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Dell S2721QS 27" 4K Monitor (UHD 3840 x 2160 IPS 60 Hz HDR 400 FreeSync) $357.40 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Height, tilt, pivot Adjustable ; p, Built in Speaker :|

Average refresh rate and PPI/res is overkill for the size

8ms average response time/4ms g2g

99% sRGB colour average

1 x DP / 2 x HDMI 2.0

1300:1 contrast is good for IPS

Around 9kg

EXPIRED: back to $408 shipped with LOVEKEANU

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  • how does 4k look like on a 27 inch monitor? Some said it’s too small for 4K res but I really need a 4K monitor for my ps5 and MacBook Pro.

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      You need to use scaling, everything is tiny on 4k 27” without scaling.

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    Would this be the ultimate monitor for a Nintendo Switch?

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      more suited to snes

      • Why's that? Or just for laffs?

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          laughing at the fact that people will ask others the most basic of info meaning they've done no research whatsoever and want to waste others time.

    • If you're just using it for that you might as well save your money and get a decent IPS 1080p/60 monitor, since that's what the switch outputs at natively.

      • Thanks for this. So basically theres no point going 4K for a nintendo switch as it only supports max 1080p? Cheers

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          No problem - and yes

  • Better get 27" 4k monitor at this price or 27' similarly priced but not 4k?

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      4k all the way. All that desktop real estate.

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        You'd have to scale at this resolution so you'd gain no desktop real estate. You'd gain improved sharpness of images and text, but everything would be physically the same size.

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        While this is true if you run it at 100% scaling, I think most people will use a higher scaling value, which will then make you lose real estate, so it will be less than 4K of real estate depending on the amount of scaling you use.

        When I get this monitor (ordered Q variant on a different deal), I'm going to see how low I can put the scaling while still being able to use it (I'm currently on a 25 inch, 1440p monitor at 100% scaling)

  • Does it really need Freesync for 60Hz?

  • Nice price and got one. Thanks for provide it.

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    Detailed review here with calibration profile for best settings. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s2721qs. You should get a displayport cable if you want to take full advantage on pc, it only comes with hdmi cable. Al

    • Yeah Definitely get one with a 4k displayport cable big difference with the HDMI cable that comes in the box and thanks for the review link

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    No details on when the product is actually going to ship. Product isn’t even in stock. Just read all the previous posts about shipments being delayed by close to 2 months. Dell should only be taking a deposit for this and charging when the product actually ships. Great price but what’s the point if no one knows when they’ll actually get their monitor. Super annoyed considering this was supposed to be a Christmas present.

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      You only know it until order confirmed. Dell confirmed the order and the product will arrive in early Jan.

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        If you think you're getting this early Jan, keep dreaming. Most people who got it from the previous deal almost a month ago have just been give an ETA of Jan 21st

        • It's true but it shows 30 days delivery time when you place the order.
          As I understand, You can cancel the order if it's too late or delayed. I use paypal to pay the order and we can ask paypal to cancel it, can't we?

          • +1

            @oceangoingsfc: If we cancel after 30 days then that's 30 days of wasted time doing nothing. Not a benefit.

          • @oceangoingsfc: My first order which is somehow stuffed (not in system?!?) has a hold on charge in paypal from dell. When i tried to raise issue against it (to release) paypal said they couldnt for this transaction type (its a hold not an actual transaction).

            Trying to see how i can ensure i get money back / released now

        • As an fyi -

          My 4k monitor arrived today ( from the previous deal)

          And my dell 1440p monitor was also just shipped.

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    Will this be ok for my ps5??

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    Why Dell takes so long to ship? Do they start making monitor from bits and pieces after the purchase?

    • +1

      Most likely built per request. The panels are sourced from LG so probably waiting for shipment orders. Plus, Xmas and new years is coming in two weeks so shipping itself from Auspost is delayed already.

      • And potentially Chinese New Year shutdowns/slowdowns in early Feb for manufacturers.

    • Have you any idea of the volume of products dell distibute?
      Do you realise it's 19 days to xmas and the load aust post and the remaining courier fraternity are under? You need to be realistic…

      • Not just now. Talking about the order that I ordered 2 months back as well…

      • +3

        AusPost can't use Xmas as an excuse 365 days a year…

  • Surprisingly, delivery is expected this week from the promo run a couple of weeks back for the QS. Initially slated for end of Dec. Happy days

    • Mines eta for Tuesday!

  • Got one of these earlier. Can't seem to get 2160p out of my Dell Optiplex 7010, just 1440p using an in-spec DisplayPort cable. Is the Intel(R) HD Graphics display adapter not up to the challenge?

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      Googling "Dell Optiplex 7010 resolution" gives this document: https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/opti... , which says the max res is 2500x1600 through Displayport

      • Thanks man. You're a better Googler than I am. I guess I'm in the market for a new PC…

        • Upgrade your video card?

          • +1

            @quill: Thought about it! But my PC-building days are just about over. Simply upgrading the RAM almost had me pulling my hair out. Also, I dunno if I wanna keep pouring money into something that cost me less than 200 bucks in the first place. I could pick up something new (with an SSD) and use this one elsewhere.

        • You can get away with a additional/replacement video card, does not need to be super.
          Looks like you don't game on this, so a cheap card would do the trick. (Just check the specs).

          • @fredk1000: Thanks. Cheap sounds good! Yeah, no gaming here. It's really just a net surfing/youtube machine.

            • @cheeksahoy: My Dell PC is older than yours, it's a Optiplex 790 SFF.

              It's got a Dell videocard, from later model Dell Optiplex. Does [email protected] fine. Ok for really low end gaming at low res.

              Handles 4K video fine, youtube.

              I don't feel I need to upgrade to something more modern for what I do, maybe a slightly better videocard to play some games.

              I think you maybe able to get away with a $50-70 video card or cheaper second hand one. But check the spec first.

              • @fredk1000: Cool, man. Definitely (re)considering it now! Thanks for the advice.

  • I got a LG 27UL600-W from Amazon a week ago for $470, delivered in 2 days. No regrets, lol

  • I got the S2721Q model, without the adjustable stand, and it's great for the price. I still have a $20 dell reward coupon from it and I wanna give it away before it expires. So first one to dm gets it.

    • seems like you disabled PM

      • +2

        given away to this user already.

    • Not sure if its already gone to someone. But I wasn't able to pm you as it says you don't accept new conversations.

    • I'm interested in the coupon but your DM are disabled.

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    This will not ship until late January, guaranteed.

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      It can't ship any sooner as the older orders have not shipped yet

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    Dell is experiencing major delays. Items that were 'in stock' are now unavailable and the delivery timeline is one and a half months.

  • any cash back ?

  • Curious to know why people are crazy about the monitor? Is it for gaming purpose ?

    • One of the cheapest 4k monitor, cheapest was $270. Check this review out for youself. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s2721qs

      • Thanks, but I am interestig to know what areas we can use it, e.g I don't do games, what can I do after purchase it ?

        • +4

          ??? It could be used for editing as it is colour accurate enough. 4k movies, netflix? You can fit more on the screen compared to a 1080p or 1440p monitor. I mean its a monitor what else do you expect.

        • It is a monitor you would use to consume 4K media or gaming (without costing too much). If you have a current gen graphics card, you might want to try out 4K gaming - if you are not into FPS games. It is also relative. If you already have a quality 4K TV, then this may not appeal to you.

          Technically, you could use it to edit a 4K video. However, most people use display scaling (so you get roughly the same screen real estate as 1440p). Display scaling will make texts look smoother. Most apps scale well nowadays (and for people who have apps that don't scale well, they would have another monitor they use for those apps).

  • Is it right that if I use hdmi, I’ll have HDR but if I use display port I’ll have nvidia g-sync. Which should I use?

    • +1

      Use displayport 1.4

      • The dell website says the monitor only has display port 1.2 though

    • +3

      If you use DisplayPort, you get HDR and working free-sync (G-Sync compatible).
      If you use HDMI, you get HDR, but free-sync doesn't work properly (see rtings review for more info). You are also limited to 4K/60/HDR 4:2:2 (instead of 4:4:4 on DisplayPort). It is not really an issue if you use display scaling (as 4:2:2 issue is most visible at 1:1 - no scaling / 100% mode, also for media consumption and gaming, you won't really notice it (as if you would pause every frame and check)).

      On PC, laptop, Mac etc… use DisplayPort if possible. On gaming consoles, HDMI is okay (on Series X, it won't run 4K/60/HDR in HDMI 2.1 mode anyway, so it is 4:2:2 HDMI 2.0. If you want 4:4:4 4K HDR, you need an HDMI 2.1 TV/display capable of 4K/120/HDR 4:4:4).

      DisplayPort 1.4 cable not included (an HDMI 2.0 cable is provided with the monitor). In the feedback Dell asked me about this monitor, I did mention including a DisplayPort cable would be good (but I doubt Dell will include one any time soon).

      • +2

        Display scaling doesn't use a dumb 2x transformation for stuff like text and images - it only does that for some aspects of legacy apps. For modern apps it will actually use a larger font or more of the image data at the native 1:1 resolution. e.g 200% display scaling is the same as 100% display scaling but using a font twice as large. The resolution still matters when using fonts/vectors/hires images etc.

        So it's incorrect to suggest that a lower resolution (or 4:2:2) "doesn't matter" when using display scaling. You've been corrected elsewhere but I'm not sure you've understood.

        • +1

          So it's incorrect to suggest that a lower resolution (or 4:2:2) "doesn't matter" when using display scaling.

          This! 4:2:2 has half the chroma resolution of 4:4:4 and this isn’t ameliorated by scaling the desktop. Scaling only affects raster, not vector render - latter is always at full panel resolution - that’s why vector fonts and graphics look great at HiDPI.

          Rule of thumb: select scaling ratio based on preferred size of rendered objects. High quality magazines are printed at 1200 PPI, but printed objects are same size as if printed at 300 PPI.

      • Thanks so much!
        Strangely, I believe my my gigabyte nvidia 970 only supports HDR through the hdmi port haha.

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    FYI demand/shipping times.. I bought a 27" DGF in mid Nov, Dell advised shipping by 15th Dec and delivery by 22nd Dec. It arrived on Friday.

  • 99% sRGB coverage.. seriously.. eww

    • rtings reported 100% coverage of the sRGB colourspace on CIE 1931 xy. Do you really expect a 8-bit + FRC (10-bit) monitor to struggle with sRGB? The wide colour gamut coverage on this monitor is average at best though.

    • +1

      UP2720Q is the one you want.

      • Nice! Waiting for LiMaa to do his magic.

        • +1

          No deals on U or P monitors he said.

  • I am surprised by the comments about delayed delivery. I actually got my S2721D delivered last week and the estimated delivery for that was on the 20th of Dec.

  • +1

    Feel free to use my voucher. First come first serve.

    Coupon code: 1JMRJJC94W$7N9
    Discount: $10
    For purchases above: $100
    Valid until: 6 February 2021

    • +2

      Thank you :)
      The very small encouragement I needed to hit buy.

  • Estimated to Arrive By:
    Jan. 23, 2021

  • Hi guys, do know if deals come up on 32" monitors or should I give up and pay up? Thanks for any help.

  • Last order of a pair of S2721QS - ETA 21/12/20 - 5/1/2021.

    Arrived today 7/12/2020

  • +1

    I ordered a day later than my friend and hes receiving it this week. I ordered on November 28. ETA was Dec 11 2020. And now I have been advised a new ETA date which is Jan 19 2021. Great.

  • Do I have to wait for shipping before I get a receipt? I need it for work.

    • The invoice comes after delivery.

      • Will be too late for me then I think. Damn! We have a window to claim wfh gear.

    • I receive the invoice via email a couple of days before delivery.

  • I just received this monitor and I hooked it up with the supplied HDMI cable and the maximum resolution I was allowed to display was 1080P.

    I then connected it via Display Port (DP) and I can display 4k.

    Is the supplied HDMI cable 4k compliant (1.4)

    Or could it be that my old GPU (AMD R9 200) doesnt have a HDMI 1.4 port or for some reason doesnt display 4k via HDMI?

  • +4

    Received this monitor a few days ago, but have been pretty disappointed.

    The monitor has terrible viewing angles, so much so that sitting smack bang in front of it and there are these big blurry edges on each side. Wasn't sure whether it was a defect (because I have never seen a monitor with this problem), but apparently it is a design choice. Is very distracting and forces use to the centre of the screen with the edges straining your eyes.


    • +2

      Poster in first thread, is comparing to UP2715H - Dell's (was) highest-end monitor (5K), to cheapest Dell's low-end (4K). Fair? Caveat emptor.

    • Oh I just placed my order and now this is concerning. Are you gonna return it? Any recommended 4K monitor in the same price range or bit higher?

    • Apparently this is very common with the "borderless" thin bezel monitors. Well that sucks…

    • I think your unit is defective, i've got the S2721QS and haven't noticed any blurry edges at all

    • +2

      It's common with cheap monitor panels. I have it too but I don't think it's a deal breaker. I only notice the blur when I sit very close to the monitor. I do think it's more noticeable on this monitor than others.

      • +1

        I just got my S2721QS today. Can confirm that the "blurry edges" are very noticeable (from a distance of about 60cm or so), but I don't think it's a big deal. Our brains will learn to ignore it after a while, I'm sure. Reminds me of the chromatic aberration post-processing effects in games, where things are kind of distorted-looking. For some reason the effect is a lot more pronounced on the entire right hand edge of my monitor (only the last 5mm or so of the screen), whereas it's very subtle on the left hand edge. Top and bottom edges are fine, I don't notice any weird effects.

        Just one of those things you put up with when it comes to cheap monitors. Overall, I'm happy with this monitor.

  • Monitor is back at $549 now.

    • Discount seems to be active again

  • Money is out of my account. I will ask for a receipt.

  • I am trying to cancel the QS as I have now ordered a DS. Delivery looks much quicker.

  • +1

    I've got a coupon expiring today, hopefully it can benefit someone -

    Coupon code: 9VDTLPNM727N5X
    Discount: $35
    For purchases above: $100
    Valid until: 26 December 2020

    First in, best dressed

  • No G-sync, no 165hz, good price

  • Any leftover coupon boys/girls? :)

  • So, I just bought one from the Dell website today…
    The delivery date is 8th Mar 2021.
    That can't be right…..can it?

    • 100% could ve but hopefully not, some people are waiting 4 months.

    • Too soon or? Judging by the number of people still waiting theirs to arrive from the Black Friday deal, the estimated delivery date you’ve been quoted seems accurate.