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Sony STRDN1080 7.2 CH 4K UHD AV Receiver $732.93 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Great deal on what is meant to be a great AV Receiver. Excellent reviews all round and still tops review lists even though years old. RRP has recently changed in Australia and hard to get under 1100 ~ 1200. Can't comment on sound quality as I only have Onkyo and Denon. Really is a drama posting on a phone, not sure why it has to be so hard but anyway. Don't have a link but look it up on Amazon. Ain't hard

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  • Just a warning that with previous receivers, Sony arbitrarily made legacy products unsupported with the app.

    With the update to ver.5.2, Music Center will no longer be compatible with STR-DN850/STR-DN1050/ICF-CS20BT/XDR-DS21BT

    Play Store Review: Planned obsolescence in action here: "With the update to ver.5.2, Music Center will no longer be compatible with STR-DN850" You think by removing features from my STRDN850, you'll force me to upgrade to the latest Sony model? Nope! Because its features will be cut back in a couple of years too. Wont be buying Sony again.

    I only had a couple of years of service with the app before it was unsupported, which removed quite a few features from the receiver.

    • Just download the app APK for an old version. RIP to Apple users but you gotta use Android for what Android is best for.

      • I'm not an Apple user, but sure, that would have been an option, although one I'm not willing to entertain for an ~$800 product.

        • $800 is peanuts for an AV amp, but I digress you can either let it become a useless paper weight and complain or you can make the mental leap to empower yourself.

          BTW I just bought this, thanks OP.

          • @plmko: I didn't say I let it become a useless paperweight, that's some imagination. Not my Play Store review above, mind you. I have, however, resolved to never buy another Sony receiver again.

      • gotta use Android for what Android is best for.

        So your definition of what Android is best for is the ability to sideload non maintained obsolete apks?

    • +8 votes

      What does the app actually do ?

    • Yep, similar issue that Sony got rid of a simple AM socket, a <$5 component, on this receiver so I don't recommend this in the past either. Which is very poor cost cutting for a flagship product.

      With Sony they often discontinue support after a couple of years, and then you're left with a useless expensive piece of equipment.

  • So will this do dual HDMI out? I want to use 1 feed direct to TV for ARC/HDCP support, and 1 feed into downscaler>raspi for Ambilight

    • +4 votes

      Yeah need 8k cause why?

      • I need a receiver that isn't obsolete.

        It doesn't even have eARC which would at least make it useful for a few years.

        • No eARC is a big downside, actually. You can get around lack of HDMI 2.1 by plugging a console directly into your TV but you want eARC support for it.

          I don't know what the crossover of console owners and 7.2 sound systems, since everything else (other consoles, 4k Blu-Ray, streaming etc) is fine with HDMI 2.0 but 🤷‍♀️

          • @get-innocuous: If this lacks a feature you want then my first response would be to move on and not bother at all…

            • @tonyjzx: Yeah I mean I guess people probably aren't going to buy $700 worth of receiver without checking some specs but still I think it's a good thing for someone to note in the comments. I would have assumed it came with it.

          • @get-innocuous: It has eARC but no HDMI 2.1

            Unfortunately right now there's no real HDMI 2.1 amps available. All current HDMI 2.1 amps don't work well with XSX/PS5. Not sure if they are going to be able to fix the issue via updates.

            So it comes down to either getting a decent one like this, or waiting a year or two until they get the HDMI 2.1 amps working properly.

        • Pretty sure this got eARC by firmware upgrade a little while ago… it doesn’t have hdmi 2.1 just eARC

        • all this shit is osbel as soon as you buy it
          but to be fair, a good 5.1 system with dts / dolby is better than a crappy soundbar for 1k

  • This got great reviews but certainly getting long in the tooth as a new receiver as we enter 2021. Think it came out 2017?

    • Sony's superb STR-DN1080 receiver - CNET

      Dec 4, 2017

      Seems so. Thing is youre not likely to get cutting edge tech for $732.

    • haha the model number has been around since 2008-09 . The just update its features every year.

  • While I've got the sound nerds here: need a subwoofer to replace the one which came in my bottom of the range one. It came in a set of 5.1 & receiver years ago and the speakers are just fine (I'm not fussy) but the sub noticably underperforms when it comes to electronic music (outputs more of a mushy rumble). Looking for something <$500ish that will perform a bit better. Doesn't need to be super loud, but clean and very low end is good.

    • Hi dude - sub $500 for a subwoofer is still very much entry level, so whatever you buy might not be that much better. If you want a decent step up from what you have (which is basically significantly more power and a larger speaker/enclosure), you'll want to spend at least $1,000. SVS and Velodyne are good brands to look out for.

      In sub-$1000 range, you might find a decent second hand Paradigm or Velodyne.

      • Happy to go second hand but I’m surprised there’s nothing worth considering between my current “$500 for an entry level receiver and full 5.1 system” and $1000 for just a sub?

        Appreciate the advice though, thanks mate.

        • Yeah dude, I guess it's because in most cases you are buying an active sub - basically a speaker with a large solid wood enclosure and a dedicated amp that drives it in the box.

    • I purchased a brand new Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 subwoofer for $879 mid this year to match with the amp mentioned here in the post.


      This thing is amazing for the price, usually retails for around $1100 but keep your eyes open come the boxing day sales if you're keen.

      Saying that, all of my speakers are B&W so I wasn't looking at other branded subs.

    • I’d go a Yamaha Yamaha NS-SW300. It’s a 10 inch and has good sound. They are around $600 new but there are regular refurbished ones on eBay for $300. I bought one a couple of years ago as a second subwoofer for my HT and it has been going great.

    • Wharfedale sw-150, try Gumtree… try buying 2

  • Gurus, I need a preamp! My old Marantz has carked it, finally.
    Not in need of Atmos yet, mainly cause I can’t afford Marantz flagship

  • Mine makes a humming sound when no input is detected which is kind of annoying.

    Also worth mentioning it has an older version of Chromecast which cant be updated or linked with home assistant.

    Other than that I'm pretty happy overall with this particular amp.

    • Yeah I had to sell my receiver last week because of a humming sound that sent my ocd into overdrive. Lol. worked out really well cause I got a fantastic deal on gumtree. Yay

      • Didn't try and speak with Sony customer service about the issue?

        I keep meaning to but I guess its not bothering me enough to remember to do so lol

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  • Denon AVC X3700H is probably a better choice
    Free bog rolls lol

    • That's a $2000 Receiver……

      • $2000 USD?
        let me know where can get 2k AUD, mate is looking for one.
        or Marantz equivalent

        ps I remember buying a denon 2311 for $875 delivered from the states in 2011 (when we were getting parity or $1.08), hardly used it sold for $300 a while back.

        • Ah it's around 2k JB hi-fi commercial price, a mate is looking for one but it's not available till Feb

  • I have used this for a few years. Great amp. My only real issue is the HDMI control thing. If you have HDMI control on then it often auto loads the Sony menu while changing TV inputs or starting a device, often forcing you to select the same input twice. Small gripe but it can get annoying and it can't be disabled without turning off HDMI control.

  • I have a bose 5.1 home theatre head unit which is starting to die on me. will i be able to replace the bose with this?

    • Depends whether those Bose speakers will play nicely with it. I don't want to tell you it won't but in my experience - those "kit" hifi products don't play well with real receivers.

  • I have Pioneer speakers, with a Yamaha av receiver. Looking to replace the receiver with a 5.1 or 7.2 av receiver under $1000. Prefer local stock and and with Bluetooth, wifi, internet radio, 4k.

  • Very good sounding amp but mine is less than a year old and now with dolby material it looses the center channel , it just drops to a very low muffled level and no settings will bring it back , my only option is to go to 2 channel stereo , it never used to do this , so now i am going to have to get it repaired , i did find quite a few posts describing this issue before i purchased one but unfortunately now mine is faulty as well , it seems to be common with this unit , buyer beware.

  • Main thing I was disappointed with on the STRDN1060 was the menu only coming up on HDMI output A, not B - a real pain when I'd have a projector on B with a roll down screen blocking the TV which I'd have to turn on as well to see the menu.

    I don't think I could pair bluetooth headphones to it either - I could only drive it by a bluetooth source.

  • Can't be delivered to Aus anyway?