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OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G 6.7" 120hz 12GB 512GB - Black $1097.00 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


A bit more expensive than the previous eBay deal @ Allphones but it appears the deal has expired now.

Aside from the curved screen or the ColourOS, seems like all the talk about this phone is mostly positive.

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  • Awesome phone, just missing wireless charging.

  • Code does not seem to be working. Any idea?

  • I been using this phone for nearly a month now.

    Wireless charging is not really needed , as the 65W charging speed for cable is lighting fast.

    The battery can last me until I got home, where I normally needed to put my 6s for 3 charged from work to last until I got home.

    This is really real bargain, as I got my $1399 on the 5/11.

    Can't go wrong with this specs mate.

    • the 65W charging speed for cable is lighting fast.

      Why would you want to plug a cable in everyday?

      • Why not? I've got no problem plugging my cable in it everyday, heck I even use it for my Android auto.

      • people plugged in cables all the time for the majority of phones pre wireless charging? And even now, surely this would be more a first world problem preference?

  • Absolutely love this phone, this is a good price. Purchased the phone during the Officeworks $1149 price error in August.

    • Not the biggest fan of the curved screen.
    • Dont think the wireless charging is necessary.
    • Would be great if if was dual sim or I could put a memory card in it as well but not a big loss. I bought a little $5 connector from eBay so I can view my memory card photos on my phone & transfer when I need to so not an issue.

    Would recommend getting this phone. Also purchased it for a family member the other day during the AllPhones deal :)

  • Great phone but Qualcomm just announced their flagship chipset for next year, the snapdragon 888. OPPO will likely to release the find X3 Pro in Feb so I think I will wait..


    • The price will be $1.5k and you will wait for several months for the price to come down )

  • I find that most of the times people can convince themselves that if the feature is not present - it is not needed.
    PS if you feel no need for dual sim you should not need ozbargain. :-)

  • Anyone got some screen on time figures?

    • I was getting 3 to 5 hours on my one which I bought on release so I sold it in two months.

      • Oh damn that's low.
        I had other issues and my OnePlus 8 pro is in for testing / warranty but was getting 7 to 8 on 120hz and qhd both on.

        Will avoid.

        • Yes my only complain was battery besides everything's is perfect on this phone. Changed to Black shark 3 pro and rocking atm.

      • anyone else able to comment? 3-5 hours seems abit low? seems others sing praises about the battery life (in addition to how fast it charges) so be keen to hear on this one.

  • I can't use this code. "Looks like that's the wrong code." Is anyone like me?

  • Just wondering for anyone with this phone , can you convert any usb c charging slot with an adapter to support an aux cable i.e. wired earbuds?

  • Great phone. Great price. Had mine for about 2 months and love it. Quick responsive and smooth with 120hz screen. Have mine at max settings and still usually get home with 40 - 50%. Give it a quick charge and 10 mins 25%. Ain't hard to plug in a cord. ColorOS is fine. Coming from Samsung for probably 10 years and actually prefer it. A bit more stock with less bloatware. If you are on the border just give it a go and you will love it.

    • how are you finding the camera vs your samsungs? have a S8+ and wondering if it's worth switching or getting the latest samsung, albeit they come with a bloated price.

      Shame on the no aux cable, but presumably there are usb c-aux adaptors so you can continue using aux cables on this phone?