Delusional Owner of White Tesla - Number Plate "CO2 Free"

I saw a white Tesla sedan getting around with number plates that boldly stated "CO2 FREE". Can anyone who can afford a Tesla really be that ignorant?

Where does he THINK the electricity comes from to charge up his machine??? (I bet a million dollars it was a coal-fired power station).

Have people actually fallen for the hype and think that their Tesla recharges in Australia are miraculously supplied from 100% renewable energy? Does Tesla charge enormous battery banks from solar panels and then supercharge your Tesla vehicle's batteries from them? I think not.

Is he even grandiose enough to think that the manufacture of his expensive machine and its masses of batteries involved an insignificant amount of CO2 emissions? I'm sure no CO2 was released in the process of earning the vast amount of money to pay for the expensive machine?

Besides all that, one recent study found that, all things being added together, "in reality, the Tesla has emissions between 156 and 181 grams of CO2 per kilometre - significantly more than a comparable diesel Mercedes."

I should point out that I don't especially care about climate science. Nor do I hate Tesla Cars. I just find his bold public statement about "emissions" particularly odorous.

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    How can anyone be surprised by anything anymore, the world has gone mad. People for the most part are sheep and will beleive anything they are told.

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    Honestly I found the Tesla mob to be most humourless bunch of miserable @$$holes car owners. Most, particularity performance car community are able to laugh at themselves. Tesla owners, "how dare you poke fun of papa Elon" then write a freaking assay why driving a ICE puts you on par with a African war lord, also $100K EV is affordable and why dont the poors drive model 3?

    I do like Teslas and wanted one but the owners just make me want to buy a V8.

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      Worse than the BMW mob?

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        Hmmm forgot about those non indicating pricks.

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    It's all good.


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      Is better

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        LOL yes.

        How about


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      I like

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      Autosalon called, they want their number plates back.

    • How about LUVCO2 on a de-catted V8.

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    I'd say the number plate has done its job… triggered a reaction ;-)

    The study quoted by OP needs a fact check - it's a bit cherry-picked. Truth in the middle somewhere I'd say.

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    I drove behind a Tesla in Vic with the Licence plate NIL.

    I expect that after finding out there is more than one occurrence, you will blow a gasket.

    I want to buy a Tesla now, knowing the lack of CO2 emissions out of the exhaust is this rage inducing for people.

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    For someone who doesn't especially care about climate science nor hate Tesla Cars, it's rather odd you care so much about his "bold public statement" about emissions.

    You got bigger issues than the Tesla driver if this is irking you.

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    I can't wait to see "IPAYMORETAX" regos soon

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      Not real.

      Too many letter, sorry ;-p

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    This is a quality post.

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    Delusional Owner of White Tesla

    It could be even far more delusional.

    I saw a 4X4 with a white male driving. Rego reads: BIGJOHN

    Sure baby … whatever you say …

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    So what if EV's use coal for power. It's not as polluting as petrol.
    So first up, google 'tesla towed by raptor' and read the links there and please, watch the video.
    Two - research the pollution and Mj of power it requires to split and refine oil into components for the different products - you'll be surprised at how inefficient it is to convert energy from one source to another - read up on the laws of thermodynamics
    Three - one litre of petrol holds about 9-10kwh of energy, (depending on where the info comes from) so an EV with a 54kwh battery pack holds the equivalent of 6 litres of petrol and can travel approximately 400kms on a charge.
    Can your car do 400kms on 6 litres of petrol?
    If your next argument is about the minerals, Lithium is a salt, one of the most available products on the planet.
    Cobalt, you say? They use more cobalt in removing sulphur from oil than in the newer battery packs. Battery packs that can be recycled into stationary power by companies and DIY'ers when no longer usable for mobility.
    The power grid can only get cleaner, and EV's use that power. Fossil cars will always burn petrol, will always require the black stuff to be replaced every 12 months so the 100's of moving parts don't seize up.

    You might also want to read up on how polluting extracting, transporting, refining (how much energy that uses just for splitting the oil), then transporting as separate products, then transporting to the petrol station, then how much power that actually hits the road after all the transmission losses through heat and vibration. Even a highly tuned, performance petrol vehicle might only put about 25% of that power into turning the wheels, where the standard Mazda (or whatever) might only put 18% to the wheels.
    If a petrol car (50l tank) had the same 90-95% stored energy to wheel, it would be able to travel about 3200km on a tank of petrol.
    Here is my workings - 9kwh/litre X 50 litres =450kwh
    54kwh EV can travel about 400km on full charge
    450kwh / 54 = 8. rounders
    8 X 400km is about 3200km not including rounding up or down

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      My only regret is that I can't afford a Tesla. I would buy it JUST FOR THE SELF DRIVING. It's revolutionary.

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    OP mad jelly

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    Sounds more like a you problem than the guy with the number plate

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    It's not easy being green, with envy.

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    Many places use water batteries. Why are you mad? Maybe see a therapist

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    Curb your jealousy mate.

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    Psst, your jealousy is showing.

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    Plenty of green options to buy electricity. Tassie hydro. Or maybe he has a big solar with a Tesla power wall?

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    Imagine getting trolled by a bumper sticker THIS BADLY….

  • The responses in this tread are an eye opener. Thanks OP. No one gives a shot about the environment, they just want to say they do.

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    "Tune in next week to ACA techfixes on the scam of free range eggs!!!"

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    Tesla like all other owners of these vehicles are delusional. You need steady base load power aka coal or nuclear. Thus c02 and lots of it to make the car, then your car doesn't just magically fill up carbon free. It still requires base load power unless solar panels. Then in 10 yrs a new battery possibly, waste of the other elements which may not be able to be recycled?

    • So true man. I am also jealous that I can't buy one.

      Also we have start somewhere to save the earth. If it was easy, then all the homeless would be doing it already.

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      did you read my wall of text further up the thread? batteries are being recycled after they are no longer useful for transport. They are turned into stationary storage and DIY'ers use them. Just youtube for 'recycle batteries diy' or something to that effect. At least, compared to petrol that is a one hit wonder, a burn now and pollute, batteries can be recycled even when they are fully at end of life with 0volts.
      Some of the early Tesla batteries are still going, a 7 year old with only 2% degradation and a million km Tesla (this one had its first battery replaced due to issues around the 140,000km)
      The electricity grid is only getting cleaner, petrol cars will always need to burn carbon. The carbon cost to refine petrol is never spoken about, but it involves applying lots of heat for many hours to separate all the ethels and methels before getting to the thicker stuff called petrol, then diesel then oils then tars until you are left with the thick waste industry can't use with all the natural contaminates in it - this is just 'disposed of'
      Solar and wind with battery backup (or decentralised power grid) is the only way with our current tech level, but the poor power companies won't make money with that level of thinking, and neither will the dirt poor oil companies. I really feel for these poor guys, driving around in their gold plated cars, living in mansions.
      Everything we do, everything we make (including breeding 15 children to a family) is adding to the destruction of the world as we know it.

      • This my friends is why I compost like crazy and recycle all my soft plastics via Coles.

        I do wish I could have Tesla and recharge using my $olar panels. I need for it to drop me at work and then return home to charge while the sun is out……

        • Your large battery-wall solar charges while you're at work. Granted it's a big, expensive power-bank.
          You plug it in to that big battery when you return.

          Unless you travel 200km each way, it's plausible. The only question is, how deep are your pockets?

          • @Speckled Jim: Indeedy. How deep are the pockets. I wish it's deeper. I need to start a compaign finance collection for a Tesla/Battery.

            • @Naigrabzo: Yeah, my pockets hurt.

              Think of it this way. Someone has sacrificed for years, saving for a Porsche, Ferrari or other exotic. In 2020, they somehow find they can afford something 300-350K.

              Now, if it were me, I'd seriously consider one of the faster EVs and just such a battery wall. I'd probably have change for mags and seat covers!

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      LMAO! LGOPNR. I love it and it's so so true. I kid you not, if you flaunt your wealth (or even just fake wealth) they will open like crazy.

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      Also false advertising, no doubt.

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    If he has solar panels at home and charges during the day, he is CO2 free.

    If he lives in Tasmania or Canberra - he is pretty damn close to being CO2 free.

    As time goes on and our grids get cleaner, he may one day be just about CO2 free.

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    I had this conversation with another Tesla owner. He told me his power from comes the panels sitting on the roof of his house. I got owned well in that conversation actually.

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      He would be one of the very few that does. Tesla Car + Fancy Number Plate + Dedicated Solar System = Big $$$. To that we can only say "My Hero!". Clearly, they are better than us.

      • +9

        The jealousy meter is clearly in the red now :)

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        Wow, now I've been implicated. I have a Tesla and solar panels, no fancy number plate though. The charging off solar thing works, by the way. OP cannot be this seriously butthurt by a number plate.

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    If the owner of that car actually saw all these comments, he/she would be LAUGHING their ass off right now. I know I would be.

    • He is too cool for Ozbargain.

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        Ah ok. OP is just trolling peeps.

      • I know who the owner is, I'll pass the link along.

        (and yes this vehicle is charged from solar at his home and workplace).

    • laughing produces CO2. rant checks out.

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    No electric car will ever be C02 free, no amount of data or imagination will ever make that happen.
    I am surprised there are people that don't understand that fossil fuels are burned to mine the earths materials, transport workers to and from the mine site or factories where they process them into raw materials carry them on trucks again, then onto other factories where they spew more C02 making components including batteries, copper cables, solar panels, wind generators, Teslas etc.
    If you want C02 free, make a bicycle out of bamboo and ride it on goat tracks, otherwise you and your vehicle are not C02 free, not even if you plant 1 billion trees.
    Options good for the environment are walking, public transport, ride a bike, buy a used car.

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      reduce emissions, whilst concurrently bulldozing more bush and rain forest than anytime in history.

      who will we blame when we do all this emission reduction, but nothing changes and we fixate on something new?

      david attenbrah made this point fairly clear in his documentaries (along with emissions). habitats destroyed at an out of control rate all over the world (special mentions: indonesia, all of south america, all of africa), those big CO2 captures just disappearing

      we are kidding ourselves, I will never get on board 100% with this politically driven agenda until the above is included in the argument

      • True enough.

        who will we blame when we do all this emission reduction, but nothing changes and we fixate on something new?

        You're onto something here. We should blame the pollies!

        The Coalition will blame the Greens, with rhetoric like "despite all the pain, sacrifice, dietary changes and tree-planting, we're in the midst of a climate emergency. Proof that the Greens have no idea, even in their cornerstone environmental policy."

        Labor will blame the Coalition for their delay tactics, championing coal and gas and not establishing EV charging infrastructure and an incentive program.

        The Greens will blame the other two, for failing to get the MRRT and carbon trading up and/or to higher levels to make a dent in emissions.

        In the end, we'll be told it's too late and simply reducing CO2 by existing means won't be enough.
        May I interest sir in our new line of carbon-neutral nuclear facilities?
        Oooh suits you, sir!

  • What sort of car do you drive, OP?

    • Not really relevant to this discussion as I'm not the one making the claims, but a Toyota.

      • Is it's licence plate "NOTCO2FREE"?

        • If it is a Toyota is would be "STYLEFREE"

        • +1

          Pretty sure it's BUTTHURT

          Wanted BUTTHURT??? but they wouldn't let him keep the hysterical punctuation

        • It should NOSERVICE.
          My RAV4 300k hardly any service apart from changing oil and filters. Still runs great!

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    CO2 FREE at the none existent exhaust.
    Either the OP is purposefully acting stupid, or he really is.

  • +3

    He wanted to write "COVIDFREE" but ran out of letters.

  • +3

    You sound jealous.

    Let other people do their own thing as long as they aren't hurting anyone, although not 100% true in every aspect, Telsa are certainly better than just about everything else on our roads.

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    I reckon those that oppose renewable power are generally also of the mind that Australia shouldn't be reliant on China for it's economy.

    How ironic. Maybe just be happy with the tax cuts you voted for and take whatever comes.

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    The argument that Electric Vehicles generate a huge amount of C02 and will never pay back their manufacture has been debunked.

    Older generations of Teslas (model S, model X) were carbon neutral, vs a similar sized car, using coal generated electricity after about 80,000km, which is much below the average opetational life distance travelled by cars.

    Further to the above, many (most) owners of Tesla cars would be solar owners & charge a decent proportion from solar.

    Of course, you could stick your head in the sand, and not realise that the Australian NEM is now +30% supplied by renewables, 60-100% in SA.


    • Everyone forgets poor old tassie. been 100% renewable for bloody ages, before it was popular

    • OpenNEM is amazing. It shocked me to see that we were nearly 30% renewables. I would have guessed half of that.

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    How do you know s/he isn't off grid and using solar only? Also why are we talking about this Karen?

  • +2

    Imagine ranting about a license plate that aggravated you on Australia's foremost deal sharing website.

  • oh well,
    some people think others are delusional because of their own standards/values that are obviously different from the subject
    likewise, the subject may think that you are delusional for some reason
    i guess they can afford Tesla for a reason.
    I dont own a Tesla

  • bunch of beta soyboys

  • buy the number plates off him, problem solved

  • +6

    It’s such a dumb agenda bought by idiots like OP

    Diesel Mercedes has no chance to improve its CO2 footprint significantly in the future, where Tesla charged at home with solar or renewable in the future does.

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    The Tesla owner is merely bringing to attention the fact that his/her licence plate reflects the largely correct idea that when he/she is driving the car, relatively speaking no CO2 is being produced by its motor. His/her licence plate is just that - a licence plate. It doesn't need to be comprehensively factual nor a dissertation on climate science.

    It is just a licence plate.

    To extrapolate that to "ignorance" is really unnecessary.

    The OP clearly has an axe to grind. Grind away.

    But the driver is not ignorant.

    Too much CO2 has already been produced over this non-sensical post.

  • +1

    There's one in Melbourne with the number plate "OILLOL".
    Had a chuckle at that one.

  • -3


    CO2 Free is not free at all

    The owner needs to burn his own O2 everyday

    I am sure he Leaves behind lot of carbon footprint with the banks for his CO2 Free device if it has been loaned by banks 😀

  • +3

    The Tesla owner might have solar panels and batteries in his home and lives off grid. One can never know.

  • +4

    Hahaha OP clearly jealous

  • We will not be, not with this attitude and not with this ignorance and not with all this cynicism about a number plate.

  • +2

    should take him to court for misleading the public
    DO IT

  • Have to wonder if that Telstra driver is an idiot, or if he's just trolling and enjoying people getting worked up over it (which judging by the number of pages in this post, he has accomplished).

    Impossible to tell.

    • I would totally TROLL if I had a tesla.

  • They could technically go CO2 free but honestly who really cares?

  • +1

    The only way to be really Co2 free is to end yourselves

    • Or plant heaps of forests.

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    Your average 6.6kw solar system which costs little more than 3k will generate enough energy to drive a Model 3 60,000km per year. Your average petrol car will burn 4800 litres of fuel at a cost of $6000 to cover the same distance. Game over ICE.

  • +1

    Some Teslas do in fact emit CO2 (cue LS swap!)

  • Akin to OzBargain, though somewhat less intense… :)

    If someone's idea of clever on a personalised plate is so aggrieving maybe you will find this relaxing, possibly during some of the untechfixed time you might find over the New Year break?
    The not from Dallas JR doesn't have all the answers, he could also be choosing to skip a few things. This still remains a good overview and here in readily digestible form. An indication or two of just where certain things are heading, you will also spot the pointers to some bumpy roads and interesting side tracks.

  • +2

    Saw a "0 oil" on a Tesla here in Brissie the op would lose it due to the plastics being made from oil lol

    • Damn right. And I bet that thing doesn't operate without SOME form of lubrication !

  • +1

    I know who the owner is, and he does charge from rooftop solar, and also a large solar array at his workplace. Can confirm it indeed does not emit CO2.

    If you'd like a drive I have a model 3 also and I'm in your local area.

    Can I collect the million dollars though?

  • OP Is about the most butthurt individual I've ever seen here.

    Do you think the guy with the $100k car gives a shit about what losers on the internet think of him??

    I do get where the OP is coming from… the Tesla requiries massive inputs of raw materials in its manufacture but then so does every ICE car inc. the OP's Toyota.

    The Tesla owner does have the option of using his own solar cells however its not the Tesla owners fault that Australia's energy policy is the way it is.

    Realise we are all small players in this.

    I want Australia to move to a CO2 free economy but they cant even commit to that by 2050. Is that anyones fault here? Is that the fault of the Tesla owner?

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