from FTTC to FTTP.
    And the pit is located right on my property boundary!!!

    • +3

      Its a bloody rip-off.. I wonder they coat the fiber cables with gold or something. :D

      • +2

        nah they just shit on it and tell you to pay up

      • Every audio manufacturer say gold plated fibre gives better sound quality :p

  • $2715 fttc to fttp. Tempted after being on Fibre in NZ last year

  • $2,613 FTTC to FTTP

  • +3

    HFC to FTTP
    $48,441 inc. GST (:

  • +1

    $18,360, how long until free?

    • +8

      The Liberals will never admit they F'd up and were wrong, so it really depends on how long it takes them to come up with some BS to make it sound like fibre is all their idea.
      So, possibly never with a chance of maybe.

  • Did a quote and they couldn't provide one. 🤦‍♂️

  • +1

    HFC to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    A quote cannot be generated at this time.

  • -3

    Already have gigabit, but is there any NBN plans to upgrade it to 10 gigabit speeds anytime soon?

  • $25,137
    HFC to FTTP, suburban Vic.

  • +4

    can i send the bill to the libs?

  • HFC Qld $36,754 inc. GST

  • $6k fttp

  • $ 2,754 FTTC to P

  • We have FTTP but Fibre plans are just crazy expensive. Something like $60 a mth for a 12/1 plan.

    Opennetworks have also recently replaced (without us knowing) the hardware in our CTC cabinet, removing the backup battery and putting a cheap, plasticky Huawei HG8546M fibre router in it's place. So now you can have the best, fastest, most secure network at home with your thousand dollar mega router, but all that still has to go through a $50 chinese router that sniffs at and handles all the packets going through your home router.

    Don't see what the hype is all about, would rather not have FTTP at this stage and can only hope prices will come down in future.

    • +2

      Probably even swipes a few packets while sniffing .. you never know.

    • +2

      Just out of total curiosity why is my comment being downvoted?

      • -4


      • +6

        It's OzB. Take it as a compliment. You haven't made it until you've been downvoted, or JV replies to your comment

      • Probably your example of plans being expensive. They're certainly better value than what ADSL2+ was considering the speed and download quotas. Shop around and you can get ~25/50ish plans for $60-$70.

      • +1

        Because by the sounds of it, you're not on the NBN.

        • We are on FTTP/FTTB but the point I was trying to make was that it is only really better and faster (than NBN) if you're willing to pay.

          Cheapest 12/1 Fibre plan is TPG atm - $50.

          • +3

            @highon2str: Opennetworks isn't NBN. It's a private fibre network.

            • @Cozzie: Opennetworks is a wholesale supplier of fixed line fibre which is the type of service you will need to order (from a provider such as iinet & Exetel), when you have FTTP.

              "NBN" services are only available to FTTN.

      • +2

        Because you are a idiot. You talked about private fttp supplier not NBN. And a cheap Chinese router let you down? Are you running a web business there with a home grade internet connection?

        • -2

          This post is about converting FTTN to FTTP though. And what I have been trying to share are my experiences of having FTTP for the last 10 years now. NBN is not available in our area (because I presume we have FTTP) so the only plans available to us are Fibre plans.

          When I compare my fibre plans (FTTP) to the nbn plans of my friends/relos who are on FTTN, I'm paying a fair bit more cost wise. Also there is a fair bit more infrastructure that's required for FTTP (the CTC cabinet on our premises).

          All in all I'm suggesting that FTTP (Fibre) is mostly hype and I'm struggling to see the advantages over FTTN (NBN).

    • Prices are more likely to rise than fall on the NBN unless the bulk of the of the build cost is written off, at which point Telstra will buy NBNCo and continue spending millions on manager's salaries and bonuses.

      The problem NBNCo has is that with 5G, unless you need more than 500GB a month or faster than 250Mbps it is simply too expensive. That means as more people choose wireless because it is cheaper, there are less people to pay for the infrastructure.

      The only solution is to remove Labor's speed tiers so NBN plans will be faster than wireless, but that isn't going to happen.

      • Nah, 5g's consitance make it not suitable for dedicated connection. And you get 5g for cheaper just because much more people sharing the connection, which means the service level is way below FTTP.

        • I agree that for your specific use case, 5G might not be suitable but that is a very common mistake. Many people are prepared to accept higher latency and the occasional drop-out for the reliability (multiple towers) and simplicity (take the box into shop for help) of 5G. This is especially true if your primary activities are web browsing and streaming.

  • There goes a portion of NBNCo employee's bonus.

    • There goes a ^"Large" portion of NBNCo employee's bonus.

      • No. If any, will be a small portion. Mostly tax payer money.

        • they already cut most people because the nBn Is FiNiShEd

  • $ 2,913 FTTC to FTTP
    Suburbia NSW

  • HFC to FTTP $10,814. Interesting. I'm surprised its that low?

    How far do they have to run fibre to upgrade an HFC connection?

    • A few hundreds would be common, plus all the new equipment, pipe proving, cable splicing and all. It all depends.

    • +7

      In some cases maybe, but it’s not just the bandwidth speed you gain, it’s the reliability you gain by removing all the copper and resilience during power outages.

      You also get super low latency, which gamers (a lot of people) will appreciate.

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  • $ 9,169
    SOR, WA
    No thanks

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    A quote cannot be generated at this time.
  • +1

    when compared with everyone else it feels cheap! only $2.7K - but why would one bother with this?