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$2 Delivery for Selected Midweek 6 Hour Delivery Windows @ Coles


Great savings on Coles delivery on selected delivery windows($2 6 hour mid week).

Window Length Delivery Fee Mid-week Discounted Delivery Fees (Tues, Wed & Thu) FREE Over
2 hrs $11 $9 $250+
4 hrs $8 $6 $250+
6 hrs $4 $2 $250+


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  • Minimum spend $50 for delivery btw if anyone thought they can just make a small order :p

    Is this regular price OP?

    • These are new prices. I went with Woolies at the start of the year when they offered $15 unlimited delivery. Preferred Coles for my weekly grocery shopping so happy that they reduced their prices.

      • As in new permanent prices? Or new 'COVID' prices or something that will only last a month or so..
        I'm struggling to understand how they can offer and sustain $2 delivery for a long term period but if they are delivering to areas with half full trucks makes sense I guess.

        • They increased their capacity because of Covid but now more people are going to the shops especially in Vic so as you say maybe they do have spare capacity.

        • struggling to understand how they can offer and sustain $2 delivery

          What part of two billion dollars profit per year are you struggling to understand? Is the number too large?

    • Yes and also for click and collect. $30 for Woolworths.

  • Coles used to deliver the groceries in black plastic crates that you/they would unload onto your kitchen bench. Now the only option is to get them bagged with 15c bags. That's the reason I stopped using their delivery service after 3 years.

    • It was the same for contactless pick up but since maybe a month ago you could only get pick up in their bags. With Woollies you can still pack into your own bags.

  • You'd get a much better deal on ebay plus with free delivery over 49 plus 20% off but that's assuming the items you want are on coles ebay.

    • nope. the price on ebay sometimes is more expensive than the store level/catalogue.

      and if you're collecting flybuys promo points, i don't think you can get it from ebay coles

      • I've yet to see an item on Coles eBay that costs more than 20% than at Coles. The value of Flybuy points are pretty much negligible.

      • Yes, you cannot get points from Coles eBay anymore.

  • this is a price increase rather than a bargain, at least for WA/my area anyway. Was free for the 6 hour window over $150 pre covid and last few months it’s been free for that slot. $2 still good but I don’t get why they are advertising like it’s a special offer…

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    Yeh I guess for people doing smaller shops. But for me doing $150 shop I’m now paying $2 for delivery instead of it being free

  • I can't believe they charge you per bag when there's no other option.