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Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Smartphone 256GB, Mystic Grey $1,052.87 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Price dropped ~$1093.76~ $1,090.83 ~ $1052.87

Been following this phone for a while. The price was dropped twice and now it is at $1,104.

I managed to price beat this product by going to Officeworks. Show them the deal using a private browser without loging to amazon. They currently have 12 in stock in their warehouse.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • After price beat i paid $1054.57 (they added $5.99 shipping fee to the total price).

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    Damn that looks good

    • Yeah mate current price is at $1400 w~ 1600ish

  • Officeworks price beat Amazon? I thought they don't?

    • +1

      They do.

      • Oh ok thanks

  • +1

    Fantastic deal

  • Is the phone that bad? My Note 10+ was barely at that price after nearly a year..

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      Yes, I've had mine for 3months and can't wait to get rid of it.

      • Why?

        • It's Glichy at times, and battery seems to drain faster than my old phone (note9),

          • @Chimi: damn that's not good

  • What's this like for gaming? How much worse than Snapdragon?

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      Not a clue, i don't play games on phone. That's what ps5 is for mate.

    • -3

      much worse since exynos is overheated, PLUS huge battery life difference.

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        Yeah zomg my games on phone go at 3fps less, wowee!!!

        • There's more to it than just that. You pay flagship money you expect flagship specs.

          Did you know the reason why the note 20 dont support qhd and 120Hz refresh rate at the same time is because exynos cpu can't do it but snapdragon can? So they crippled the snapdragon variant so exynos cpu don't look so bad.

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            @xoom: Who cares? I don't.

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              @scuderiarmani: I'm not disagreeing with your opinion. But you also have to understand why it matters to others. They paid big money so they expect features that clearly one cpu can deliver and the other couldn't.

              Instead of ditching the exynos cpu for snapdragon cpu they cripple its features instead.

              Had you ended up with the snapdragon cpu variant you could have happily ran you screen at 1080p @ 60Hz even if could have been able to do qhd at 120Hz at the same time. And absolutely no one could convince you otherwise. However there are people out there that do like to have the option to choose. But alas that option dont exist.

              • +1

                @xoom: Don't get me wrong, I understand the sentiment. But the overwhelming majority of people really wouldn't notice the difference and frankly wouldn't know their different anyway.

                It's made up to be an issue bigger than it really is.

                Most just get the latest flagship just cause and they are happy.

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                  @scuderiarmani: And thats fine if you don't notice the difference because your use case will never expose these issues. But just because your use case is the way it is dont mean you can talk down others use case who do run into those issues. Like overheating and lower battery life.

                  Last I checked the money these people spent on a note 20 who are complaining of issues with is worth the same as what you paid for yours. So they are as entitled to an opinion as you are.

  • Too big

    • +3

      That's what she said.

      • Did she like it in the end?

  • Is it worth getting the ultra version? or this?

  • Read the reviews on Amazon before you buy this. Apparently it's coming from Singapore with an adapter for the charger. It's still an Exynos.

  • You made the wrong choice here OP, any $1000 phone would be better than this.

  • Cmon guys I bought the NOTE20 from Amazon as well and you guys are being drama queens I think

    • So those youtubers and other reviewers in gsmarena were making it up are they?

      As i said before if your use case dont push these phones so you dont experience the issues. Then thats fine. To say that you dont experience the issue therefore its not an issue is quite another.

  • Don't buy it from Amazon. Get it from officeworks or Jbhifi.

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