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Kogan 8kg Series 8 Heat Pump Dryer $599 + Delivery @ Kogan


Delivery cost may vary, may save $40 delivery fee ($71 for me) with 1 months "First" subscription which cost $12 (or free trial).

Ultra-efficient and gentle heat pump dryer
Re-uses warm air produced by the drying cycle
Conserves energy by drying at lower temperatures
15 Drying programs with smart moisture sensing function
Anti-crease mode reduces folds and wrinkles by reversing the tumble direction
24-Hour delay start option
Child lock safety feature
Large 8kg capacity
7 Star energy rating
24 Month warranty

more info may be available at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574921

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  • +1

    Biggest junk I have used for white goods. Returned two then requested full refund. Had to threaten ACL just for them to acknowledge the situation

    • +4

      What was the problem if you don't mind me asking? I just got the 7kg esatto heat pump dryer and quite impressed with them.

      • +2

        The door would start to not close. Then finally not close. Then the second the door will close but the cycle won't start. Door or sensor issue won't do.

    • please share experience what was wrong with it and how you noticed and how it compared to others that you have actually personally used

    • i don't have this, so i respect all reviews and opinion. I posted this because it may be the cheapest 8kg heat pump dryer (7 Stars) in Australia atm.

      • Without government certified sticker this has no energy rating so they can't state this. I have informed them this and the are still reluctant to advocate this. All stickers must be visible and not obstructed in any way or form.

        • Wording seems to indicate it's only required when sold in stores. They do have an energy rating on the energy rating website. Would be outright illegal otherwise.

          • @TheContact: yes which has no credibility

            • +1

              @chuneeperformance: huh? You had me curious earlier, and honestly I'd like to rag on Kogan as much as the next person, but this specific model does have a 7 Star rating on the energyrating.gov.au site.

  • +1

    It has the government certified sticker on the unit, and the record can be found on the government database from here:


    Reg number: ACD0489

    For those who actually bought this unit, they will find the sticker on the unit, lower right corner.

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