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Miele C1 Classic Powerline Vacuum Cleaner (Graphite Grey) $199 @ JB Hi-Fi


$20 cheaper than the previous post at $219. Potentially you can stack this with the gift cards purchased last week to get extra 15% off.

Cylinder vacuum cleaner
Plenty of suction power at an economic price
Easy to use foot controls

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JB Hi-Fi

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  • Bought this vac and it's decent but the hose base on the vacuum doesn't rotate as well as it should so it generally gets jammed.. pretty annoying.

  • The C3 is on sale for $379 too https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/miele-complete-c3-family-...

    Not as cheap as Prime Day (I got it for $336) but it's a fantastic vacuum, incredibly powerful.

    • So C1 for the car, and C3 for the house?

      • You can use either wherever you want? But the C3 is like 3 times as powerful, comes with better accessories, etc.

    • Back up to $549 at JB.
      Probably wait for Boxing day for a C3.


      Comparing Miele Complete C3 Versions

      First things first, the C3 range includes a Cat & Dog version, the PowerLine, the Turbo, the Jubilee, the Multifloor and the Comfort.

      The only significant difference between these models are the tools or attachments that have been included.

      Take a quick look at this comparison table to get a better understanding.
      Version Name Filter Type Accessories Included

      C3 PowerLine Standard AirClean filter Consists of the standard accessories package of an upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and dusting brush

      C3 Turbo Standard AirClean filter Beyond the standard package, also includes a Turbobrush

      C3 Jubilee Standard AirClean filter Beyond the usual accessories, also includes a Parquet Brush Twister

      C3 Multifloor HEPA AirClean filter Notwithstanding the standard accessories, also has the Parquet Brush Twister

      C3 Cat & Dog Active AirClean filter After the standard accessories, also includes the Turbobrush and Mini Turbobrush

      C3 Comfort HEPA AirClean filter After the standard package, also has a Parquet Brush Twister, Turbobrush and Mini Turbobrush

  • The C3 is a great vacuum, I was so lucky to get it for $278 last year.

    • Yes, I got one from the good guys at $279.20 last year. Best vacuum cleaner suction ever and I have Dyson and Shark in the past.
      I need to change my bags soon. I am still using the same bag since new. Where can I get cheap bags???

      • I bought mine on Ebay - a 16 pack around $75

        It appears you can get cheaper, but I worry they aren't genuine, whereas the above ones are. Comes with filters too.

      • If you get access to The Good Guy's commerical (via free SunSuper account), they sell genuine Miele bags at 1 box for $15 or 4 boxes for $54. 1 box has 4 bags + 1 of each filter (2 total) used by the vacuum.

        1 box this way is cheaper than 1 generic box on eBay (~$22) but you can still get a pack of 4 generic boxes for cheaper on eBay than from TGG Commerical (~$45). The generic bags and filters work completely fine.

  • What they should list is that’s it’s only 900 watt motor.
    That doesn’t work so well with some the older turbo style brushes. Like the Wessel werk tk-284.
    As heads up — if you have deep pile carpet or dogs/cats buy the Wessel werk Tk -286. It’s designed to work with low wattage motors

  • Love Mike's vacuums. Only let down is the poor wand storage/holders and the fact they're not bullet-proof. One of ours kicked the bucket at around a decade old with an electrical fault it had that nearly burnt our house down…

  • C3 vacuums are great.

    C1 I believe are made in China and not in Germany like the C3.

  • Love my Miele S6210. Bought 7yrs ago and has not missed a beat. Made in Germany.
    Does a great job using all of the bag which I find cleaner than my Dyson bag-less.

  • Anyone using a dust interceptor that they can recommend to buy with a link? To fit 35mm tube.

    • I've seen this one recommended before: https://www.ebay.com.au/p/10034415979?iid=351086517334

      Mine is still in the mail so not sure how well it fits yet. Some reviews said it can be slightly too large, but wrapping the vacuum tube in tape makes it fit well.

      • Thanks, let us know if it fits both ends of the interceptor.

        • Assuming the C3 and C1 use the same wand, it works well but you need to make some slight modifications to the 35 mm adapter to make it fit properly. The adapter has a 32 mm end that's meant to fit over the 32 mm tube on the underside of the device, and a 35 mm end that fits into the vacuum wand. Both the 32 mm and 35 mm ends are too small though. I fixed it by sanding the 32 mm tube so the adapter can actually fit over it, and then putting a layer of tape over the 35 mm end so it fits securely into the wand.

          • @jaguor: Interesting. Do you notice any lost of suction power using the dust interceptor?

            I'm waiting on 2 x 35mm adaptors. My logic is that if the hose and wand connect to 35mm then both ends of the interceptor need 35mm adaptors so that both hose and wand can connect to the interceptor.

            • @BellaWii: Yeah there's a small loss, probably equal to one power setting (out of 6). You can check the difference by seeing how differently the full bag indicator fills up while the floorhead is sucking on the floor.

              You won't need two 35 mm adapters. The top tube that attaches to the hose fits it well already. It's only the tube that attaches to the wand that is 32 mm and needs the adapter (which it came with).

  • we bought the c2 celebration powerline years ago for 199…. is this a better model?

  • Won’t be any noticeable improvement in buying classic C1 over your current C2.

    Choice reviewed C2 number years ago and from memory it scored almost similiar score for through carpet clean as c1 and c3. They are much of muchness. All around 80% mark.

    From 2015 Choice report - https://www.cleanstar.com.au/pdf/Choice_Mar2015.pdf

    model numbers have changed. But essentially are very similiar vacuums. For example the Miele S8000 number machines are now the miele c3.