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Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower Kit $399 (Was $449) @ Bunnings


Model PXBSDMK-4182 (https://ozito.com.au/products/pxc-2-x-18v-telescopic-lawn-mo...)

Not exactly a huge discount, but in case you need a reason to get this kit, now you can do it with $50 discount.

Mod note 31 Dec 2020: The screenshot and product name from Bunnings seems to match a different model - PXBSDMK-4182. Unfortunately the Bunnings link is no longer working to confirm.

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    Are they any good? I once had one of those tiny electric ones and it was junk.

    • +4

      It's epic… Since moving to it we haven't even looked at our petrol mower - super easy to use, well built and just gets the job done…

      • +2

        Yeah love mine. The double battery means I can easily do my lawn now whereas my old one used to run out about 3/4s of the way through

        • how big is your lawn? I have a 4ah and a 3ah and i can't do front and back in the one hit, so when i run out i do edges while i fast charge one of the batteries again

          • +2

            @Jackson: I have same batteries and 100sqm lawn. Can do it two times(in two directions) without charging again. But I mow 2 times a week so the mower isn't stressed at all.

          • +1

            @Jackson: We've got about 200sqm of lawn, able to mow it all every fortnight on a single pair of 4ah batteries.

      • Is this unit a 36v system or just 18v in parallel?

        • +1

          Sounds like 36V from the description & manual (says to use 2x same capacity battery, which would not be important if in parallel)

        • 2 x 18v in series results in the 36v

          • @dantione: Two batteries in series means you add the voltage together, but the amps stays the same. While parallel batteries is the opposite.

        • +2

          From product page:

          Voltage: 18V x 2 (36V)

          So batteries are 18V (connected in series) but the mower is 36V.

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    THIS and the other 2 x 18v Ozito mower are the ones to get. The single 18v is not worth your time if you are looking for a budget electric mower, spend the extra.

    • which other one?

      • I assume Fooah is referring to the older model of the one in this deal. I have it and it can actually take FOUR 18V Batteries :) 2x 18V to make it work then 2x 18V for added runtime if required (not essential).

        • +1

          Guess you'll be entering that one in the Quambatook Tractor Pull next April.

        • +2

          I have one that is not brushless and not steel deck, but it's a 2x18V one. It doesn't appear to be on the website now, but I only purchased it a couple of months ago, and I only got it because there were none left of the previous steel deck model.

          But that has turned out to be a happy accident. I'm very happy with it, and for my sloping block, I think the lower weight is actually an advantage - I can easily carry it up some steps one handed (needed two hands for the old Briggs and Stratton lol).

          • +1

            @madak: Actually, the link in the OP description is the one I've got (which is not the steel deck model accessed by the go to deal link)

        • Do you know/recall if this model (the older version) is "Brushless" and/or "Steel Deck"??

          I really wish there was some evidence of its existence outside of this thread, like a product page would be absolutely great, but it's as though Ozito want to deny it even existed!

          I simply want to be able to compare its features & capabilities to newer models (bought it for my folks, wouldn't mind knowing when it becomes "obsolete" enough that it requires replacement.

          • +2

            @parad0x: Yep, its Brushless AND Steel Deck.

            • +2

              @SteveAndBelle: Thank you so so much for that! You've no idea how good it is to find people who know what I'm talking about let alone have the exact model I'm talking about… And not only all of that, but little old me, can talk to them, and they reply to me! Lotto ticket today for sure!

              Heheh thanks again guys!

    • +5

      I disagree, if you have a smaller size lawn then it's fine, say you live in a duplex, you can probably get away with the smaller one quite easily

      • Yep. I have a ryobi single battery 18v mower, and can do lawn, edges and blower on a single 5ah battery for my townhouse.

        • Me too. I tried the 18V Ozito with overgrown 40m2 Kikuyu. It cut it easily and only used 1/3 of a charge.
          Glad I got that instead of this as it's 50% lighter.

    • Depending on lawn size. I have that 18V one and it is perfectly fine for my smaller lawn (about 30m^2).

  • +27

    Also have one - great.

    If you happen to ever lose the plastic 'key', I've uploaded one to Thingiverse for 3D printing :-)

    • +1

      Was wondering about that. Why not take the battery out instead of the key? Key looks easy to lose.

      • +1

        I cable tied mine to the handle upon first assembly.

        • +1

          Mine didnt have one as it was the display model and it had been lost - hence I got an even bigger bargain..

      • Yep, I leave the key in and take the batteries out. Would discharge in the mower anyway.

  • Does its handle foldable for vertical storage? I see the plastic 36v one can but seems this one couldnt?

    • +1

      It has knobs to allow the top part of the handle to fold down. Not really convenient as they need to be completely unscrewed as opposed to just loosening. You could then do vertical storage but it's a pain to do and not really designed for it.

  • +7

    I have the mower and think it is great compared to a petrol mower. Light and easy to push around.
    Do not like the cheap plastic used on the underbody where the catcher attaches which is already starting to wear. Interestingly i did a review on the Bunnings site which they published but has now disappeared. Resubmitted but the refuse to publish go figure.

    • +2

      Thanks for that comment. How old is your mower? I assume that they've had a few complaints about this issue.

      Whenever I see a "review" section on a retailer's website, it does make me laugh a little.

  • Does it do mulching?

    • Yes, there is a special plug that comes with the mower for mulching

      • +2

        Are u sure???

        It doesn’t mention the mulching plug in the manual anywhere.

        I just downloaded the manual and read it.

    • No. I have bought one. No mulching facility, but if you tie the door up it will shoot the grass clippings out.

  • Anyone know what kind of runtime you can you get from this before needing to recharge?

    • +1

      I have the small single battery 18V mower, and while it depends greatly on how long the grass is, I get about 20 minutes on a charge, give or take. My batteries are 3ah and 4ah

  • Will these cut Kikuyu or buffalo OK?

    are these gone? link goes nowhere and there not on the site.

    • I have buffalo, and my single 18v can struggle a little at times esp on uneven ground (e.g. you won't want to be pushing up hill), but if you stay on top of it you'll have no issues. This ought to be better so I'd say so

    • Link is ok

    • Link not working for me either, searching Bunnings not coming up with the mower either. Been waiting for these to come in stock for a while now…

    • I have this one and buffalo. No issues as long as you don't cut too much at the same time. Start on the highest and work your way down. You shouldn't cut too much at a time anyway, need to give the grass time to recover from the shock.

  • I reckon i might be in by the time this hits 200 for skin only

    • This mower does not have a skin only option in Australia

      • Might be a long wait then

  • +1

    Thanks OP been looking to replace an older electric mower that had a battery die and I couldn't source a replacement

  • +3

    These makita kits I got 2 for $400 each comes with free turbo blower via redemption at bunnings
    We’re $799 but I asked for $400

    • +1

      Can you post the receipt?? Thanks

    • Hi dex, did you just ask the staff for a 50% discount and that's it? Last time J tried they just said No

      • Yep just asked as I always doo at bunnings
        Got one for a mate as well for him just rang the store near him and happy to doo $400 as well

        • Thanks dex, if you don't mind, which Bunnings did you get the deal at ?

          • @nightqueen: Port Melbourne last one
            And Cranbourne last one my mate got
            Non left in vic I rang today

            • @Dex38313: You're a better hustler than I. Gave it a go at my local Bunnings and got turned down; though I showed the receipt they said it could have been discounted due to missing parts, damage, etc. It's still on clearance for $630 I believe, but now am struggling between this Ozito one at $400 and the Makita at $630. Makita comes with the free 18V blower, but the Ozito 36V blower is only $30 an apparently blows (pardon the pun) every other battery powered blower away.

              • @Valjew: Both mine n my mates were new in box

                • @Dex38313: Yes I figured, but that was the excuse given by the manager at my local store.

                  • @Valjew: Update - got a phone call about 24-hours later from Bunnings….they had a change of heart! Manager called to say they would accept my "offer", so I'm now the proud owner of a Makita mower (and soon blower) for $400. Thanks Dex - saved me heaps. This Ozito looked OK, but I want to mulch (and to start collecting Makita power tools) so this was a match made in heaven.

                    • @Valjew: Well done, mate! Which Bunnings did you buy from? Do you mind posting the receipt pl? I want to give it a try too. Thanks

                    • @Valjew: I tried a few stores in NSW they won't budge. They may consider the last display item for that price but they have few items in stock so not at the moment.

  • +1

    Just get a Masport petrol mower for that price……..

  • +3

    I have one of these and it is light, quiet and easy to use. It is noticably piss weak tho compared to my old 4 stroke Victa mower if the grass is thick and even a little damp - the chute area between the blades and the catcher is quite small and can easily clog with grass too. If you mow regularly and don't let your lawn grow too long/thick it's excellent.

    • I would also add the fabric catcher is shite. It is a pain to clean and when you disconnect it from the mower some clippings will fall out due to the angle. As others have said I don't believe it cuts as well as my old Victa petrol but this is lighter, quieter and faster. For someone like me with a bad back is is great. Batteries charge in an hour and I can mow my lawn (around 250sq m) and then use the batteries in the blower vac to finish the job and I still have some charge left.

  • +6

    At least it's a steel deck. I look at most of these electric mowers, especially the mid to low end ones like Ryobi and they look "flash" but at the same time kind of disposable…

    I would think my old victa 4 stroke briggs and Stratton I was given 2nd hand 10 years ago has a lower carbon footprint than mowers like these that end up in landfill in 5 years time when people deem it "not worth the cost of new batteries".

  • Great mower But be careful I fold my handle down for transport and the electrical wire snapped without any real force.

    Have managed to rewire the join and get it working again but can seem to find the correct wire to buy a replacement.

    • Does the handle fold-able for vertical storage?

  • How is this functionally compared to EGO, if not considering the price?

  • I like to cut my grass pretty much close to the dirt on the lowest setting.
    The past electric lawnmowers (plug in) I've used just weren't heavy enough and sort of floated on the grass while cutting it not giving a close enough cut as i'd like.

    • I bought this kit when it was 2x3Ah batteries in August ($349). Love it, cuts my couch (grass) of about 120m2, using about 1-2 of the 3 charge lights. Only issue: cuts to 25mm lowest, which in some parts of the yard are fine, but others could be another setting lower. So, not as low as old 2-stroke, but I think all electric mowers do this. Yellow mowed grass look is prob overrated anyway. Can confirm re batteries - if one is too low (eg 1 light) and the other fully charged, will detect the imbalance and beep and stop. So, true 2x18v.

  • +1

    Bought one 2 days ago in Bunnings for 399. Thought that was normal, they didn't even advertise that it was cheaper.

    Anyway, so impressed with this! So quiet compared to petrol ones and so easy to start. Don't have to mess with buying gas, changing oil, spark plugs, pressing a button 3 times before starting etc etc.

  • +5

    I've had my eye on this Ozito mower for a while (nearly bought one a couple of weeks ago). I mow 95% of my block with a ride on but I have a small area at the front of the house that the ride on can't access. My old giant heavy petrol push mower refused to start for me last week (my shoulder is still sore from trying to start it and there's only so much swearing I can muster). I borrowed someone's petrol and mowed on Tuesday afternoon. Bought this one today and went over the same area, so it's only 2 days growth, but I mowed it a lot lower than usual to put it through its paces. I was very impressed.

    Start and stop at your leisure (which is great as I have to cross a pebbled and stepping stone path).
    Weighs so little (so I can pick it up and carry it to another harder to reach location).
    So quiet (sounded like a gym floor fan, no hearing protection required).
    Cut very well (my lawn is more like a paddock… lots of tufts of grass and bare areas as well as thick grass).

    I mowed without the grass catcher on and with the catcher door closed, so it did get clogged up with grass at one point. I will just tie the door open next time as I never use a grass catcher. The fabric one it comes with looks pretty average anyway.

    Didn't mow for very long so can't comment on how long it lasts on a charge.

    I'm already in the Ozito battery ecosystem for power tools, so this has also added two 4ah batteries and a double charger to my collection. Winning.

    Highly recommended.

  • +3

    The brushless steel deck previous vs current model comparison:
    Cutting diameter 470mm vs 460mm
    Cutting heights 30-65mm 6 positions vs 25-80mm 9 positions
    No load speed 3,300/min vs 2,900/min
    Catcher 75L vs 50L
    Weight 27kg vs 19.75kg

    Previous model has the mulching plug, side ejector adaptor and cleaning scraper which clips onto the bar and is so convenient and useful, I do a quick clean after every mowing.

    I also have the Bosch Rotak with a plastic deck, I find no difference bw plastic or steel except for the weight. Give me a plastic deck anytime especially as I have to mow a few properties and lightweight is so important for transportation.

    • Do you actually use electric garden tools for commercial purpose?

      I never spot one around neighbourhood and I thought diesel tools are way more reliable, which is a very important factor when you out doing several jobs a day.

      • +1

        I’m not commercial, just DIY for a few investment properties. I prefer battery because of the low maintenance, low noise, no fumes, starts everytime, lightweight. I have friends who prefer petrol but they don’t have to transport it around. Just have to make sure you have enough batteries.

  • +1

    There were 10+ @ Chatswood on NYE
    3 left @ Rydalmere today NYD
    The reason it may no longer be on the website is due this product being a Promotional item.

    • Same price or further discounted?

  • Curiously, I watched a review on youtube this morning, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL56mjAdMS8.

    At the 9.40 minute they mention the blade is plastic! Can owners confirm?

    The youtuber has done other Ozito product reviews which I have found to be very informative.

    • +3

      The manual says it's metal. I just stuck a magnet to my blade and it's definitely metal.

  • +1

    FYI, here's a numbered exploded parts diagram (sorry, can't find a higher resolution image), and those numbered parts correspond to these part numbers that you can order from Bunnings special orders. The blade is part 300049101926 (none in stock at Ozito warehouse until the end of the month, so not sure of the price).

    • Wow! Well done. Where did you get the exploded parts diagram and Bunnings parts number listing from?

      I'm after parts for the previous brushless steel deck mower (known as the 5 in 1 or PXCSDMS-018). Would appreciate your help to get something similar.

      Manual of previous model:

      • From the Google cache of einhell-service.com by Googling the model number (or a variation of it) of the mower and a known spare part number (which I got for the blade by emailing Ozito). For the mower in this bargain, you'll end up finding this and then I downloaded the image and copied the parts list into Excel.

        For yours, I Googled "PXCSDMS-018 parts" and found the mulch plug which has a part number of 341316101010. Then I Googled "PXCSDMS-018 341316101010" and the second hit is the full parts list with diagram. However, that doesn't seem to show you a full list of parts as I can't see a blade there. You could get the part number the same way I did for mine - email [email protected] (I've done it multiple times for other products and they are always very helpful) and then begin your own Googling adventure.

        I guess the pages were taken down because the normal URLs don't work - you have to use Google cache. No idea how long they'll be available, so grab them while you can.

    • +1

      Ozito now has blades in stock at their warehouse. The price from Bunnings special orders is $35.74 for the blade and bolt set (it's advised to replace the bolt when you replace the blade).

  • I can't see the steel deck for sale anymore. In store or online.

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