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Jetstar Christmas Sale: Flights from Melbourne (Avalon) to Adelaide (21 Feb ~ 29 Mar) $29 and More


Jetstar sale starts at midnight tonight with early access available now to Club Jetstar members. Travel periods vary but the first block is from mid Jan to Mar 2021 and the second block is from late Apr to Jun 2021.

Melbourne from $29
Adelaide from $29
Sydney from $41
Hobart from $45
Brisbane from $49
Darwin from $89
Perth from $119

Sorry Canberrans, nothing for you.

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  • Canberra is always expensive due to politicians and govt stuff.

    • +1 vote

      and simply volume… Canberra has a population of 400k vs. major cities (1.3m, 2.3m, 5m+) that are also major tourist destinations

  • I'm thinking of going to Perth. Is $169 single trip a good price for ticket from Sydney? Does it go lower than this?

    • It depends, I find you always have to be keeping an eye out for flights.

      I am kicking myself for not completing a GC to Perth check out for a recent fly return free deal they had and the fair was like $119 dollars but first had to get some confirmations with family. But the deal was only good for one day so I missed out.

      Most trips I have done to Perth have worked out to be about $240-260 return.

      Don't know how things will shape up but I sure hope more deals return again soon!

    • Some Xmas fares to Perth for $129 each way on Jetstar.

      Expires tonight at midnight though, worth looking at imo!

      Good luck :)

  • Can you book a flight from Brisbane to Adelaide

  • Melbourne (Avalon) is like saying Sydney (Newcastle)

    • Sounds like it, but distance from CBD is very different:
      Flinders st. station —> Avalon = 45min
      Central station —> Williamtown = 2:05 hours

  • how stingy is jetstar with their 7kg carry on limit?

    • Do you know what the carry on baggage allowance is with other flight providers?

      (psst 7kg)

    • 50/50. Went last week and only some people were randomly selected to weigh their luggage. SYD > MEL was pretty chill. No checks.

      • A couple of army blokes were asked to check their luggage. They flatly refused and said to the attendant, 'show me on my ticket, where it says you can weigh my luggage'. JetStar backed off and they went on board. Wondering if this is worth a shot. :)

        • That'd be good if u succeed. I literally stuffed 5kg worth of stuff in my pockets and wore 2 jumpers.

          • @No Username: When I moved across the country, I was extremely povvo, I wore two layers of cargo shorts along with a lot of jackets. I allowed PLENTY of time to have to casually strip most of my clothes off & take out all the small dense usually metallic items at the metal detectors & then put them all on again at the other side.

        • Do you look like an army bloke? Or anyone on quick visual calculation could have the kind of social status that'd be taken seriously by management? That definitely helps along with an eloquent barrage of bafflegab, like these dudes did with the ticket. Not always a Karen move to do this to staff of large corps, especially if not actually rude to them.

          Still, it's a gamble. Work out the costs to you if you fail.

          • @kiteo: Well, TBH, I'd still be under the 7kg limit, haha, I don't want to rort the system, but it should be a 'everyone needs to be weighed' policy not, 'random selection' which is the current practice. And have it done at checkin, not at the gates, just like international flights. Be given a tag that says you're right and off you go!

            WRT the eloquent barrage of bafflegab, that I probably will need some lessons on. :)
            Your dig at Karen made me chuckle!

  • booked flights for January. Does anyone know terms for cancellation if borders close?

    • Jetstar will issue a credit voucher within 14 business days. i just put in a request to cancel my flight to sydney :(