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Everyday Rewards: Spend <$100 Get 3x Pts, Spend >$100 Get 5x Pts, Spend >$150 Get 10x Pts @ Woolworths (Activation Required)


Input your Woolworths everyday rewards card number and click boost to activate

Collect up to 10x~ points on every shop in-store or online at Woolworths. Boost your balance with 3x~ points every time you spend under $100, 5x~ points when you spend $100 or more, and 10x~ points when you spend $150 or more. Offer starts Monday, 14th December and ends Sunday, 20th December.*

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Everyday Rewards
Everyday Rewards

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  • Nice one, thanks OP.

  • Thanks \0/

  • Thank you OP ..
    No email from Woolies this week.. bonus points are always useful at this time of the year.

  • Thanks OP

    • +4

      everything should be free and come with a set of steak knives

      • -1

        Yep that's what I said. $150 for 75c is a good and fair rewards scheme.

        • It's $7.50 aka 5% 🙄

          • -1

            @Bytelover: 75c is without the 10x bonus. Which is what I'm saying is a joke. It should be 5x or 10x as the standard rate.

  • Nothing in my Rewards app, probably targeted.

    • +3

      not targetted click the link

      • +1

        Thank you. Upvoted. Thank you OP.

        • And you can even repeated go in, click "Sign in with another account" and register all of your cards (all my family's cards in my case) without logging in.

  • Clicked the link, filled in the number as requested, got a message saying it was targeted.

    Edit: tried again. Message is

    Unfortunately, this boost offer isn’t available to you

    You can only boost offers that Everyday Rewards shares directly with you. However, you can view your available boosters.

    • +1

      weird, i have a bunch of accounts and i just tried another one and it still worked. try clearing cookies?

    • +3

      Try clicking "Get Offer" on this Facebook post

      For me I didn't even have to input my rewards number, it knew it was me and all I had to do was click "Boost"

  • Does this stack with another offer i have activated for 4500 points with $150 spend?

    • Yes, you'll get both bonus 4500 points and 10x normal points. So minimum you'll get is 6000 points for $150 shop

      • Sweet, its weird though i clicked the boost but dont see the 10x in my active boosts.

  • Many thanks, OP ! I never receive the targeted offers - I must save too much on the weekly grocery shopping for the Woolies algorithms - so this is much appreciated !

  • Great find! Thanks for posting. Boosted successfully but not listed in my active boosts.

  • Thanks. OP, works on my account but I don’t receive targeted email.

    10x points sounds a lot but it worths 5% only. :(

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