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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX 24 Core CPU 4.2GHz $1016.51 Delivered @ Amazon AU


All time low according to camelcamelcamel. Cheapest available if you're in the market for a new CPU.

Deal of the day which ends midnight tonight.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Bargain

  • nice

  • The things you could do with all those cores!

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      All those cores and me with no handbrake ;)

  • Wow, this is a good price. Considering other sellers are selling it almost double this price, what a steal if you need it.

    • Probably just offloading what will become 2 gen old tech if rumours of Zen3 threadripper announcement in Jan are true.

      • Zen 3 aside, current-gen is still more than great for many uses. If the current trend of silicon scarcity continues like we've seen with Nvidia RTX 3x series cards, AMD Zen 3 CPU's and the latest paper launch of the Radeon 6800 and 6800 XT, who knows if anyone will be able to buy a Zen 3 Threadripper, haha.

  • Does it actually come with that slick looking packaging???

  • Uhhh…

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    Who the heck is pairing a TR with a U14S…

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    Could someone please advise which mother board is best for this processor?

  • You will need to find a TR4 socket motherboard. It's not compatible with the current sTRX4 socket of the 3000 series Threadrippers. The Asus x399 Zenith Extreme was OK option.

  • Performance wise it may be slightly faster or on par to 5950x for multithreading applications and quite a bit slower for the single thread. Worth buying if you are interested in other benefits of threadrippers like more PCI-e lines or RAM, otherwise 5950h may be the better choice once available.

    • Yea you would think the 5950x (or even 5900x) would be better options if you dont need the server/workstation grade features
      Especially once you buy a $$$ motherboard with no upgrade path

    • Yep which means better encoding on the newer models too

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      I’m wanting to go PC with 256GB ram for games and browsing

      Your kidding right?

      • edit: weird wording.
        Peobably referencing storage rather than memory

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          As per above poster, grammar check before posting again. And no, I was not referencing storage.

          I could’ve been clearer, in that there’s much more I need to do with the Windows PC than just gaming and browsing. But regardless, browsing with 100+ tabs open hits memory very, very hard, on Mac Mini Safari at least.

          I also utilise all 16 virtual desktops (or “Spaces”.)

          And 64GB ends up chewed up easily over a few days.

          Whilst the OS is efficient and clears up memory well, every month or so I end up having to kill the window server process as the system effectively slows to a crawl, which then allows me to continue working without a system restart. But it’s almost as bad as a restart as apps are stopped in the process. I believe a lack of RAM is the culprit, but I could be wrong.

          My use case is likely quite different to most gamers.

          The integrated GPU must have an adverse effect on performance too.

    • Not an expert, but fairly sure the 2970vx has lower single core clocks so most games will run slower than 5000 series Ryzen. 256gb is pretty overkill unless you're running like 5 chrome tabs.

      • Upvoted for the number of Chrome tabs, you mad man.

      • I’m seriously curious about the tab limit in chrome, or at what number will your system slow down? I keep around 100 Safari tabs open at all times, and on occasion the system will freeze but recover.

        64GB ram fills up fast with no games playing (but some productivity and business apps in background) on a top of line maxed out Mac Mini.

        I’m currently on 100 days uptime.

        How much uptime max have you guys gotten on Win 10? I can’t have my system crash every week.

        • I was running 24gb ram and over 100 tabs in Firefox but they weren't all loaded and that was fine in w10.

          Using a 5600x with 32gb and hasn't really skipped a beat. Might be worth trying firefox to see if that's easier on the ram usage. I use tree style tabs which really helps with tab management.

        • On a system with working hardware, correct drivers, etc… I have got 4+ years uptime on Win 10, ignoring restarts for Software Updates (Windows, Visual Studio, etc). On a system with faulty hardware or incorrect drivers, system crashes frequently until the problem is fixed.

          • @jkim: Was your system used as a server? I'm wanting this PC for mixed use, but cannot afford to restart every week. Also these threadripper boards support ECC so I'm wondering if that could aid stability?

            I used Windows years ago and it was terribly unstable. But yes, I wasn't checking hardware compatibility before buying components.

            • @JeBs: I run a farm of PCs including 4 desktops (3 x Win 10 Pro, 1 x Win 10 Home), 2 servers (Debian Server running for 8 years - limited downtime due to upgrades from squeezy to buster, Oracle Linux headless - quite new so no reliability stats worth considering), as well as an assortment of laptops including Windows, Linux Mint and Mac. I have not noticed "terrible instability" except where hardware was faulty, incompatible, or where the wrong drivers were forcibly installed. Mac has been less stable than Windows in my experience.
              As for ECC, that's not strictly needed for stability, but is recommended for a server. The 4+ years uptime on Win 10 was on a desktop i5-6600 system with Gigabyte H170 MB, GTX1070 GPU and 16Gb non-ECC RAM. I've used Windows Server (2003/2008/2012/2016) at work and also had no stability issues (running a high volume payments processing system for tier 1 retailers and banks). Obviously the usual caveats about outages for software updates and hardware maintenance apply - but that's equally true for all 4 camps (I used for work: Windows - Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, Mac - never used as a server at work, Linux - Oracle Linux/RHEL/Centos, UNIX - AIX/HPUX/Solaris).
              Apart from specific security issues (i.e. voob/winsock1 stack overflow), Windows (ignoring XP pre-SP1, Vista pre-SP1 and 8 pre-SP1) has never been more or less "unstable" than any other OS and the bad rap Windows has is mostly a result of hardware faults (incompatible or defective) or bad drivers. Remember that Windows and IIS were unaffected by heartbleed, despite more "secure" (by reputation) systems were affected.
              I am not a Windows fanboy - I run a mix of OS at home for personal use.

              • @jkim: Thanks for the comprehensive response. Last time I used Windows was over 10 years, and perhaps it was the Windows edition prior to 10 which gave me headaches. I’ll grab a new PC and see how it goes, but will await the new Threadripper generation come Jan 2021.

    • So assuming I buy the RTX 3090 and play MS Flight Sim 2020, would the games suffer much of a performance hit (if at all) versus Ryzen 5950x?

      Games would suffer, 5950x is about 1.4x faster for the single threaded load, still important for most games. You can install 128GB with 5950x, should be sufficient for games and browsing for a while.

      • Will this system allow multiple GPUs to power a single operating system, and if so, are we saying 2 x RTX 3080s would work in that fashion? Sorry haven’t had the time to research.

        • You'll need 2x RTX 3090s to run SLI as the 3080s don't have an SLI connectors. Also SLI support was dropped by Nvidia so only works in games where the devs have implemented it.

        • 2 RTX 3080 would not work in games depeloped for SLI (direct bridge between cards allowing faster data transfer), as @silent1 mentioned below, with 30 series NVidia supports NVLink (SLI replacement) only for 3090. In addition, with SLI becomes less common, not so many games are developed to support it.

          However for non gaming usage, multiple cards can be still very useful if the applicacation supports it (maybe 3d rendering, machine learning etc). I'm using multiple video cards in the same system for machine learning tasks. But in general, it's very likely you would see a very small benefit if any from installing two 3080 cards. In addition you would need to think about the powerful enough PSU and make sure the card on top slot does not overheat.

          But if you need multiple GPUs for professional tasks, Ryzen 5950x should support 2-3 cards (depending on motherboard, with reduced number of pci-e lines per card, but unlikely to have significant impact), while the Threadripper system can use 4 cards. Still need to be careful about the sufficient amount of power and cooling.

          • @DmytroP: Thanks for the comprehensive response. As I plan on implementing machine learning in the not-so-distant future, can you suggest whether a threadripper (say 3970x) or Ryzen 5950x would be better suited to that task?

            Will the greater core and thread count of 3970x offer significant advantages with machine learning tasks, or is the GPU more important?

            • @JeBs: Threadrippers may be more suitable to install multiple GPUs, but worth to consider other implications of multiple GPUs (mostly the cooling and power usage). Maybe 2 cards would work ok for you, in this case 5950x would be sufficient. CPU speed wise, it depends a lot on task, in many cases 5950x would be enough but in some threadrripper would help (data loading, preprocessing, augmentation is usually done on CPU and easily paralelizable). 3970+motherboard is also quite a bit more expensive comparing to 5950x.

              Useful to read regarding GPUs for deep learning and selecting other parts of the system: https://timdettmers.com/2020/09/07/which-gpu-for-deep-learni...

        • If you say you want a PC for "games and browsing" but then are trying to get 256GB of RAM and a Threadripper then you are obviously not sharing some information about what you are planning to do with the PC.

          At 4K the CPUs do matter less but you may have compatibility/stuttering issues in games due to this CPU having 24 cores and 48 threads. There is a game mode for these CPUs that disables 18 cores to give you a 6 core CPU but I am pretty sure that feature needs a reboot every time you want to use it.

          • @satsuper: I should’ve clarified I use other business apps too, but on my Mac mini 2018 i7 with 64gb ram, Safari is already using around 32GB. The browser appears to be the memory hog. Right now I have 500MB free. 256GB ram for peace of mind, but I guess I’d be safe with 128GB.

  • I just wish I could get hold of a 5900x (but not at scalping prices on eBay)… 😒

  • How does it compare to Apple M1? :)

    • Much faster for multithreaded load, slightly slower for single thread. Supports much more RAM (256GB vs 16GB with M1) and much more of everything else (heaps of pci-e lines to connect multile GPUs, storage, networking etc).

    • Bit of an odd comparison given that one's a glorified ipad processor that pulls 20w and the other being a 225W hedt cpu.

      But to entertain this question, m1 in single core and this in multi by quite a bit.

    • as a V12 truck to Tesla model S

  • I guess 2970WX has higher power consumption than 5950x. How is that worked out in electricity saving vs price (2970wx vs 5950x)?

  • Motherboards for this are quite expensive at $500 to $900

  • not good value compared to 5950x unfortunately factoring mb, resale etc.

    • Basically only a good option for someone who wants the extra lanes and core count. It’d probably make a nice KVM hypervisor for a tinkerer.

      • Really more just the extra PCI Lanes and Quad Channel Memory, the extras cores help little over the 5950X faster clock speed and IPC gains.

        • Right, I'd expect 5950x to often be faster even for multicore load. I wish AMD released the reasonably priced 5x serries of threadrippers.

          • @DmytroP: That may be due to the fact the Threadrippers needing 8 chiplets, 7nm is most likely tapped out with all the Console Chips, CPUs, GPUs and Enterprize Chips AMD is making currently and all at the same time with uber high customer demand in the mix. I'd say 4-6 months wait for the new Threadrippers IMO.

  • thanks got 3

    • is it one for a desktop and 2 for a server?

      I got 2 for my server, but I can't think what I'd do with a 3rd.

      • Can you use it in dual socket server? I expectd you would need to go for EPYC instead. For the 3rd - it's ok for desktop as well, using one right now (older 1950x).

        • Officially, yes.

          There are a few chinese boards out there with 'custom' bios' that misrepresent the chip that allow for some stuuuupid threadripper configs.

          I only have the one prototype I ordered thus far; but to give you a hint who it is, its the same company who had ddr2 and 3, working on the same board simultaneously.

          There's some whacky fun stuff out there if you're willing to design your own board or at least request custom bios configs.

          Chinese bios devs are stangely affordable, if you like messing with hardware.

  • Better off buying a 3900x for that price unless you doing some heavy VMs.

  • Now if only amazon discounted the 3600 or the 5600X that would be amazing.


    Ah and released the 2000 series, what rock have I been with, thought it was only 300 series and 5000

  • The aliexpress second hand Xeon and dual socket motherboards will perform similar to this in a lot of workloads for less than the price of the CPU

    Edit: plus AMD is about to abandon this platform due to 3rd gen threadripper

  • Can you Afterpay on Amazon?

  • I wouldn't buy AMD. Better wait for Intel next year as they have better reputation for reliability and stability. Even current gen Intel has more cores and cheaper than AMD plus Intel can do 3D graphics and play video games without needing to buy an expensive video card.