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[New Users] 50% off 4 Months of Binge Subscription @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required)


Plus Rewards membership required. $4 for first 4 weeks.

How to obtain 50% off

Open this and next to the 20c/day option, click Subscribe.

Fill out the details and click on “Create my account and continue to Payment”

Choose PayPal as payment method and pay $4.

Login on to Paypal website and visit this link to cancel your subscription.

Terms and Conditions
Limited to one redemption per eligible +Rewards member. Limited to the first 7,000 redemptions. Offer ends 6 June 2021, or while stocks last. Offer is valid for new BINGE subscribers only. Discount is valid for members who sign up to BINGE using a unique code from +Rewards. Offer available on BINGE Standard or Premium. After offer period, subscription auto-renews at $14/month (Standard) or $18/month (Premium), unless changed or cancelled. Excludes sign ups via third parties. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer from BINGE. BINGE terms and conditions apply.

Other deals from Plus Rewards:

33.33% off Annual Kayo Sports Basic Subscription @ Plus Rewards

$20 off $100 Spend at Kogan.com @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required)

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  • Price in title

  • +1

    Just a reminder that supporting Binge and Kayo is still supporting Foxtel. Do what you will with that info.

    • +1

      lol thanks but thats not an 'inside scoop'. both are well-known products of Foxtel.

      • +4

        You'd be surprised by the number of people who think they're sticking it to Foxtel by using these services. I've told a few people who were shocked. It's not a secret, but Foxtel certainly don't advertise the association.

      • +3

        I'd never seen them cross-brand on any TV ads or such, I had no idea; thanks @paintoad

    • +2

      It's actually a great service, has all the HBO stuff on it that no other service has plus a heap of monies both recently released and others.

      So I don't care about your virtue signalling, go make a twitter post

      • +1

        So I don't care about your virtue signalling

        Nor do I care what streaming services you pay for. Was just commenting. Cool your jets.

        • Seems like stating a fact on OzBargain is frowned on by a “select few” Don’t let the mob bring you down !!!

    • If enough people switch from Foxtel/Foxtel Now to Binge then maybe all of Foxtel pricing, on all of its platforms, would become a bit more affordable.

      • +4

        Also if enough people stopped giving them any money they'd finally collapse completely and other better streaming services could pick up their exclusive licences.

    • +1

      so what's wrong with that? ignorant question.

      • +1

        Probably because it’s majority owned by Newscorp and all the garbage/manipulative reporting that goes with it.

        Either that or just Foxtels shitty pricing over the years.

        Either way, I’m signing up for 4 months, will watch some stuff over Xmas and cancel. Easy.

        • +2

          Or the fact that Foxtel charge an exorbitant price and still put ads on some of the channels

      • +4

        A lot of people view anything owned by Murdoch as evil, yet don't care about the influence of The Walt Disney Company, National Amusements, etc. This is because the majority of media lean to the left where News Corp / Fox lean to the right. It's the typical shut down everything I don't agree with. Hate speech is speech I hate (better if you can throw a label at someone so you don't have to debate them of facts)

        • -1

          How about no leaning and journalist's and media outlets do their job and report facts.

    • You know that you literally have to subscribe to a news Corp paper to get this deal??

  • +1

    Maybe under terms and conditions you should have you must be subscribed to the Herald Sun?

    • +2

      All done was in the process of copying from my old post but editing was disabled so took me a while to copy links.

  • +1

    You get a year worth for free with telstra plus gold

  • +4

    Got 6 months free through Telstra and Binge has been great.

    It's TV shows would have to beat every other streaming platform, it's movies though aren't that great.

    • +4


  • U don’t need to cancel herald subscription?
    Stopping PayPal enough ?

    • Stopping PayPal enough ?

      If you don’t allow them to take money, they won’t continue the service

  • Ok so I called to cancel my news.com.au even though I did the PayPal thing…

    They refunded me $3.60 for un-used subscription. Lol. Actually feel bad. Haha.

    Thanks op.

    • That’s better outcome than cancelling from PayPal. Hopefully you redeemed the Kogan voucher as well :)

      • +1

        Yep! … and 12months of Kayo for $200.

        That $0.40 wasn't the worst investment. 😂😂😂

  • Has anyone who is an existing user tried this with a different email address? I think they link the accounts with mobile numbers too?

  • Seems to be $5 sign up cost now for the rewards plus.

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