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40,000 $200 Regional Travel Rebates on $400 Travel Spend Available to Victorians


From Friday at 10am, the Victorian government is offering 40,000 Victorians $200 'vouchers' to travel within Victoria between December 12 and January 22 as a stimulus for the tourism industry.

You have to spend over $400 on one of the following categories to get the $200 back:
- accommodation
- tours
- local attractions

Exclusions are gaming, alcohol (except if alcohol is included in wine/brewery/distillery tasting type tour but excludes any alcohol purchased and consumed outside of the experience), fuel, food and drinks (except where packaged with an eligible expense such as a winery tour), groceries, personal items such as clothing and accessories, transport costs (rental vehicles, train and bus tickets).

It's really a reimbursement from the government though – travellers have to apply for the voucher, pay for the travel upfront and then receive a reimbursement from the government.

Still, $200 back on your trip is still $200 back!

Another 40,000 vouchers will be available on January 20, and may be redeemed for travel from January 27 to April 1, and the final batch of vouchers will be released on March 30 for use from April 6 to May 31.

Update: An extra 30,000 regional tourism vouchers will be made available to Victorians at 12PM today. Sold Out

Round 2: 40,000 vouchers will be released from 20 January 2021, 10.00am for travel between 27 January 2021 to 1 April 2021. Sold Out

Round 3: 30 March 2021, 10.00am, for travel between 6 April 2021 to 31 May 2021

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    • oooo, this means multiple levels are crashing. nice -_-…

  • button not showing up

  • No button to apply and internal error too. How unexpected! Never saw this coming!

  • im refreshing but no button?

  • +2

    Site Down - Impact of not performance testing your site…

  • Not surprised at all for the server error. LOL

  • I got page to load at 10:03, now apply now button on there yet…

  • +2

    Page loaded at 10:04, still no button to apply.

  • +2

    can open site. but no link to apply?

  • +2

    Does anyone have a direct link to the "apply now" page?

  • I wonder if they are hiring… what a place to work!

  • Ozbar"victoria"gained!

  • 500 internal server error

  • First person that find the link gets a medal :)

  • Still no button..

  • Government site being ozbargained

  • +1

    10:06am, got through and still no apply now button.

    • +2

      You got through nothing

      • Well, I didn't get the 500 error, so that's a win :P

  • what a joke, apply now button is missing

  • how many has tried on multiple browsers now :

  • 500 Internal Server Error … ozb'ed

  • +2

    The administrator is probably trying to apply the change to the website to add the button at the same time everyone is overloading it. We could be in for a long wait!

  • A right cock up as usual

  • yes can get on page no button like the rest :(

  • Internal Server Error

  • +4

    Bloody Scam Andrews just wanting our click revenue!

    • Typical greedy Labour government

      • +1

        They're literally trying to give away money you smooth brain.

        • +1

          😂 please send in your sarcasm detector for repairs

    • What kind of stupid take is this. Government sites don't have any advertising, "click revenue" is not a thing. It's not a conspiracy against you…

      • It's satire mate lol

  • Already 7 past 10 and the site is either not working or the page is missing the Apply Now button

  • I bet the contractors who are paid for this are making a fortune, for providing this shithouse website.

    Great use of tax payers dollars

  • They should have paid attention when Thredbo tried to sell their lift tickets

  • +1

    there's no "Apply Now" button.. ????

  • +3

    Where's Stuart Robert? He'll be crying about another DDOS attack!

    • DDoS is unexpected. They asked for it, they should have been prepared. I think they just don't care anymore

      • +1

        Thats the joke, when the census crashed due to people completely predictably logging in to complete it after dinner he claimed the surge of traffic was a DDOS attack rather than recognising that he invited millions of people to complete it at the same time…

  • +1

    can load it but no button

  • +2

    I swear if people start selling these vouchers….

    • You register with your real name and attaching documentation. It’s non-transferable. Although you could book other people’s accommodation with your name and charge them for it.

  • same here? no button

  • Be outsourced to one of the big operators who paid $$ as donations :)

  • +2

    Apply Now button not showing

  • The government webserver has been Ozbargained.

  • +5

    "In breaking news, Business Victoria's page victim to an alleged DDoS attack!"

    2 days later: "nvm, it was just a bunch of Australians pressing F5"

  • lol classic

  • Has anyone actually managed to get it?

    • +1

      No, apply now button isn't active yet.

  • +3

    No one seriously expected the victorian government to be able to competently run a giveaway did they?

  • Btw if we act 'entitled' to this deal its because we are. I am a single middle income earner and have received jack all from the government during Covid, in fact i have lost money.

    • This isn't means tested so why should anyone have less entitlement to this?

    • +1

      Try looking between the couch cushions.

  • +1

    10:10am, still no Apply Now button.

  • +4

    What's the bet they were planning to manually log into the CMS and add the button, but we've all kicked them from the site XD

    • Devs all saying 'i told you so' now… Told ya you shoulda had the front and backend separate

  • As soon as this was posted here at OzBargain, we all knew what was going to happen. I admit, I contributed to 10% of the F5ers.

    • +1

      I'd say it was more the nightly news and radio stations telling everyone about it.

  • web site does not have apply now button ?

  • OK page loading but no 'apply now' button
    Standard amateur effort - would have been more surprising if it actually worked

  • +4

    Might only be compatible with the Netscape browser.
    I will search Alta Vista for confirmation and report back

  • +3

    State productivity down 5.6% right now :P

  • At the bottom when you do get refereshed page

    Was this page helpful?

    I say NO :)

    • +1

      I say NO :) 2

  • Is the link open? I can’t see anything

  • +5

    This is the worst thing any government, anywhere had ever done.

    • +3

      LOL calm down

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Beats the lockdown orders

      • -2

        It's also worse than ignoring a pandemic and killing 3000 people a day.

        Dump the Dan!

  • +3

    either 500 Internal Server Error or NO ‘Apply now’ button

    • +1

      Same for me, no 'apply now' button when I get in.

  • +12

    I think now I am refreshing this deal comment page more than actual page…. :)

  • +4

    i feel for the guy in the server room and the one manager who manages just him at the department…

  • +6

    Jason, the work experience kid who is "good at computers", hasn't come into the office yet.

    • +1


  • cyber attack?

    • +1

      How to DDoS a server: Tell everyone they're giving away free $200 vouchers

  • The web admin is probably delaying it so their family and friends have enough time to apply for it first via the direct link

    • He could’ve given them the link before 10am

      • sure, but it'll be a bit sus if the application gets submitted at 9.54am, no?

  • +8

    Reckon 200,000 people refreshing, wasting 15mins of our lives. So 50,000 hrs of effort @ $25 an hour is $1.25m :)

  • It's 10:13 now, and I've gotten a mix of 500 Internal Server Error and 502 Bad Gateway messages, or the website loading without any apply button.

    • I'll raise you an SSL error and no CSS

  • Should have outsourced to the Ozbargain website!

  • +1

    Imagine if one person here says… I applied successfully… FOMO for life will be kicked in..

  • Tempted to neg as this is clearly a scam, no apply button 15 mins later. Just trying to drive traffic to their site.

    • I'll believe it when i see it

  • +4

    About as good as vic governments first hotel quarantine program… not sure why I expected better?

  • Scam!

  • -2


    This is supposed to be their application link if they ever get their servers running.

    Edit: nevermind, it redirects to the main website

    • How did you get this link?

    • +1

      That just redirects to the same site.

  • Andrew like to only give carrots to people and this is a perfect example of it.

    • So are you saying this will only ever be a carrot? And Andrews is solely responsible for said carrot?

  • +3

    It is so fun watching the comment page lol!!! refreshing both pages simultaneously.

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