What's Your Guilty Purchase for 2020?

So, 2020 has been a crazy year. Mask wearing, social distancing, wallets tightening, lock downing. What has your guilty purchase been for this year? Any regrets?

For me I bought myself and my kids a second hand Nintendo 3DS each and I've been going nuts modding them and playing all sorts of games that I totally missed out on (my last handheld was in the GBA era). It's been lots of fun - no regrets.

What about everyone?
Oh a poll!

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    I've purchased stuff and regretted it
  • 331
    I've purchased stuff and don't regret it one bit
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    I've been a good boy/girl this year and Santa better bring me something good


    • +1

      I have 3 X 27" but find that I have to look too far to the left and right, so I'm really just using one screen 90pc of the time and the other two screens 5pc of the time haha

      • Grab a 1440p ultrawide + 1 additional 1440p monitor

  • +2

    Been kitting out my new workshop. Built/bought a new 6m long workbench, numerous non-Chinese power and hand tools, installed 3 phase power, air conditioner, mesh wifi etc.

    Loving it.

    No regrets.

    • Did you do all the electrical work yourself?

      • Without incriminating myself - I'm of the opinion that if you can buy it in Bunnings, you can DIY.

        I actually am an overseas qualified electrician (haven't practiced for many years though) but I'm not licenced here.

        • I think you just incriminated yourself!

          • @driveahardbargain: Ah, but I never actually said that I do my own electrical work just that if you can buy it in Bunnings you CAN DIY - not that you should!

  • +2

    Bought myself a garage ornament (a manual 2007 Commodore SS-V). One owner, mickey mouse condition. Wasn't planning on buying a toy, but it was too good to turn down. No regrets.

    • +1

      +1 from manual transmission preservation society

  • +1

    CO2FREE Tesla

  • Xbox one X. It would have been PS5 too, but who knows when. Also lots of junkfood.

  • +1

    No regrets here got myself a nice Dell monitor 32" 4k, Shelf speakers, a Xiaomi fan, a laptop stand, a very comfy gaming chair all to improve my working from home experience

  • I bought a lot of pens but they were not very good in the end. I have binned most of them but kept the refill.

  • +1

    Dell S2721DGF and a second hand RTX2080. Don't regret at all

  • +2

    A new coffee machine! Breville Barista Pro. It's been great so far. Probably saved as a few hundred dollars already.

  • +1

    Watched nearly every season of Ru Paul's Drag Race. Thought I'd hate it but it became a daily fixture during quarantine!

  • Most things here.

  • +1

    Bought a Coopers DIY beer kit, 12v camping fridge (as a beer fridge & to keep drinks cold in the car), 160w solar panel, solar regulator & 100ah battery (to run the fridge),
    new pair of hockey skates & protective gear.
    It's been an expensive year that's for sure.

  • Manual Coffee Machine, fancy printer, and a QHD monitor and a Neo Vintage watch. Regret the printer as once regular work resumes it will be kinda redundant and probably should have bought the coffee machine earlier.

  • Way to much. This last month has been terrible to my cashflow since black friday.

    75 Sony tv, Xiaomi dreamer v11, open back headphones, gaming mouse, wok, free books, pasta, Colgate, batteries, cables, coffee, and more free books.

    So thanks ozbargainers. Atleast I saved money which is how I console my self.

  • About 5k worth of lego (none of which I feel guilty about).
    Ninebot Kickscooter yesterday is definitely a guilty one as I only got it to go with the kids on their bikes.

  • An all-Metal G-Shock Square GMWB5000GD-1. A watch whose features can be gotten in another model for < A$250.

  • 3080 3070 and 6800

  • +2

    Bought a 1st edition charizard card and also a 1986 fleer rookie michael jordan. Don't regret it one bit, I've always wanted the holy grails of each card world

    • +1

      damn, how much did the MJ go for?

  • Veyron. Should have gone for Chiron.

  • +6

    I dropped 120k on a BMW M340i. Upgraded from a cheap 10yo Holden. Stupid? Sure, I am not a rich man. Regrets? Nope, it's a luxurious beast and I wanted it so bad it basically turned into a need. Plus, you know, it's probably a high yield investment anyway.

    • Hopefully it's fully insured!

  • iPhone 12

  • I managed to get a PS5 and so didn't need it. Still playing through old PS4 games. Haven't even bought any PS5 games for the new system. Still nice though.

  • +1

    i was feeling guilty of a few things.. but now reading at these comments i feel better.
    So waiting for boxing day now :)

    • New thread in two weeks :P

  • I purchased a Tesla Model 3 SR+ today delivery March sometime next year ;) was on the fence for so long!

    • With or without self driving option :)

      • +1

        Without , I'm not that lazy YET! besides I can add it on later if I really want it, better to do it that way otherwise the car goes over $75k and you pay luxury car tax..

        • +1

          Nice, you still get the autopilot which is you need on a long road trip. Much more fun to drive it locally without autopilot/self driving.

  • GR Yaris

  • No real guilty purchases this year. I've actually behaved myself but I've been so close on many occasions 😂 But I held strong!

  • +1

    Bought a 3080.

  • +1

    New gaming laptop (aftershock 15x)
    Oculus Quest 2
    S20 FE


  • Xioami Ultrawide.

    Having 4 MS Word pages up at once makes me feel like a Hollywood hacker.

  • I bought a variety of masks from AliExpress, not sure which was going to be best or how long it'd take to get into the country. I ended up with almost a thousand masks in the end. The only mask I wear today is the reusable one from CottonOn. I'm guilty for being silly.

  • where's the option where I regret waiting for a better deal and missed all the sales?

  • Cyberpunk 2077. Visually stunning, but oh the bugs :-/ (playing on pc). The part I regret is the temptation to real world test the new pc i built few months ago had to be on a release like this.

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