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Coles Mobile $150 Prepaid SIM (120GB, 365 Days, International Calls, Data Rollover, Optus 4G Plus) $120 Delivered @ Coles Mobile

  • Unlimited standard national talk and text
  • Unlimited standard international calls and text to 15 selected destinations
  • Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge

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  • This or the Boost mobile deal for $159 via cellmate - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/589528

    PS: Currently on 365 day Telstra's Plan on 4G network which expires tomorrow and haven't had good experience with Telstra's network over the last 1 year.

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    I would highly recommend boost, I have used Coles mobile aka Optus network for couple of weeks thinking I will be working from home and could get away with wifi and minimal data usage, however the call quality is terrible almost all the time.
    I don't think Optus is bad, however their wholesale network providers may not get the priority when it comes to data speed or network reception. I just switched back to Jbhifi Telstra plan.

    • I wouldn't be so sure. Sadly, after using Optus 4g+ for 2yrs and I just fell victim to the hype of Telstra and moved to Boost 365day plan last December.

      Only to realize 4g speeds are far slower over Optus, I agree call quality seemed a little better on Telstra though.

      We live in South Sydney and use a Samsung S10Plus, iPhone 11Pro (Mrs), unfortunately almost at all the locations including some prime locations in the city, we noticed the 4g speeds on Telstra are way slower over Optus 4g.

      Anyway that's our experience, I believe some had great experience with Telstra, sadly we weren't one of them.

  • Cheers if anyone has a data deal for Optus prepaid?
    Got a family member on the optus 365 day epic value (60gb) for $120 early this year.
    Has run out of data with a couple months to go.
    Another family member is on the same deal and uses no data whatsoever, is it possible to transfer the data to another prepaid?

    Or should I just port it over to Coles mobile now?

  • Only if it's offer a longer activation date like Boost does, it would have been great for next renewal.

    Great deal with international calls

  • i just went in to coles to buy this sim pack - scanned at $150 not 120 - girl tried several times - website still says 120 - pathetic - hate to think what the service is like…

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      wow, a negative vote for that? Sure 🙂

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        nothing personal razz but reality check - of course i'm gonna neg the deal if they advertise at one price and try to sell for $30 more - also from reading xentar's post below, I'm understanding that u could actually buy an expired card and not be able to get a refund?

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      I went in there same thing. first girls says she cant do it, I show her coles mobile and a twitter screenie or something I got off another forum..but mostly just the coles mobile homepage plastered with it and not a single accurate price in the store. Eventually an older lady in the bagging area takes my phone and agrees pretty hassle free to do it…but she didn't know where they were and either did the other 4 staff at the front when she asked them so she did a little hunt and found them with gift vouchers.

      Then at the self checkout she asks me…if I know where the expiry date to activate is.

      Oh No! I havent touch prepaid for years so I have nfi where to look and just awkwardly ask "wouldn't the expired ones be in the bin…or some place similarly not displayed for sale".

      "It's not that bad" she says, maybe one in 10 or 20 if we're lucky is bad but store policy doesnt let us refund them after you pay.

      A bit shocked I stammer out words through the shock….you've taken the money and now your telling me I cant return it…when you didnt even know the used by date. what? How's this worked with those other customers?

      Anyway she eventually signs the receipt and tells me if it doesnt work she'll keep the money out of the register or something so she can refund it. A nice gesture but a total breakdown of point of sale lol.

      Icidentally it did work (I havent changed APN yet but it registereed fine and took less than a minute to active one I went through the website.

      so Just a warning you need a visa/mastercard credit o debit. id wont work and you need to make a coles mobile account on the website. I doubt thats a problem for anyone here but the mate I convinced to get this instead of lots of $30 optus recharges with 10gb is very anti computer so not being able to use a license for id, needing a card to sign up and the signup procedure all were done by me. Just a warning, I hope the service is better than the stores.

    • Just order it online.. shipping is free anyway.

  • Can I use my existing optus post paid number with this ? Or is only option to get a new number?

    • found out.. ye you can keep your own number..it advises while you order.

  • Does anyone know if Coles Mobile allows roaming for receiving SMS when travelling?

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