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[PC] Cyberpunk 2077 ₽1999 (~A$36.47) @ GOG (VPN Required)


Great price if you're willing to do some VPN'ing to Russia. I used Hola VPN extension in Chrome and it worked a treat. You only need VPN to purchase the game and not to play. Mod: Use Hola at your own discretion.

Make sure you add the game to your existing GOG account (if you have one).

Don't forget to pick up the free registration rewards.

Credit to HUKD and Chollometro.

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  • This promotion is available until 11 Dec.

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    Cheers OP. Hola worked for me in Chrome but when I tried to pay with my card, the price switched back to AUD. I had to pay via Paypal to keep the Russian price, the conversion rate took it to $38.57AUD.

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      $35.42 AUD if you had chosen USD as the currency.

  • How will this run on GTX 1070

    • 1080P30 on High.

      • Thanks!

      • Have a look at gamers nexus twitter. All PC performance metrics at the moment are null as review copies have harsh DRM which hammers performance. This DRM won't be present after launch and the game will run a lot smoother (so it is said).

        I made a post about the bad performance before learning about the DRM. Can't trust any performance metric until launch day.

      • No way, the recommended specs is a 1060 so 1070 should do way more than that

    • Can always play at 1080P / Low settings

    • Purchase now think about later, I've got a 1070 also and just praying it works

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    In Soviet Russia Cyberpunk 2077 plays you

  • +10

    Footage of me grabbing this deal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl959QnD3lM

    • putin getting up to meet CDPR Poland just for this deal

  • Nice, worked for me

  • Anyone know if I launch GOG via steam, does it support controller?

    • I haven't run into a problem yet using Steam controller configs with non-Steam games launched from Steam, so I would say it most likely will work fine.

      • Thanks. I use it for other platform so far so good too. Asking just in case

    • The GOG game will be openable without any kind of Launcher so you will be able to add it to Steam cleanly as a non-Steam game to use a controller.

  • -1

    soon find out if i get banned, only have free games on their platform anyways

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    If you are afraid of being banned, create a new GOG account and buy the game as a gift for your main account

    • +1

      Just tested this and it doesn't work, it changes the price back up.

  • It's a nice deal but a few steps and risk of ban. It's a gamble but I do wonder if prices drop for Boxing Day Sales. (Next Steam Sale is expected but not confirmed on 23rd Dec [Source: https://www.whenisthenextsteamsale.com/])

    • +2

      I'm not sure I'd be expecting much of a discount 2 weeks after launch.

  • -2

    Damn, not even released and already on sale.

    Damn damn!

    • It's to promote their platform, it is their game after all

  • +1

    how is this game so cheap in russia?

  • Paid $36.89 with ING, PayPal wanted $54~ with their conversion! Wtf!

    • +1

      You can disable PP conversion and use your card's conversion instead.

      • Yep, that's what I changed over too… just thinking how many times I haven't done that now.. :'(

        • Odd… I left mine at PayPal and it wanted about $38 when exchanging from Rubles and ~$35.40 AUD when going from USD.

          • @Elijha: Sounds like you already had the PP conversion off!

            • @xseta: Well that amount was what was shown in PayPal at the time of processing, and the amount charged to my linked CC… if conversion was off then it would not show me in AUD and only show me USD letting my bank convert and sort it out, right?

              • @Elijha: Yep that's right! I did however pay in the Russian currency I believe.

    • How do I do this? I tried to pay with PayPal and it told me it was $90aud. Could it be because I was trying to gift it to my main account?

      • +2

        Trying to gift the game increases the price.

    • I didn't even see a Russian price, just USD$30 (AUD$40) with Ukraine VPN. Good enough..

  • Just bought the game with the main account and now realized the risk of ban. What should I do now😭

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      finish the game before they ban

    • +1

      CDPR and GOG are good guys, I very much doubt anyone using a VPN to purchase cheaper will be banned.

      • +3

        Good guys, like the good guys in this thread circumventing regional pricing?

        • My personal ethics says yes, but up to you to decide for yourself.

          • @studentl0an: better than straight-up pirating this DRM-free title. A little support goes a long way on GoG since its 100% to CDPR, rather than steam taking 30% cut.

            • @dbmitch: Surely the CDPR accountants would prefer a $63 share to 100% of $36?

              • +2

                @Thrift: How's $0 courtesy of the pirate bay sound?

                They will prefer the 35 trust.

    • +2

      Give me your account details and I will unban it for you 🙂

      Jokes aside, more worried about this bit:

      Be careful some VPN (free VPN for examples) may resell your data or have reliability problems. Use of course with full knowledge of the facts

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    Thank you comrade

    • +17

      So buy it on GoG which is CDPR's platform so they get all the money because buying it on Steam just means you are giving Valve 30% of the total.

    • +4

      Steam takes a cut, GOG fully supports them

  • Wow, wish I hadn't already bought this…

  • +4

    cyka bliet

  • Might as well get some money back from my vpn.

    Had to go Ukraine, pia doesn't have a Russian server.

  • +1

    Sigh Nord no longer supports Russia VPNS…

  • Got it but now I can't get a 2 step auth code to log back in.

    • Click on the extension to make sure it's activated. Look up the auth code on your phone so you dont switch screens/tabs etc.

      • Auth code not coming thru at all after purchase. Could be Google.

      • I was able to download the loader and start downloading the game so…might be ok.

  • -2

    Free to claim GOG game from Humble


    Seven: Enhanced Edition

  • Thanks OP! It's working and currently downloading the game.

    • +5

      Kids these days… Back in my day you had to manually update each game and have a desktop covered in shortcuts to launch them

      • +1

        Back in my day you spent 30 minutes watching stripey colours flash in the screen border, just hoping the game really was still loading off tape, and making a mental note not to forget to plug the fridge back in after playing ('cause the compressor switching on would reset the computer). Kids these days will never know…

  • Noob question: how do I reinstall the game in the future? Through GOG?

    • Yes, it will be installed and updated via GOG.

  • +1

    Done, just cancelled my order from Amazon as they couldn't give me an ETA.

  • +2

    By the time I can buy a computer that can play Cyberpunk, this will be the average sale price.

    • By the time I can finish the other 100gig games I've got in my list, this will have an average sale price.

  • +1

    Charged me in USD which worked out to be $33.99 AUD paying with Bankwest

  • The VPN I use closest I could get was Ukraine, was $30USD worked out to ~$43AUD, preloading no issues

  • Works absolutely fine using the method OP provided.
    Cost me $34.00 using ING debit card.

    Pre-load is now complete! Thanks OP!

    • How quick did you dl?

      • over 50MB/s on my Launtel 400/50 plan. So basically full speed.

        • preload was only 59gbs. im not sure if its a tiny short game because call of duty has conditioned me into 100+gb games

    • Weird how ing is cheaper than ubank card. Arent they both visa?

      • Cost me $33.99 28 degrees MC

    • Did you 'add it to your main account' after the purchase?

      • I purchased the game using my main account.

        • :( Another warrior

  • +3

    Hmm I think I actually want to pay CDPR full price for this one…

  • Worked thanks !

    Used the VPN you recommended too. I have Nord and I was surprised they did not have a Russian server.

    • +2

      be careful of "free" VPNs, you dont know whats being routed through your connection..

  • +5

    Don't use Hola and don't use Chrome.

    Value your privacy, people.

    • +2

      Bargains > Privacy!

  • +4

    Bought, can't wait to get banned :/

    • +1


    • +1

      It's DRM-free, what are they going to do, kick down your door and confiscate your hard drive?

      • Well considering it's only a partial game download through the GOG launcher so far, they could still pull it back right? Only 60gb of 100gb.

    • What VPN did you use?

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