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Free $100 or $50 Accomodation Voucher to Use in South Australia @ SA Tourism


Second Round
All Australian residents over the age of 18 are eligible to register for a Great State Voucher. You must have:

  • Proof of identification
  • A valid email address

Edit: Took me half an hour and about 50 attempts to get one
OOS in 40 mins

The hugely popular Great State Vouchers are coming back in 2021! This is your chance to secure a $100 voucher to use at Adelaide city and North Adelaide accommodation, and a $50 voucher for suburban and regional South Australia.
You can register for: 1x CBD and North Adelaide Great State Voucher valued at $100; and 1x regional/suburban Great State Voucher for use anywhere else in South Australia valued at $50

Vouchers will be available from 11am ACDT on Tuesday 5 January until the allocation is exhausted. If successful, you will have from 7-31 January to book with your voucher, for travel from 7 January until 31 March 2021 inclusive (Saturday nights excluded).

A full list of all participating accommodation providers will be available here soon. You can expect to see a wider range of accommodation options, from some brand new hotels opening in early 2021, and smaller accommodation providers.

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  • Always hard to get one, esp when people grab 4+ for themselves like people [email protected] the last deal!

    • Plenty of people got them and wasted them. I got my two, my partner did, my parents both did, my siblings both did, their partners did. We used all of them. We injected a tonne of money into the local economy. You can still get decently cheap hotel nights on Groupon etc so it’s no big deal if you miss out. It’s just a bit garbage that other states do this just for residents and Marshall drops his dacks for everyone across Australia, with the risk that borders shut and businesses lose out from booking interstate tourists with vouchers.

      • Marshall drops his dacks for everyone across Australia

        I clearly missed the daily update

      • So, you got 4 between your partner and you? What about other people, or singles? Heaps of people missed out!

        4 vouchers a couple is ridiculous! Disgusting

        I know heaps of people who missed out.

        What money did you inject? You mean the free money the government gave you? What a joke

        • Sorry, both of us work for SA Health so sit down please. I got all my annual leave denied for the entire year, and was forced to work on the code brown plans for my entire health division even thought it has traumatised myself and my colleagues. I also spent 4 months on an unpaid student placement, also in a health setting. What did you do? Work from home and browse ozb? Stockpile toilet paper?

          What money did I inject? I don’t know, imagine being out in the hills and there is wineries, restaurants, shops, tourist sites. Imagine the CBD had reopened various eateries, and Christmas was close. Can’t imagine what anyone would spend money on after not being able to go out for months. Can you? Yikes.

          Do not be bitter just because you missed out. You were too slow. I wasn’t. This kind of entitlement from you is repugnant. When I can get time off, I usually opt for a staycation without a voucher, continuing to inject money into the SA economy. Do you? Or are you just a cheapskate? The only joke here is you. Selfish and entitled.

          • @VictoriousBboy: Indeed Health Professionals, who struggled hard during these times shall be given seperate vouchers of more value, rather than lining up like this with every other person.

            • @ChipsChicky: I already get paid by the govt and have enjoyed free public transport to work for months. I don’t want to be treated like some hero. I got my vouchers fair and square. I just don’t like some bellend coming in assuming they are entitled to freebies when they just aren’t. As with other deals on here, sometimes you just miss out. It’s not like I did anything to scam the system. I was simply on time and prepared. This person was not and is bitter they lost and I won. Sucks for them but it’s not my fault, or my problem.

    • This system is DESIGNED to enable partners to each get a voucher to encourage/enable families to get out and holiday. Problem with the last round was that far too many people didn't read the conditions before applying, then bitched because they couldn't use them on Saturday nights or during school holidays. Only a fraction of those issued were used. We used ours, playing at being tourists in our own city, and spent money in the community we wouldn't have otherwise. It's a great initiative of the government.

  • Thanks Op…Have been planning to visit SA so this will be the icing on the cake!

  • i susppect the pricing will increase to match the vouchers.

    • -3 votes


    • it didn't last time

    • I stayed in a hotel for $1, got a bottle of wine and tea/coffee etc thrown in. Businesses aren’t taking the loss, the government is paying them. Why would they increase prices? If a few didn’t, they’d get all the business. Lots of places last time kept normal prices and added free breakfast or wine to encourage people to stay there. It’s not rocket science.

    • Yes, it is called the Cantillon Effect.

      Already happened with our real estate with government pumping grants for everyone to get into housing.

      The more money you inject, the bigger the prices get to accomodate new buying power of every customer.

      I wish government would stay the **** out of economy, stop interfering and let the market correct itself!

    • In many cases hotels offered reduced rates, room upgrades, or free parking/breakfast etc to voucher holders. Some amazing deals offered last time!

  • +5 votes

    (Saturday nights excluded)

    Is that because Adelaide is closed then ?

  • Got one in the first batch and was basically unusable (and the site to find the deals is garbage)

  • I prefer to eat out..

  • Giving out to all and sundry now. Most of us here never got the first round 🙄

  • Got 2 ×$100 voucher for myself and the partner and we stayed in the city 2 Friday nights in a row for $20 per night including a gin tasting and free basement parking. No complaints here.

  • I need something like this to spend in NT

  • Managed to score 2 last time. We stayed at the IBIS for $1 with a free bottle of wine. Highly recommended.

    • Same here - a great deal. And encouraged us to spend more at other businesses during our stay too. Everyone benefited (apart from those who missed out on vouchers - can’t imagine they’ll be too happy if they miss out again and interstate people don’t, given it’s our govt paying)

    • Same here, really good deal. If you think about it the wine was $5 so you profited $4 altogether!

  • Its pretty good..I stayed at Crowne Plaza for $55 with breakfast thrown in. Well worth it.

  • We stayed at the oval, came to $129 last time, was great!

    We got the breakfast which was great!

  • Registration opens at 11AM today in SA.

  • voucher is live

  • Appears to be down. I'm stuck at the verification stage.

  • Stuck at the verification page and it won't let me submit. And then it went to service unavailable…

  • Got mine. Went live around 10:58 for some reason

  • Anyone else having issues?.. its just stuck on Your details are being verified. Please do not refresh your browser or close this window during this process.

  • Website seemed to crash after a few minutes, a few refreshes took me to the confirmation page.

  • Can't submit the form!

  • Can't get the submit button active!

  • "
    Your details are being verified………." for the last 5 min

  • CBD one was and still is in a loop processing, however, opened one for suburbs voucher at the same time and that one went through

  • Typical government webpage. What did they think would happen!

  • Partner managed to nab one at 10:58 as registrations opened early.

    I've been unsuccessful so far despite getting in early too.

  • C O O K E D

  • I'm stuck on verification too. Any suggestions?

  • aaannnndddd the page is down.

  • I'm stuck on the verification loop and have been so for a while. Do I leave it or do I refresh it and fill in the form again?


  • Site is cooked

  • Can't press "submit" lol

  • I tried registering again and got a $100 cbd voucher, try again.

  • Yes - finally worked!

  • Tried about 20 times and got one.
    Processing only lasts for about 2 seconds. If its been stuck for a few minutes, then your session is cooked.

  • Successfully registered after 10 tries.

    Godspeed to you all who are still trying.

  • can't hit submit :/

    • I don't think the page likes autofill data, I had to manually type all my information for the submit button to appear. If you see any grey boxes then refresh your page and start again.

      • Found the same.

      • It wasn't a problem with autofill for me. I just had to keep trying to load the page, and eventually it fully loaded with a working submit button. Now i'm just stuck on the verification popup….

  • Well at least I have memorized my licence now!

  • Successfully got the regional one, but the CBD one won't progress. Now get an error message saying ive already registered, but i havent seen any of them reach the confirmation page…

  • Does anyone actually receive the voucher through email? I've got a success page but haven't got anything yet.

  • "It appears you already registered for this voucher" - I guess one of my attempts was successful..

  • submit button has disabled?

  • Does anyone know if "It appears you've already registered for this voucher" = successful?

    • Yea the missus and I got the same message?

    • Most likely. The server would have had a backlog of requests and couldn't process your request/send a response before the front-end timed out (which is why the verification pop-up never disappeared). By the time you submitted your second request, your first request had been processed.

    • Can I ask you got voucher?? I got same message but haven’t got any.

  • Nice work by the SA Govt that anyone can apply in Australia even people shut off in NSW :)

  • Regional are all claimed.

  • well i eventually got to the confirmation page, hopefully i get my sms soon

  • Mine was cooked on verification, tried a second time and now says I have already registered?

    • Yeah same. P stupid. Never got the confirmation page, probably just flagged me for spamming