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[VIC] Ice Break Bundaberg Flavoured Milk $0.50 @ Woolworths Woodgrove (Melton)


If you like rum and milk, I guess this is the one for you. Also functions as a laxative.

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    These are actually really good, I've been loving them.

    • +15

      Ha ha…

      I almost believed you…

      • +1

        jv I need you to pick up some on the way home after work

        • Yes nanna…

  • +21

    I'm not a fan of rum generally, but old gold rum and chocolate is delicious, so would love to try these but Melton isn't really in Australia I don't think.

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    Looks like they thought they were ordering pcs but ordered boxes :D

  • +1

    I'm not a regular ice coffee drinker nor a regular rum drinker, but this was pretty pleasant. For 50c would buy for sure.

  • +22

    one minute i was drinking a bundy flavoured icebreak and the next minute i wake up in a holding cell at the local cop shop in my underpants with industrial dairy equipment stuck to my nipples.

    5/5 works as advertised.

    • +7

      10/10 would buy just for shits and giggles.

      Or just for shits.

    • +3

      industrial dairy equipment stuck to my nipples

      wouldn't that be a lactative effect?

  • -2

    Seems a bit gateway-ish. With that said…I really enjoyed the bundy custard that went on special after last Christmas.

  • if you like cheap rum you'll probably like these, as somebody who can't stand bundy these taste just as bad.

    • +2


      Bundy is horrific and should not exist.

  • +3

    They also got those EggNogg cartons out at the moment, not bad.

  • +3

    it's another 'what were they thinking?!' moments.

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    Also functions as a laxative.


  • Drank one 15 minutes ago. Approved !!!

  • These taste so bad

  • legitimately the funniest post I've seen on this web site

  • Nothing empties the bowels quite like these do

  • Thanks OP my kids will love these.

  • 53cents at our store last night, Southport Park Qld.

  • Cheaper than bottled water

  • Just buy a Coke, it's healthier.

  • +1

    I tried one of these because ice break with anything is a fun time.
    This has done a better job of my ass than anything I've ever had before, and I've had whole habanero peppers.

  • +2

    Ewww Ice Break. 100% Dare all day every day.

  • Is this brand popular in Melbourne? I don't think it really took off in Adelaide. I don't think any brand can challenge Lions range.

    • Ice Break is my preferred but I wouldn’t say it dominates the market.

      • +1

        It used to. At one point it was the most consumed RTD beverage in Australia, even outsold Coke. It's still the market leader in QLD, but I think the all states distribution of Dare has taken the crown now.

  • Tried one, got halfway through and threw the rest in the bin it was so bad. And I ain’t the type to throw stuff in the bin.

  • My grandpa used to love run and milk, so my mother tells me. He died before I was born at the ripe old age of 56

    • +1

      Damn, a runner dying that age is pretty young.

  • I wish this was somewhere in Sydney…these are actually good.

  • Looks like a good way to start your morning, coffee and good ol punch juice. You can go to work, clock on and the clock your boss

  • Biff milk?

  • picked this up by mistake i wont make the same mistake again

  • Yeah, it's not great, but it's not horrible, for 50cents its worth a try, but at full price i would never buy it ever again.
    Also, for those wondering, the rum content is 0.15%

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