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First Choice Liquor: 22% Cashback ($25 Cap, 12pm-4pm AEDT) @ ShopBack


Another First Choice + ShopBack deal to tease your liver.

NOTE: Cashback only valid from 12pm - 4pm AEDT TODAY ONLY

Combine with Spend $50 to get 2000 Bonus flybuys points

Can also be stacked with extra bonus points on Johnnie Walker products (1000, 1500, or 3000 depending on item).

Note also that ShopBack calculates cashback on the ex-GST value, so the cashback rate is essentially 20% on the full GST inclusive price.


Product Base Price Cashback Bonus flybuys Effective Price1
Johnnie Double Black 700ml $50 $10.00 3000 $24.75
Johnnie Gold 700ml $75 $15.00 3500 $42.13
Makers Mark 46 700ml $60 $12.00 2000 $37.70
Gentleman Jack 700ml $53 $10.60 2000 $32.14


  1. The Effective Price includes the base flybuys points as well. 

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  • Shame there's not many first choices around

    • Dunno where you are but theres 2 within a 10min drive of me then 2 more within a 20min drive, I find that you're either in one of those areas surrounded by dan murphy's or first choice, on the reverse theres only one dan murphy's within 20min in any direction. Poor corporate store placement.

      Regardless you have to buy online to take advantage of the shopback anyway and they have free delivery for wine and spirit orders over $150.

    • My closest is FC, surprised how much more I freqent FC than DM's due to that, given DMs probably stocks better product cheaper. These deals help.

  • I've bought 40 bottles of wine and 10+ cases of beer from these cashback+rewards points deals. Hopefully I make it to february.

    And slight correction to your examples, I think the cashback is taken pre-GST, so they'll all be slightly more.

  • Last purchase didn't track my shopback or my bonus fly buy points. It's lucky I like beer

    • Same here

    • Yeah the flybuys is pretty unreliable. Shopback's been ok. By the time you get points, that's if you do, it was so long ago to remember what it was.

    • How do you track the flybuys point to make sure it went through?

      • if you call them up they say to wait 30 days or something before they can investigate
        my experience - it usually gets generally credited 1-2 weeks

      • Use a spreadsheet. (Or go old-school and mark it on your paper calendar 😉.)

        Check your account 4 weeks after the offer end date to see if they've gone through.

      • FC Order on 3/12 is showing 2000 bonus points now in 1 account (not yet for other) on Flybuys App.

    • It hasn't tracked for me either….I can see the click history, but the transaction hasn't tracked yet.

      How long does this usually take? I haven't bought from them before.

      • Usually it will be pending within 2 days. I raised it as an untracked purchased so shopback are investigating - its happened before and it usually works out ok in the end so fingers crossed.

    • Did 2 orders on 3/12.
      CR tracked in minutes.

      But Flybuys 2000pts has only came through on 1 account. May still arrive for order 1hr later.

      Noticed in both accounts, the different Flybuys numbers weren't there - so added before order. Checked again - no Flybuys number associated with both accounts!

      • the deal is for shopback, not cashrewards!

        hope it was just a typo

        • Combine with Spend $50 to get 2000 Bonus flybuys points

          Was adding to discussion that 2000 Flybuys bonus points have come through from order this week with First Choice. But another order on different FB number hasn't received 2000 points yet.

          Rang FC - both FB numbers are correctly recorded. As FB can take 4 weeks to allocate bonus points, it was processed very quickly on 1 card, but not yet on the other

          Had no issues lately with SB tracking.

  • If i had made a purchase the other day to include the 2000 points for $50 spend and also the johnnie extra points. Would that make this invalid or am i able to claim again

  • Note the deal is only midday-4pm according to the shopback site. Not sure if that pertains to the cashback or flybuys or both.

    • 12pm-4pm AEDT is for the bonus cashback only. The bonus flybuys offers are until 23:59 AEDT Sunday.

  • Bought this: 2 x Johnnie Gold 700ml for $75 + 20% Cashback + 3500 flybuys points = $42.50 per bottle EXCLUDING the 20% Cashback a few days ago…..time to hand in my OB license

  • stop with these cashbacks on liquor.. cant take it anymore!!

  • When does it start ? No mention of the times, only later today.

  • Just saw in the comments, midday to 4.

    • At the bottom of the OP

      • I did put 12 - 4 pm in the title but the moderator removed it and put it in the details

        Might put it back in the body

        • Not sure why a Mod removed it (maybe too much alcohol from these deals 😉). All the other flash deals had the times in the title and there's nothing in the guidelines saying you can't do so.

          I've put it back in the title.

  • Mr Finch Cider Rose bottles are pretty good. Bought a case at 20% off in August at Liquorland when it was reduced to $35.

    ABV 8%, btw

    • Agree.

      I maxed out the the 20% offer just on cartons of those. (I'll let you work out how many I bought 😉.)

      Was really sad when the price went back up to $45.

      They're now on special at First Choice Liquor for $40, so combined with the Bonus flybuys and bonus cashback, it's a great deal.

  • Johnnie Walker Double Black for $25 - surely they can't make money from that!

    Aus goverment taxes at around $22 a bottle.

  • if I wanted to buy 2 separate bottles and get 2 x 2000 flybuys points,

    do I buy one, then remove flybuys card, add a different one?
    or will the website recognise that I am using the same First Choice account, and only give me 1x 2000 points?

  • Buy one with one flybuys card, then add another number for the second transaction. You will get two lots of points, have done it many times.

    • weird, something wrong with my firstchoice account,

      my old flybuys is there, enter new one, see the tick for approved, press save

      log out, and log in , and the flybuys section is now blank

  • First Choice Liquor are frauds with CR, twice I've been made to purchase but no CR… One with my chrome add-in clearly showing tick and the other is in the phone app… none of them worked.

    • Same happened me yesterday. Had 2 purchases. Shows up in my click history. Not showing up in account though.

  • For those playing at home, if it's INC GST, to max out your $25 cashback it's $113.64.

    • Correct. But it's actually $125, as it's ex-GST:

      $25÷0.22×1.1 = $125

      To double check:

      $125×0.22÷1.1 = $25

      Or another way to look at it:

      22% ex-GST cashback is the same as 20% GST inclusive cashback, and 20% of $125 is $25.

  • Ordered a bottle of johnny double black,
    bottom of order says you have received 3000 fly buys points


  • Question- do I need to activate fly buys offer?

  • Thanks! Ordered a bottle of Dimple 15 for $42.9 after cashback.

  • Do you get 1000 flybuys points for every bottle you buy or just the first one?

  • Is this on the app only? My shopback buddy on computer is still saying upto 3%

    EDIT: ignore fixed it

  • Monteiths black carton at $49 less 22% cashback = $38.22 is probably a good deal.


  • Hi, will I qualify for the cashback if I clicked on Cashback before 4 pm but it took 10 minutes to place an order which went past 4 pm?

  • Great deal, combined it with 10x points at first choice from the flybuys app game. Got 3500 points and $9 cashback on the jb doubleblack

  • Does anyone know approx bow long until Flybuy points should show up?

    • The Terms & Conditions used to say up to four weeks after the promo expires, and it used to take that long (or never) some/most/all of the time.

      There's no time frame specified for this offer; a "You've earned xxxx flybuys" banner (now) appears at the bottom of the online receipt; and people have reported seeing the points within hours, or a day or two. (I only just checked for the first time since ordering on Wednesday 2nd, and the 2000 bonus points are already there.)

      Hopefully they've gotten rid of the stupid 4 week waiting period.

  • My cashback has already been tracked. Thanks OP.

  • AWST
    Ordered: 11:44
    Tracked: 14:28:41
    Email: 14:34

    So far this Black Friday/CyberMonday, all my ShopBack cashbacks have tracked within 2-3 hours.

  • Mine hasn’t tracked yet, 20 hours since purchase.