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½ Price Hershey's Syrup Varieties $2.50 @ Coles


I'm indifferent to the choc and caramel, but I like their strawberry more than Cottees especially for making milkshakes. Only goes half price a couple of times a year, so stock up if this is your jam (or syrup).


Nothing says sweet like the classic taste of HERSHEY'S Syrup. Use this easy-squeeze bottle to create cold glasses of chocolate milk, chocolate floats, chocolate sundaes, rich hot cocoa and more!

Genuine chocolate flavour
99% Fat-free
No artificial colours


HERSHEY'S Syrup (Caramel) is an indulgent addition to your favorite sweets and everyday treats. Pour it over to your fruits and desserts as well and try it as a twist on the classic chocolate milkshake!

Indulgent caramel flavour
99% Fat-free
Great with caramel milk, fruits and desserts, and milkshakes


Add a splash of delicious strawberry flavor to milk, ice cream, and just about anything you can imagine! Use HERSHEY'S Strawberry Flavored Syrup as a drizzle on home-baked desserts, or mix it into smoothies and milkshakes.

Delicious strawberry flavour
Flavoured syrup

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  • At least Cottee's is kind of Australian (it is Japanese owned) in that there are local operations/manufacturing.

    Never understood the hype for Hershey's in a market like Australia where we have actual decent chocolate options. Their other products taste pretty bad…

    I guess a deal is a deal though, for those who want it :)

  • Tried chocolate last time, got some weird taste that I can't describe…

  • Drink some of this straight then chase it with some milk.

    Certified fast track easy way to diabetes.