This was posted 1 year 1 month 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kingston A2000 M.2 NVMe 1TB - $139 (Free Shipping) @ Centrecom


Part of Christmas deal.
Good price considering the free shipping. I think this was pickup only but seems to now be available for free shipping with AusPost.

Edit: Free shipping may only be available to metro areas.

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  • I must be doing something wrong with mine, feels so much slower than my samsung 850 SSD?

    • What do you mean? Just general windows usage or?

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      How have you benchmarked both SSDs? Most users can't tell the difference by 'feel'.

    • Probably. No reason for this to be slower than any SATA ssd. Are you talking real world usage or benchmarks?

      I've got one in my pc and it destroys my 860 evo's in benchmarks and performs as expected.

    • Make sure you've plugged it in corrected and use CrystalDiskInfo to check if its running at PCIe 3.0x4. I didn't plug mine in correctly and it was running in 3.0x1 and hence, had a quarter of the speed it should have.

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    Hey, so I know the PS5 has a currently unused M.2 slot for an expansion drive, do we know if this sort of drive would be a good purchase now to potentially fill said slot?

    I expect once they activate the slot demand / prices for these drives may shoot up, but have Sony announced minimum specs or anything for what drives you can put in? I've already nearly filled the built-in drive just with my launch day games…

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      They’ve said it needs to match the internal SSD speeds which would be achievable with (some) PCIe 4 NVMe drives. This drive is “only” PCIe 3 so won’t be compatible with PS5

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        Thanks mate!

      • That said, you can use one of these in a USB-C enclosure to run PS4 games from.

    • Wouldn't opening your PS5 void the warranty though? Poor design choice, IMO.
      Maybe they'll have an Apple style service where you take the device to them for a storage upgrade

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        Well, I just hope they come up with some kind of (not ridiculously priced) storage expansion solution because < 1TB usable is fairly insignificant when compared to the size of some games these days! (Looking at you, Call of Duty, with your horrendous lack of proper compression)

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          Yeah agree. Hopefully they'll eventually allow "next gen" games to be stored on external USB drives. Load times will be slow but still faster than having to re-download the game because internal storage is full

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          They should have invested into the software for storage so you can add a decent external USB drive and an option to transfer games on/off it seamlessly.

          Giving options to automatically transfer games to the USB that haven't been played in over x days (like a month). And allowing the games on the USB to still receive updates so they're ready to go when moving them back to the internal storage.

          And making it as one-click as possible. So you can just hit "transfer to PS5" and if the internal storage is already full, it will allow you to select games to "swap" to the USB and free up the space. Same deal when downloading from PSN.

          Having said all that, the external USB 3 SSD's are still really expensive, and you wouldn't want a HDD unless you love waiting.

          For those of us lucky enough to be on gigabit, it's not that bad to just delete/re-download but there needs to be multiple options.

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        Accessing the nvme port on PS5 will not void warranty.

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        It would be an easily accessible slot. The PS4 storage could be easily upgraded without needing to disassemble and void your warranty

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    Any recommendations for a cheap usb 3.1 caddy for this?

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      This is one that I'm looking at getting. It's the cheapest one with a decent control chip (Realtek RTL 9210) according to what I've read around the interwebs. I'm pretty new to this stuff, but I think this is ok.

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      I bought the UGREEN 3.1 v2 enclosure from Amazon and am able to get 10Gbps throughput. Be aware that the enclosure you buy will need to be M-key M.2 compatible to work with the A200. Some enlosures are for M.2 SATA NGFF and those are incompatible.

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    For anyone wondering, the A2000 use a Silicon Motion (SMI) 2263 controller and 96-layer 3D TLC NAND. 5 year warranty, 600TBW

    • Just wanted to say thanks for posting this info howaaronic :)

  • Can anyone point me to an installation guide? Namely how to preserve or restore Windows 10 after installing it.

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      It comes with a license key for Acronis True Image that you can use to clone from your existing SSD/HDD onto the M.2.

      • How do you you clone it before it's installed?

        • You install the software on your initial windows drive then it will guide you through the rest. It's real simple - you can then just delete the original windows files

        • +1

          I'd also recommend Macrium Reflect, which is free and easy to use.

          Same procedure regardless - have both drives physically installed, then install Macrium onto your existing drive. Point it to clone to your new drive then wait. Shutdown your PC, remove the old drive and it should just boot straightaway.

      • oh wow didn't know it comes with license for Acronis True Image. Acronis is good software.

  • Would this be a better buy ?

    Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 P1 1TB M.2 (2280) NVMe PCIe SSD

    • No, this is a better drive.

    • P1 is the POVpack nvme SSD. Does what most entry level drives do but 1/3rd the endurance.

  • -2


    get dunked on wd fanboys

  • +1

    And here I am with my 2TB USB 3.0 HHD from 2015. Time for an upgrade?

  • Not Expired yet, still working for me, but I am going to wait for this price to appear in Sydney again.

  • still working - got 2

  • How does this compare to the Samsung 970 Pro?

  • Still works. Bought one.

  • How do you get free shipping?

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      Through AusPost selection in checkout, may not be available to regional areas?

      • Yeah coming up as $8.63 for me.

      • There's an asterisk beside the Free Shipping, if you click it says:

        May not be available to some rural/outer areas

        I'm regional NSW and it's free to me, so hopefully it's more inclusive than exclusive.

        • I’m on the Sunshine Coast and it’s not free. How bizarre.

  • Thanks grabbed one

  • Anyone know if Centrecom ships to parcel lockers? I know they use Auspost but even then I know of some sellers who use auspost but straight up refuse to ship to parcel lockers

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      They don't ship to Parcel Lockers, just tried :/

  • Would this work in my HP x360 1030 G4 notebook? HP specs say 256 GB up to 2 TB PCIe® Gen3x4 NVMe™ M.2 SSD TLC

    • Yeah I think that should work. NVMe works over the Gen 3x4 PCIe slot. Worst case you could return it.

  • Hi Guys,

    I would appreciate, if someone help me to decide upgrade my 128GB internal SSD in my X1 Carbon Yoga Gen3 with this SSD. I had a look at photos on google but seems like a bit different shape my SSD and this one. I have this model in my laptop according to device manager ( MZNLN128HAHQ-000H1 - Samsung PM871b Series 128GB TLC SATA 6Gb/s M.2 2280 Solid State Drive (SSD). Thank you

  • Hey guys, never really dabbled in SSD's before. Motherboard is an AMD b350M so pretty sure this slots in, would you guys recommend it for gaming?

    • -1

      congratulations on leaving the cave

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