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50% off RRP Sitewide (Excluding Professional Products) + Free Shipping With $50 Order @ Dermalogica


Just got sent to me by a friend…….50% off all dermalogica by using the above code

1. Go to dermalogica.com.au
2. Sign-in or Register (you cannot check out as a guest)
3. Enter this unique code to activate your discount at checkout:

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  • Do they use perfumes?

  • thanks OP - this works and their products are great.

    • I can't seem to get the code to work. I have registered and created an account. Please assist. Thank you very much

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    Code doesn't work for me Need to register first before using the code.

  • anyone know what to use for fine lines? The only thing i do to my skin is cleanse daily.

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      Get some sort of serum and/or moisturizer, and also SPF if you aren't already.

      Vitamin C serum is great, though you could probably find cheaper alternatives: https://www.dermalogica.com.au/collections/best-sellers/prod...

      They have an Age Bright Clearing Serum: https://www.dermalogica.com.au/collections/best-sellers/prod...

      Their moisturizer: https://www.dermalogica.com.au/collections/best-sellers/prod...

      fyi these are all in the Best Selling section so might be good to have a look there.

      I would avoid any of their SPF products. Did some research before and a lot of people found their SPF formula to be crap and very far from their spf 50+ claim.

      • If you are concerned about wrinkles, be sure to have adequate suncare regime.

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        Best sellers may not be the best for your skin type. Get the product based on your skin type (e.g. oily, hydrating etc), there's a filter in the site. Also, their serums are overrated. A better and cheaper alternative is The Ordinary. I agree that their SPF is overpriced too.

      • Thanks for that there’s been a few so expensive as well

    • if they have anything with RETINOL / RETINOID / VITAMIN A - then that! :) AND SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY! :)

  • Has anyone tried their sunscreen?

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      My wife loves it. However, she moved to Ultra Violette and thinks that it's better despite being a lot cheaper. She's not the only one as it seems to be a very in product right now. A little tip, you can get Ultra Violette at Iconic so buy it when they have 20% cashback.

      • thanks for the advice! I'll hold out for that

    • I love how you pay attention to your wife's sunscreen! Thats amazing! And yes, can confirm UV is the best. i bought the set fro AB you get a voucher if youu buy certain amount

    • Yes, I have used Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster for 20 years and it's the best sunscreen in the market

  • Never wanted to try this brand because they seemed overpriced for the ingredients but for 50% off I'm intrigued.

    Thank you!

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      Still overpriced even with 50% off.

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    Can you stack with the sign up bonus? ($15)?

    Also has anyone used the ultrafoliant? What's the difference between that and the microfoliant besides it being less micro?

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      No. I just tried that

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    OMG I got a 473ml of precleanse for 87$!!!!!!!!!
    Super rich repair at half price THIS NEVER HAPPENS IT'S A XMAS MIRACLE!

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      Nice, based on your excited review I got the same for Meconia! Thanks

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        I know right, I realised I was a bit too excited. But I've been using the products for 15 years. NEVER seen 50% off before.

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    Not sure what this is but I sent this to the missus and she squealed. Thanks OP

  • Any recommendations for acne and pimple scars?

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    anyone want to refer me?
    "Give your friends a free gift and get 100 points for each successful referral."

    • pm your email

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      ok well i signed up, message me if anyone wants a referral

  • Any recommendations for Christmas gifts for skin ageing?

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      I like Super rich repair, overnight repairing serum, the multivitamin power firm eye cream, Daily microfoliant is good in general but their other products for anti ageing such as biolumin c and retinol are too harsh on my sensitive skin. The multi vitamin power serum is good but very expensive without the 50% off. The masks such as multivitamin power recovery masque and the thermafoliant are such a treat to use even the gentle cream exfoliant is great. I haven't tried the new hydra masque as yet as it's been too expensive for me to try.

  • Thanks OP, been wanting to try the superfoliator. Can confirm does not stack with the $15 sign up bonus.

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    This is top notch ozbargaining. thanks OP

  • Good looking out!

  • I do love expensive skin stuff but even at half price! I bit but I hope it lives up to the hype ;)

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    Been using Dermalogica for years! Amazing products and worth the money. Thanks OP.

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    Edit: disregard needed to register as per the instructions :)

  • Thanks OP. Just stock up special cleasing gel. Omg

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    Is this stuff any good, how does it compare to brands like shiseido and clarins, which is what we are using.

    • They specialise in facial skincare and have been in the market for years. I, myself, have been using it for years as it does a good job for my skin type. This brand doesn't go 50% very often, so I recommend trying it now. For me, this brand is better than Shiseido and Clarins based on my skin type. It's pretty much trial and error, and if you find something that works for you, stay with it.

      • I think I'll try the following

        overnight retinol repair
        biolumin-c serum
        micro-pore mist

        What does anyone think?

        Has anyone tried THE ORDINARY Retinol or their products

        • I've been usign The ordinary products and also their retinol for 2 months now and theyre very good and reasonably priced.

  • OP did you want to share your referral as I'll be signing up to get a few items as Xmas pressie… can't PM you as you're a new user so will have to be the other way round?

  • omg how do you add the samples to the cart? It says "Choose 1 free sample" but there's nothing to choose from except the link which doesn't lead anywhere…

    Edit: never mind, it's sneaky and under the picture

    • i'm lost too - how do you select the free samples?

  • Thanks OP. Great discount!

  • Someone want to refer me?

    • you just have to sign up first and confirm your email then you're gtg

      • Yeah I know but I wanted to help someone out. Unfortunately someone answered the call but I haven't received anything yet… stupid yahoo mail or crappy referral email system? Hrm….

  • Great post, thanks mate

  • Thanks!

  • Nice! Ordered a set.
    Also feel free to pm me if anyone wants a referral.

  • +1

    Thanks. Just stock up my usual.
    Never seen this kind of discount before.

  • Thanks !

  • Is this still working for anybody else?

    • not for me :(

  • Worked for me as a guest 10 minutes ago, but haven't paid. Now looks like not working any more even after registering an account

  • Same. not working for me either.

  • Sadface :(

  • Missed out :(

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    Man i remember about 10 years ago dermalogica lead the skincare game - their stuff was innovative and formulas were nice - this justified their exorbitant price.

    Now adays their is just no reason to be spending say $140 for a 1% retinol when you can get something similar for 15 bux from the ordinary / inkeys list. Skincare has come so far and yet they've stayed the same and their prices blow my mind for some of the ingredients.

    Only product they have which deserves the hype is the microfoliant - it's kinda unique.

    • Dam, I spent $70 on their face wash, microfoliant, toner and serum just to try it out.

      Regretting a little bit after reading your comment.

      • $70 is good price to try.

      • 70 is fine for those 4 products.. was more so referring to 140 for retinols, 100 for vitamin c etc

      • don't stress! a lot of people in the beauty community hate the ordinary lol. I've tried a lot and I wouldn't repurchase much. there's a difference between something having good ingredients and something being effective O:) i doubt you'll regret it :)

        • I've been using the ordinary for 2 months now and works very well. cheap and effective!

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    Ah damn held off thinking it'd would actually last till the advertised 13th :/

  • Why has this expired early?!

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    This was a leaked code confirmed by calling customer service today.The deal was a family and friends only coupon and the representative advised that dimebody had ruined it for everybody and therefor the code was disabled.

    • But aren't we all friends here on ozbargain?

    • Hopefully they don't cancel orders that went through (I ordered shortly after deal was posted)

  • Shipped!

  • Received my order today!

  • Mine is showing as 'unfulfilled'…

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