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[Latitude Pay] Google Nest Hub $58 (Free C&C / + Delivery) @ Harvey Norman


This popular price is back again.

Charcoal colour can be found here: here

Listed on the website as $78 but if you use the $20 off $60 spend Latitude Pay deal from here it becomes $58.

Also available for the same price at Joyce Mayne/Domayne or $1 more at The Good Guys.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Hmm is $58 a good deal for this? looking to upgrade the next in the bedroom to this. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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      It's handy to have, but I replaced an original Google Home with it, and was a bit disappointed in the lack of bass on the speaker. So depends on what you expect from it

      • +1

        Thanks - Bass/speaker is important to me - will give this a miss then.

        • +1

          Get the echo show 5". Still $50 at Amazon. Very impressed with mine, including bass response.

        • +1

          if you are after the good speaker, get a Bose or Marshall. This, after all, is a smart home hub.

      • +1

        Even with the Google Nest Hub Max, the sound quality is not up to my expected standard. If there is combination of Google Home sound quality + Google Hub Display, that would be perfect !

    • I have this and the lenovo smart display. And i recommend lenovo display because of the camera, better sound and look!

      • Yeah I missed out on the refurb $39~ deal. I do like the look of the Lenovo and the camera is a big plus for Duo calls and stuff

        • +3

          If you need the camera then the Lenovo is definitely a better idea, but previous comments from OzB threads indicate that the Nest Hub has better software and update rollouts

          • +2

            @camsmith12: Haha ah man ill let fate decide, if it's sold out from my local pick up before I finish work then all good. If not then ill buy it ;)

        • Aren't they always up? Just gotta keep checking. Those clocks are better than the Google Nest Hub?

          The smart clocks are easy to find for $40-50, people palm them off all the time as unwanted gifts.

    • I have it hooked up to the nest doorbell which is handy it does some other cool things too. Good for this price

      • Is that the Nest Hello Doorbell?

        • That’s the one

          • @wouldyou: May I ask where in Aus or elsewhere did you find that for purchase?

            • +5

              @cristobaljames: Purchased mine from eBay. I contemplated the other doorbell cameras on the market but after a lot of research decided on the nest hello and can tell you it’s definitely worth it. A lot of people on ozbargain buy them from BH photo in the US, you can buy them with a combo as well including the Yale smart lock. Easy to set up too, I tapped mine off the power feeding into a light switch inside the front door. Quick search on ozbargain and there’s a lot of helpful comments to help get set up

    • we have one in the bedroom, we use as an alarm clock, go for it

      • Nearly 5 so let's see if it's still avail and I'll buy it haha 🤠

        • you can always use in the kitchen to follow recipes but now that you can stream on it, is good in the bedroom if you don't have a tv there

    • Combined with CATT's it's a pretty handy interface for Home Assistant.

    • +2

      I got one last week for $78 (already have a google home original & mini) and i think its good bang for buck - sound quality is similar to the mini, but the screen is nice, autodims to an alarm clock when the lights are off (so good for a bedroom) and I have it as a digital photo frame at other times (with autogenerated "friends and family" and "recent highlights" albums from google photos). Definitely no ragrets for the price.

    • I bought it for my parents but they are not using it.. oh well

      • +6

        I don't think it's even a conspiracy anymore they have the tech to do it and I'm pretty sure they do to some extent. heck they can even use the microphone on your phone if it's off with the battery still connected.

        Also I'm certain mics on phones get picked for ads as well. I was discussing things with friends one night and I know I've never searched anything about the item before and a day later I had advertisements for the exact same obscure item on Facebook feeds. It happens but there's not much anyone can do about it.

        • +3

          If you look at that commenter's post history, you'll see them selling a bunch of Android phones, which basically means their point is null and void on a post for a Google device, for the reasons you've given

          • +3

            @spackbace: It's quite ironic. It's like a drug dealer complaining about a drug epidemic and at the same time selling drugs.

  • With The Good Guys it will be ~$51 with 10% off code "XMAS10" and 20$ off from Latitude Pay!

    • +6

      Excludes Google hub

      tried this AM

  • Is this the top of the range? I was going to get one of those clocks, but for $50 I mean it's a no brainer right?

    • +1

      No, the Nest Home Max is the top of the range (With screen), but like you say, for $50 this is crazy cheap.

  • How do you get the latitude pay $20?

    • +2

      Assuming you already have a Latitude Pay account all you have to do is go through checkout as usual with HN, and on the final step select Latitude Pay as the payment method. Login to Latitude Pay and then it will show you it is applying a $20 discount and what the payment plan would be

      • +1

        Thanks Cam

      • Another credit check like Zip pay?

  • +4

    Nice price!
    I'm staying away from Latitude Pay though.
    Churned 6 credit cards in last 18 months and my credit rating went up.
    First time using latitude pay it dropped quite a bit.

    • Latitude pay is another BNPL right? Most of the others don't even do a credit check at all

      • Yep they are a BNPL, but I can see on my record the did a credit enquiry. Maybe as a new customer it happens only first time, unsure how it works.

        • They do a credit check the first time you create an account. Since you've already have an account your credit rating won't take (another) hit.

        • +1

          Bit annoying for $20, when you can get credit cards giving $500 GC

  • Ordered 2x Google Nest Mini for $56 instead.

    $28 each is pretty good, I just wish I bought more when they were $19 at Officeworks (3 was not enough)

    • +1

      Every now and then someone is selling one on FB Marketplace for $20 something so keep an eye.

      • Good idea I didn't think of checking for there, given they are oftener bundles with things it makes sense.

  • Can I pay it off early immediately?

    • Yes, that's exactly what I did here and what I usually do when using these BNPL companies

    • Yes, LP gives you the option to pay off early if you wish

      • Was concerned after reading there is a $300 early termination fee

  • Good. Was worried there's early termination fee

  • Does anyone know how your credit rating is affected with LP?

    • +2

      My credit rating dropped 27 points after signing up for what that is worth…

      • Do you know how that compares to a credit card?

        • Churned 6 credit cards in last 18 months and my credit rating went up.
          First time using latitude pay it dropped

    • Can confirm it does a credit check (unlike Zip who doesn't).

      Can't see any negatives though, my credit score still shows in the highest bracket as excellent..
      Amount shown on the credit check is $0, vs credit cards or home loans which show the exact dollar amount.

  • Hi all.

    Can I ask what do you guys use it for? I find the screen a bit too small. But maybe put it on a bedside table and when lying down watch some stuff via casting ? Lol

    • Smart home + speaker. I control most of my lights/air purifier with this. Place them around several strategic locations around your home for surround sound.

    • Use for clock which auto dims at night, and to view security cameras from bedroom if I see sensors triggered. Also use it to keep an eye on nursery cam.

    • I don't watch anything on mine, I use it as a bedside clock (it's REALLY good for this) to stream radio, check weather, photo frame, etc

  • +2

    I've got 2 home hubs and 1 home mini. Just bought another one, it's a no brainer for $58 imo. Good for Christmas gifts as well.

  • Does anyone know if this can show recipes like the Google hub max?

    • +1


  • Thanks guys. How far minimum do you need to place 2 home hubs apart?

    • I think you're confusing (comparing?) them with meerkats.

  • Would you recommend paying the $20 extra for the Lenovo hub? Or the google hub is better?

  • This or Lenovo smart display 7"?

  • Can you toggle the voice recognition on and off?

    • +1

      Yes (not so much toggle as do it in the settings) and you can also mute the microphone with a physical switch

      • Thanks, the microphone was more what I was interested in.

        And can you dim/turn off the screen at night?

  • DAMNIT i paid 71 bux the other day! as i thought that was a good deal!

    freaking spewing!

    ohh well only 13 dollars i guess…

    • $13 to avoid latitude pay isn't a bad deal.

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