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Sony XAV-AX5000 Apple Carplay & Android Auto Double DIN Head Unit $449 (Was $749) @ Supercheap Auto


Pretty good deal IMO. I think it directly competes with the Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT and Kenwood DMX5020S. I think all 3 of the head units have capacitive displays with the Pioneer being LED. However the Sony does have 10w more sound output compared with the others and also physical buttons.

Would like to hear anyone's thoughts between the Pioneer, kenwood and Sony.

Some users have complained that they've had Android Auto connectivity issues with the Sony. For $50 more the Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT seems to be a better buy IMO.


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    I think that the Kenwood unit (see this deal) has inbuilt steering wheel controls which may make the integration easier/cheaper.

    • Both the Pioneer and the Kenwood have inbuilt SWC, but you obviously need to know how to wire it with the right connector type.

      You can find information on the Kenwood site that will work for both Kenwood and Pioneer units.

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        This Sony unit has built in steering wheel control learning doesn’t it?

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          Yes it does! I have it installed on my 2012 Corolla Ascent and I use steering wheel control to change volume and tracks.

          Also, ladies and gentlemen, this is a ripper price! get this unit if you want Carplay/Android Auto! I purchased it for 470 few weeks back from Super Cheap Auto via price match from another retailer I saw on OZB!

          • @wmxc: No it doesn't. The Sony requires a third party SWC interface.

            • @PinzVidz: Yes sorry it needs an extra cable to get the steering wheels control to work.

            • @PinzVidz: This is what I thought - Whilst the Kenwood has it built in (obviously still need an adaptor for the factory sw plug to kenwood, the actual interface is included, whereas with Sony and Pioneer you need to buy a separate interface itself as well as a converter adaptor?

              • @placard: That's correct. Usually with the Kenwood units' 3 wire loom they just splice/solder/insulate straight into the vehicle's SWC wiring.

                • @PinzVidz: So in that sense would you recommend it wise to buy the Kenwood unit to save $100 by avoiding to buy a separate SWC interface such I'd have to buy if I purchased the Pioneer or Sony unit?

                  Which unit overall would you think is best? I've currently got the Z5350BT in another car without steering controls so that didn't matter, and I really enjoy it. Wondering if the Sony/Kenwood is a step up or they are all much of a muchness?

                  Seems people saying Sony can be flakey with Android Auto, yet with my Pioneer it's been faultless.

                  The Android Auto menu doesn't look as nice in the Sony IMO compared to other units:
                  Starts at 1:45 - doesn't show menu with spotify/youtube/etc
                  Most other Android Auto menus look like this:

                  • @placard: They're all much of a muchness these days, but the Kenwoods (and some JVCs) have that advantage of the OEM SWC capability.

                    • @PinzVidz: Thanks for that. Out of the Pioneer and Kenwood, which one would have a nicer screen in terms of quality and brightness?

                      • @placard: I've been out of the game for a year or so now, the Kenwoods at the time had the nicer screen because of the 720px resolution but I guess Pioneer have caught up now. Best to compare them side by side in JBs or somewehre.

                  • @placard: Android Auto UI is dependent on the phone's Android Auto version, not the head unit. Both head units would have exactly the same Android Auto UI if you use the same phone between them. The YouTube video is using an old version of Android Auto.

                    Source: I have the Sony unit & got the new UI when my phone updated.

          • @wmxc: Ascent… so you must have changed the steering wheel at some stage…

    • Posted before, with the Sony you just need a spare 3.5mm headphone cable.

  • Can this be installed on a Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 model? How much does a mechanic charge to install this system?

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      Don't worry about mechanics. Use Supercheap as the prices aren't that bad:

      • The service seems to be offered only in NSW, QLD and TAS (according to their FAQ).

      • This service by SCA comes to 317 including audio replacement. I paid 295 for installation. I provided the exact same unit along with a backup camera and the ATB3 USB Fascia

        • does installation include a new facia

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            @Oz8argain: I think you would have to buy it separately and will also depend on your car. Go to, select your car and then the head unit. It will tell you all the additional stuff you require for installation.

        • I rang SCA stores around Sydney, none seem to install despite their website saying so

          Any options recommended around Sydney to install this unit?

          • @wiggam: I have read Bankstown sounds in sydney does it.

            I am located in VIC. THe way I found out my installer was to google "Car audio" in google maps. Then I researched their reviews, website and socials, then started giving calls to get quotes and to see how they treated my dumb questions.

          • @wiggam: I was told only very few stores do install eg: Penrith, Liverpool etc

            At Penrith they are booked out till early Jan! Install is around $200, including steering wheel controls

            I called an auto shop at blacktown, they said $150 for install if everything provided

      • Oh man, really want one but there is no installation service in VIC. Why do we always get the short stick =\

    • Go to a car stereo installer. Should cost approx. 1 hr labor = $150

  • Is there any good / community agreed upon models of head units from Aliexpress or the like?
    Got an old 2006 Lancer, would be nice to throw in a new unit but struggle to justify several hundred.

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      I literally just replaced my head unit in my 1999 A4 Quattro today.

      I've had it for 8 years and across 5 different cars. The only reason I replaced it was due to the next track button getting stuck down.

      My point is, you'll have to spend the money on adapters, etc no matter what. However you can move the unit to your next car if you get an Aeropro (or equivalent) head unit.

      I actually have this in my R36 Passat and it works really well. I paid $650 around 1.5 years ago, but it works great and saved my bacon when I was driving from Devonport TAS > Coffs Harbour and Back.

      For the aliexpress ones, i can't comment much. However I did have a Chinese unit that came in my R36 and it was laggy, had bad sound quality in general and it would short out.

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      I was considering getting an alixpress head unit for some time. unverified hearsay with mixed reviews kinda put me off committing to one. +1 on first hand experience feedback would be great

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      its difficult to cheat technology and you get what you pay for… I have always stuck to the big brands and have had no issues. Which when driving at 60+ km/hr I don't want to be taking my eyes off the road. You know what just wait a week or two and buy the more expensive item, I'm sure you are in your car enough times per week to justify the purchase.

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      From the research I did on this a year or two ago, the brand that kept poppig up was Eonon. They are a bit more expensive than the cheaper ones, but they generally have favourable reviews on youtube

      Keep in mind you are getting a different beast. While with mainstream brands you are getting reliability and android auto/carplay, with the cheaper ones I don't knwo if they do that, but you get an android platform that you can run everything natively on. i'm still not convinced I actually want to use carplay/android auto, I like the idea of having a separate audio/gps in the car, but it's personal preference

      • My daughter just had a 9 inch Eonon head unit installed in her Mazda 3. Great product and looks like it belongs.

        • I've noticed a lot of them now are 10.1 and 11.6, I didn't even think you can fit that in a 2DIN, but I guess maybe it hangs off somehow?

          Do you know if it supports android auto/carplay?

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            @Jackson: Yep definitely double DIN and has Android Auto and Car Play but it's with a dongle for both I think. My daughter just uses Car Play.

            • @khrome: Got a link? I'm interested

            • @khrome: just checked out the website for my Mazda6. Built-in Apple Car Play but you need a USB dongle for Android Auto. Given the thing is running Android 10 I think that's a bit shite :(

              • @cimrak: The latest Isuzu D-Max ute also has wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto with a dongle. Must be a common thing.

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      I've recently just installed an Atoto S8 in my car. It's not one of the cheap ones though but honestly so much better than any of the more expensive brands in terms of possibility and features.

      I hear good things about pumpkin head units as well. Any cheap Android head unit with the 'headunit reloaded' app from the Google Play store might be able to get you wireless android auto and wireless car play if that's what you want and much cheaper than the Sony in this post. Works flawlessly on mine, YMMV.

      Although the benefit of having one of these is that you can run everything separate to your phone if you want to, the apps are installed directly on the head unit. Main stream brands can't offer that, however they can offer reliability and perhaps a better warranty.

      Join a Facebook page called Chinese android head unit owners and check reviews on there. You can get a decent deal with all the fruit on the android head units.

    • I got a $200 unit 2gb/ quad core. It is slow to run some apps like google maps, but offline maps like OSMand or work much better.
      For a unit that used basic maps, poweramp, fm/am radio and Bluetooth I cant complain.
      I also could not justify $500+ for a Corolla headunit

  • This is probably one of the best deals I've ever seen on ozbargain.

    Got mine around 12-18 months ago for $650 and I definetly paid a little too much.

    Otherwise this head unit is amazing, at $450 I wouldn't even second guess buying it.

    The main benefits are the implementation of Android Auto is good, it has updates (there was a bug with Android Auto crashing with Android 10 I think? but its fixed regardless).

    It has plenty of sound output for stock speakers, a glass screen that's responsive and it feels nice to use. If you go with a steering wheel control module (again would suggest Aeropro) it's fully customisable.

    Ebay or Ryda for the kits for fascia/wiring adapters, or if you only need a wiring harness just get one at supercheap

  • +1

    I got this with camera for same money while ago and the unit is awesome. Handsfree calling is great , connectivity flawless with apple, no android to test. Sound quality is great with stock speakers. Can hit cam feed to see out rear whilst driving ( handy when towing)
    Responsive capacitive screen is flawless and seeing this deal makes me contemplate buying another for our kia carnival even though the current stock unit is great ..

  • Will this fit in Kia carnival platinum 2017?

  • Only thing making me hesitate is needing to plug it in for android auto to work. I'm so used to wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity. Can android auto function without being connected via usb?

    • +1

      My understanding is that Android Auto only works wirelessly with specific phones running Android 11 or later, and head units that explicitly support it.

      With this head unit, you can use either use wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity, or you can use wired Android Auto (with wired charging) - the choice is yours.

    • Using a wireless would drain the battery anyway. But to be honest if using say google maps with location on…this would sap the battery no doubt even if plugged into the USB as most only deliver 1.5A. You need at least 2.1A to have any decent fast charge.

  • I grabbed this unit almost 2 years ago from JB-HIFI for $402.59 delivered.

    It has been a great unit and was fairly easy to install in my Yaris. Screen could be brighter in direct sun but a nice little head unit all the same.

  • Kenwood deal or this? Having trouble seeing difference. I’m an iphone user and planning on installing into an older model pajero or landcruiser (early 2000 or late 90s).

    Adding a rear camera is a big one. What do i need for that?

    • +2

      Kenwood vs Sony

      • Steering Wheel Controls…if that's important to you. I barely use mine so not a biggie for me. Only available as a standard on the Kenwood/JVC.
      • Kenwood is designed with the mini amp to be installed in future in mind. I have the Pioneer Mini Amp, does wonders for the sounds coming from stock speakers. Space saving as well. The Sony is kind of odd with the 1/2 DIN at the back and full 6.95inch at the front covering it, seems awkward to me and probably suffer as there isnt a lot of support on the bottom half of the head unit being "hollow"
      • Odd width with the Kenwood…most Toyotas are 200mm wide, the Kenwood is 184mm wide whilst most other brands are 178mm wide (spacers are avaliable but only generally fit the 178mm specs).
      • 2 x USBs on the Sony vs 1 x on the Kenwood. I'd prefer to use AA/CP with on USB and leave the other one for say a music USB stick. Most of these head units nowadays are without CD/DVD players so just beware.

      Adding a camera is pretty easy, just need a camera (sold seperately)…I think most brands would fit the Sony/Kenwood…not specifically required just needs an AV input in the form of a RCA lead, a reverse trigger wire from the head unit (you'll need to run it from the tailgate reverse light) and a 12v power source. I have a Fujitst Ten camera (Toyota's OEM) but that unfortunately runs off a 5.5V which I would need to step down from the 12v source if I was to migrate to this.

      • Great info. Just saw the Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT Is on sale as well…. do like that it supports 2 cameras.

        • Oh yes forgot about that…Kenwood and Pioneer support 2 cameras whereas Sony only supports one. Nice to have but good luck finding a decent front camera unless you start to search Japanese websites for OEMs or alibabaexpress for after markets. I actually prefer when parking the sensors for the front bit, camera is kind of useless to me whereas back it's been good to see exactly how close you are to the boundary. Side cameras would be okish for parallel parking but not a must really for me.

        • This Sony Head unit has steering wheel controls FYI. See my comment above in this page.

          • @wmxc: What do you mean? I thought only Kenwood included this? Don't you still need to buy an additional adaptor for Pioneer and Sony for steering wheel controls whereas Kenwood you don't?

            Out of the three units ,which is the one to go for? I've got the Pioneer in another older car (no steering wheel controls) and it's great, but wondering for another car whether I should go for Sony or Kenwood or just get another Pioneer?

            • @placard: oh right yes you need an adaptor. The guy who installed it for me, used a kenwood adaptor.

              • @wmxc: So you still need something additional? I'm just a bit confused. This video explains that it seems Kenwood has the edge with Steering Wheel interface built in: .

                So is it correct that other units (Pioneer & Sony) also have this SWC interface built in so no need to buy a separate $100 part or whatever he suggests?

                Pretty confusing.

                Car I'm looking at putting it in is a 2007 Aurion so wondering if Pioneer would have built in steering controls and what else would I need to get it to connect?

                • @placard: Best to go on aeropro to figure out what you need or what you think you need and then talk to a car audio installer to verify with them.

                  For the sony head unit you need an extra cable for the SWC to work. Not sure about Pioneer.

    • Got the kenwood dmx5some with wireless carplay works great. Reverse camera off ebay easy enough to wire up and the aerpro adapters and fascia so it was plug and play. Have installed into my i30 and Sony 3000 below the deal model into partners kia sorento. Hers doesn't have the wireless carplay which I think makes my kenwood bit nicer not needing to worry about plugging in and it works even if phones still in pocket but not a huge deal. All very easy to install with aerpro adapters and usually a few screws to get them in and out with an electric drill on lowest torque. Can usually get them in and out within a few minutes or so now. Reverse cameras great for if you tow to hitch up caravan or trailer too.

  • Genuine question - are these head units that much better than the stock units being shipped in modern cars? I've got a 2014 Mazda 6 which, whilst not being amazing, sounds ok, is a reasonably clear screen for the reversing camera, and just generally seems to be fine. I totally understand that back in the day, the headunits that came in the cars were garbage, but that doesn't seem to be the case these days (unless I'm missing something). Can anyone offer an opinion on that?

    • +1

      A head unit like this unlikely to sound noticeably better than a stock unit from 5 years ago - but it can potentially add functionality and other options.

      Android Auto and/or Carplay are a massive improvement in useability over any car head unit I've tried. Properly useful voice commands, direct access to music streaming services rather than Bluetooth, all of the controls are more familiar and intuitive, and functions like navigation are much better too.

      On the hardware side, an aftermarket head unit also allows using outputs to amplifiers, signal processors, aftermarket cameras etc.

      The potential downsides depend on what your car's standard headunit controls. If it operates your climate control, heated seats etc then you might actually lose functionality. And you may need special, and potentially expensive, adaptors to make it compatible with your steering wheel controls.

    • +3

      Android auto/apple car play is the big advantage with a head unit like this over the stock one from a 2014 model car.

      Android auto is great, it basically gives you a driving suitable interface for all your apps on the head unit of your car, it also brings along Google's great voice recognition, which is usually 100x better than anything the car manufacturers offer. You can for example, hop in and say "navigate me to Woolworths Aspley" or wherever you want to go, and it will bring up Google maps and navigate you there all on your head unit.

      • Had this head unit for about 12 months now, Android auto works great. Make sure to get a good USB cable, I purchased a Blitzwolf USB-C that regularly go on sale here and haven't had a dropout since.

        Mainly use Audible, pocketcasts, and Waze as well as taking the odd phone call. Installation was really simple, just used CAR > ISO & ISO > SONY adapters, I may have accidentally grounded the park brake sensor during installation though so be careful as its real easy to do :)

        • Hey thanks for sharing your experiences with this product. Just got a question, does Android Auto work wirelessly? Or does it need to be plugged in via usb cable in order to connect your phone with the headunit?

          • @MysticalWok: Android auto only works when plugged in. Phone calls via bluetooth will still work if not connected.

    • +1

      Apple carplay , reverse camera , gps program like waze / google maps , running audio streaming services all on a nice big touchscreen.

      • Many thanks, will have to check out Android Auto. I use my phone heavily in the car, mainly for calls, navigation and podcasts so it might actually be of use to me. Something else to spend money on :)

        • +1

          Perfect for navigation and podcast

          Also sending odd sms messages via voice is handy using Google assistant

    • +1

      Best way to improve the sound is to upgrade the speakers. Generally speaking this is one of the biggest cost cutting areas that car makers have. Maybe pop into a car audio shop or two and get a couple of opinions.

      • That's kinda what I was thinking. I had a friend who was into car audio many years ago and his adage was to spend the money on the speakers and amp, not the head unit. In saying that, he spent a lot of money on all of it - so much so he took out the back seats of his barina to put more stuff in!

  • Is it worth getting these for older camrys/corollas say like 2005ish

    • +2

      Certainly! I put one in a 2001 Camry and even with stock speakers, sounds much better. Love Android Auto. Car works fine so why not just upgrade the features similar to a newer car? If I get rid of the car, I'll take the unit out again.

      • I am planning on pimping out my 01 Camry, it's totally stock now but I picked up $17 Sony speakers, a $9 kmart reverse camera, and was thinking if i should update the head unit. i like the stocky tbh if the sound was a bit better, I was hoping the speakers might help but sometimes they actually make things worse because the stock radio can't drive the new speakers. What else have you done to it?

        • Yeah I've thought about upgrading the speakers but haven't got around to it, I'm not overly unhappy with stock speakers. Often I've read too that if you upgrade stock speakers to an aftermarket head unit but don't install an amp sometimes the result is worse - as the stock speakers are easy to drive, but not so with aftermarket. I'm not prepared to install an amp so have kept stock.

          Surprisingly, just upgrading the headunit was a HUGE improvement in sound - even with stock speakers. It fits really nicely into the 01 Camry - double DIN size with no fascia kit needed. Looks streamline. If you current car has a single din and pocket, you can easily remove the storage pocket.

          Haven't done much else to the car, installed a dash cam hard wired that's about it. It's a wagon which is rarer than sedan - the thing has done 330k but still looks in great condition. Been such a reliable car.

          • @placard: mine looks like the 1.5DIN tape player with a 0.5DIN cover plate, no pocket, but good to know that it fits nicely without fascia. I actually have a couple of other things I need to fix too which will take precedence, but hopefully I'll get to it over xmas break. The reverse camera will be particularly handy since I've go used to using one on the other car.

            • @Jackson: Ah yep, that was how mine came originally when I bought it in 2003 - it's been through 3 aftermarket head units since then hehe. That cover plate comes off and you can easily install double din unit.

              • @placard: Were any of the head units generic Android Chinese? if so what was your experience like?

                • @Jackson: No, always went with brand names - first JVC, then a Pioneer, then the Pioneer Z5350BT.

                  I've not heard good things about Android Chinese ones - they tend to be slower at loading - especially if you want to reverse straight away you have to wait for unit to boot up before you see reverse camera.

    • +1

      i'd say it makes even more sense to put into older car as you're gaining way more features and potential to lose existing features is far lower

      the older the car, the more of a no brainer it is!

  • Can anyone comment on the call quality?

    • +1

      I've got the model below this, the 3000, and call quality is fine, haven't heard any complaints from people i talk to.

    • +1

      Call quality is great on mine an i have an old 2000 hilux :)

    • +1

      Call quality is fine. Mic needs to be placed in appropriate place I guess to make sure other party can hear you properly in a call. Mine is behind the steering wheel.

      • I've got mine sitting at the top of the quarter panel trim, not the best spot as the sun visor interferes with it. As long as the mic is facing me the call quality is good.

  • +2

    Have put this unit in my wife's car for a couple of years. Paid about $500 then. Few little annoyances

    1) If using google maps, you can't pinch to zoom in or out. Need to press tiny zoom buttons on the screen. I think the Pioneer has pinch to zoom.
    2) When not using carplay/AA and just playing music off a USB, often freezes. Have tried different USB sticks and still same problem.
    3) Possibly dodgy USB connections to the phone. Have tried many different cables and the issue persists.

    • Yes I found it to be quite sensitive to USB cables too, I ended up using the cable that came with my Samsung and it's been perfect ever since.

    • When i first installed mine i only had a generic iphone cable and it played up. Connected genuine one and fixed it. Now using a good quality generic and its working good 6 months or so.. i think cable quality is an issue with alot of modern devices we connect to.

    • Thanks for that. The touch button zoom could be a bit of an annoyance.

    • Definitely the AX5000 and not the AX3000? The 3000 has resistive touch, which would explain no pinch-to-zoom, but if the 5000 has the same issue (even though it's capacitive), that's annoying.

      • +1

        Yeah the instruction manual specifically says multi touch is not supported

        • Wow, strange. But good to know!

  • The harness for Mazda 3 bose amplified is so bloody expensive.

  • Wonder if it works on 2014 Aurion…

    • +2

      You'll need a harness, spacer and it's pretty much plug and play. Hardest bit would possibly be the removing the head unit.

    • Did this in a 2011 Aurion, used a double din fascia kit and an aerpro harness to fit in a sony xav-ax3000. Only thing that was slightly difficult was converting the 12v for the reversing camera to 6v (I kept the stock 6v camera, as opposed to trying to fit a 12v aftermarket one). Not sure if the 2014 has the same camera or not, you'd have to check.

      • +1

        2014 (50 series) models run a similar 6v camera. Camera retention kits are usually available for various Toyota models.

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