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Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Smartphone 256GB, Grey, Bronze, Green $999, Note20 Ultra 256GB, Black $1249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


3 colors at one great price. $999 save $650
Sadly these come with the Exynos 990 Octa-Core chipset

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Smartphone 256GB, Mystic Bronze $999
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Smartphone 256GB, Mystic Grey $999
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Smartphone 256GB, Mystic Green $999

  • More precise and responsive writing experience
  • 64MP Triple Rear Camera with 30x Space Zoom & 8K Video Recording capture
  • Stream, download, and post at seriously fast speeds with 5G (on eligble networks)
  • 6.7" Super AMOLED Plus Infinity-O display
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Certified Samsung Electronics Australia products give you the performance, features and coverage you expect

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Smartphone 256GB, Mystic Black $1249

  • The most precise and responsive S Pen yet
  • 108MP Triple Rear Camera with Laser Auto Focus & 50x Space Zoom
  • 4,500mAh (typical) Battery and 25W Super Fast Charging
  • 6.9" Dynamic AMOLED2x Infinity-O display
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Certified Samsung Electronics Australia products give you the performance, features and coverage you expect

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  • Someone from amazon probably watches ozb and pricematches and one ups their competitors. This case with the jbhifi deal


    • Agree. I won't pull the trigger until snapdragon is back in the notes. Hopefully, get an international version soon

      • I know nothing about the difference in chips, how bad is this chip in real world terms compared to the alternative?

        3%, 4%, 5% drop in performance? Is there other stuff to be worried about?

        Looking at the Ultra and this seems a great deal, not sure I can wait until the next round of Notes to be released.

        • I'm no expert but I think it's a more dramatic drop than 5% in both performance and battery life. There is also overheating issues, causing throttling during intensive usage such as gaming and some productivity software.

        • Am fine with mine (S20 FE 4G, Exynos). Performs well and usually have 60% battery by the end of the day.

        • Graphics performance is also significantly worse on Exynos, making it terrible for gaming.

          There is noticeably lag and stutter making many games simply unplayable.

          Exynos version also uses same chip as S20 series, where as Snapdragon version was upgraded with 865+ over S20 series.

          • @fidelio: Note10 owner…no lag, gaming is fine, battery life is fine.

            • @boxall: Obviously havent tried the equivalent SD version? I was S20 Plus Exynos owner and had to sell it and get SD version Note 20 Ultra.

              Much better. I will never buy another Exynos phone again.

              • @fidelio: 2021 Exynos chips will be using arms reference designs (like snapdragon) moving away from their custom design. 2022 Exynos replaces adreno (arms graphics implementation based off old radeon) and use modern AMD radeon architecture (likely vega rdna 1 hybrid), Samsung claiming 3x graphics performance over sd865. A processors performance today doesn't mean future implementations won't be worthwhile, just check the reviews before drawing a hard line in the sand.

        • Snapdragon chips gives you much better battery life and camera quality. I would say at least 20 % better battery life as compared to exynos

  • yucky EXYNOS……

    Won’t buy it no matter how cheap it is

    Rather make a purchase of grey import for the snapdragon chipset.

    • Some people can handle it. The warranty is also a must for some. Hopefully the next Aussie series has SD and not Exynos

      • Fingers crossed.

      • Next Exynos chip will very likely rival or beat Snapdragon. Gonna be apples chip vs Samsung's chip vs Snapdragon in the near future imo.

        Or maybe Samsung trying to knock Snapdragon off their throne and be the predominant android chipset in all androids.

        • Samsung have to overcome qualcomm if he wants to knock down snapdragon, and embed exynos chip to all Samsung phones. otherwise Samsung loses their market segments in Asia and US

        • They say that every year when new Exynos flagship is about to launch. And then the excitement fizzles out when benchmarks are run.

          • @bajirao: Wasn't the Exynos the better chip during the note 3/4 days?

            • @Plasma: I was thinking the same thing. Samsung is capable of beating Snapdragon in performance.

              The bottleneck is Samsung's chip foundry is behind TSMC, so their chips run hotter. This isn't going to change by next year.

              In the note 4 days, Samsung threw in extra low power cores to reduce battery life. They also optimized android for their devices a lot more than they probably do now, since ASOP has improved

            • @Plasma: Note 4 Aussie model was SD

        • Very unlikely. Samsung have disbanded their custom cpu team as they were noncompetitive relative to the competition:


          This article explains why they were not competitive:


          If you're relying on Geekbench scores as evidence of performance, don't bother, measures of system performance that directly impact on user experience like memory latency and scheduler efficiency are woeful on Exynos and will remain so even with the use of generic ARM cores in the Exynos 2100 - these optimizations do not come from ARM and must be developed by each companies SOC team - Qualcomm have consistently excelled in these areas, Samsung have not. Plus they will continue to use the Mali GPU which is substantially inferior to Qualcomms Adreno GPU. This article explains all that stuff:


          Their process disadvantage doesn't help either, but their SOC team is clearly inferior to QC, even if they were at process parity, Exynos would underperform Snapdragon. Unless Samsung poach QC's design team, this won't be changing anytime soon.

          The predictions of Exynos 2100 being superior were made before Qualcomm announced their Snapdragon 888 last week:


      • Next one still won't be SD it will be Exynos 2100 a brand new chip which no one knows how it will perform

    • What if it was$1

  • good deal

  • Can someone who actually owns the Exynos ultra give us battery life screen on times ? Just how bad is it

    • I find mine lasts all day and i'm a relatively heavy user. Definitely better battery life if you're on wifi rather than 5g too.

      Incidentally, it doesn't look like this deal is for the Note 20 Ultra 5g, so buyer beware…

      • Hey thanks for the reply. Are you aware of any numbers?
        Like are you actually on your phone the whole day?
        I used my phone a lot for reading so could easily clock up 5 or 6 hours of having the actual screen on some days.

        • I average around 4 hours of screen time and the battery will usually be fine from 5:30am to 10:30pm in use (background use includes phone calls with the screen off, audible, spotify etc.) I also mostly use whatsapp web at work rather than having to constantly look at my phone to answer whatsapp messages.

          That said, I know some people have found that between the car (if they use android auto) or having a charger at work they rarely have their phone go below 50%.


    • +3 votes



      Seems to be a 17% difference in battery life…i.e exynos dead whilst snapdragon still has 17% left… so I think that would be 1-2 hours difference.

  • not sure what the big deal is. samsung has been doing this since the Galaxy S2 series and only now people are getting upset and complaining about it? lol slow…

    • Exynos used to be pretty competitive compared to the competition, then it started falling behind. As its relative performance declined, so has people's opinions of it.

    • Yea. That's what I thought too. Exynos has been around for yonks but why the noise now?

      • There was actually times where exynos had bettery battery life than the snapdragons.

        For whatever reason this generation they didn't do as well.

    • Samsung has used the same inferior Exynos 990 chipset for two generations of phones (e.g. Note 10 and 20 have the same Exynos 990).
      The far superior SD865 was used in US models of Note 10 and SD865 Plus in Note 20. This has widened performance gap between the two chipsets. Samsung has continued to charge the same, premium price for inferior Exynos 990 powered phones. In the two years, the word has spread that US, Korea, China (and maybe some other markets) have better phones and the same price.

      If you charge the premium price for a premium device, why not use premium CPU? (chipset)

      Another issue with AU phones: in case of S20 FE, Samsung decided to sell (in Australia only), a SINGLE SIM version! I have decided to stop buying Samsung phones until they treat Australians equally.
      Until such time, I bought a Xiaomi Poco X3 phone for $350 and will be running a custom AOSP ROM. This will give me Google Pixel like experience + all the missing features from Pixel phones.

  • Any deal on Note 20 Ultra 5G which has 12GB RAM compared to 8GB in Note 20 Ultra 4G?

  • Rumour has it the Note21 will be the last Note.

  • Read the reviews on Amazon guys. It's not Aussie stock. Phone comes with security seal broken, incorrect charger etc

    (specifically was looking at the ultra)

    • Amazon aggregates reviews from all sellers of the item so if you are looking for specifics like that you can't draw any conclusions unfortunately.

  • This or S20+?

    I don't need the s-pen, I have a tablet for that.

  • Pretty good deal given is available to all (not EPP/Education store deals). Shame it is not 5G version of Ultra as it has extra 4Gb RAM.

  • Comments on Amazon suggest the phones are grey imports. This will usually mean you won't get Samsung warranty and if you brake it Samsung Au won't fix it for you.

  • yeah exynah

    Oppo Find X2 Pro is great alternative if needing a phone this year.

    • Reckon the oppo is much better?

      • In before Neonlight comment - $1349 too much for Oppo.

        But seriously its a great phone.

      • Having only owned Samsung and Google phones over the last decade, I'm pretty happy with it so far; the specs are up there - Snapdragon, 1440p/120Hz screen, 12GB RAM & 512GB onboard storage. I've never used ColorOS before but I haven't had any annoyances with it so far. Overall I wouldn't say it's 'much better' but definitely worth considering if you're disappointed in the Google and Samsung lineup this year and need a phone right now.

        The (personal) negatives of the other phones I considered:
        Pixel 5: Free photo storage is leaving. Mostly unchanged camera hardware from previous generations (especially coming from a Pixel 2XL) and a reported screen separation issue.
        S20 FE: Touchscreen issue which is more and more likely looking like a hardware fault that Samsung are still trying to (bandaid) fix via firmware updates.
        Note 20: Exynos

  • I would bite at $799.

  • Too big, re-release the S10e please.

  • Rather get the Oppo Find X2 Pro for $1349.
    Proper flagship with SD865, 120hz and 5G.

  • Nice deceptive effort of Apple: Then comes Marques and bags it…

  • I got this price matched at JB today. I used the 5% off code at the checkout (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/589522) to get the Note 20 5G for $949.05.

    • Well done.

    • The 5G is $1149 plus 5% off. The 4G is $999 + 5% off.

    • I tried doing it at Bourke and Elizabeth Street in Melbourne but they wouldn't price match amazon au. Will probably try again later.

      • They finally price matched $999 but wouldn't do the 5% code for me even though the t&cs said it should be fine. I bought it anyway because I already spent too much time walking around. Shame really.

        • Price matched at JB in Wetherill Park. Oddly they only price matched if I was to buy something else. Got a $5 case from the clearance box and applied the 5% at checkout.

  • I am torn. Note 20 5G or Note 20 Ultra 4G?

  • Those that have the Note 20 Ultra, any comments on how easy is it to apply a glass screen protector?

    • Very hard to get a good glass screen protector that is case friendly. Better stick to the original screen protector that comes with it.

    • I got a Oppo find x2 pro, glass screen protector falls off quickly, got the hydrogel instead, no issues

  • Got it PM by OW. Paid $1186.55 for the Note20 Ultra.

  • Tempted by the Note20 5G, however coming from a Note 9 and wanting a smaller phone I just can't warm up to any of Samsung's current offering.

    Would really like something that is the size of a Pixel 5 or smaller with at least 256GB of storage. It's a shame that Google opted for a Snapdragon 765 and only 128GB of storage for the Pixel 5.

  • Got Amazon's price matched at JB, applied 5% off code, paid $500 ($50 x 10) in 10% off cards from Woolies, used 2x Commbank $10 cashback cards and paid the remainder using 5% off cards from Suncorp. Thought the sales clerks were going to think I was insane, but they said they've had a lot worse! Lol.

    All in all, think it came to around $1080ish.

  • I had the Note 20 Ultra 5G Exynos Variant for a few months. Runs like garbage and not worth even 750$ tbh