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Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max $799 (Save $400) @ JB Hi-Fi


Another scooter deal from JB! Seems like a good price for a well reviewed scooter with local warranty. Use the coupon code for an extra $160 off the discounted price.

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  • +7

    come on VIC , when u gonna make it legal ??

    • +1

      According to this : https://www.ecorides.com.au/blogs/news/electric-scooter-aust...
      Electric scooters in VIC are legal - IF the device is capped at 200W ( Segways unit in question : MAX Power: 350W-700W )

      • +1

        It's been like that since years ago, you are correct. But no sane electric scooter these days are 200W or below. And that speed limit of 10kmh is garbage too, might as well just say it's outright illegal.

        Ps: not angry or calling you out, just annoyed by the whole thing in general.

        • Yup, it's pretty insane. 'Legal' , but lagging far behind the times & expectations

          • @utopia: Vic even more out date law then Queensland we remove that law in 2014 I think.

    • I live in coastal VIC, I see these things out there, plenty have them.

      You'd probably be OK provided you weren't being an idiot on it and attracting attention. Saying that, why not just get a push bike? Added benefit of exercise.

  • Legal in SA?

    • +3

      Nope. Completely illegal in SA on roads, public footpaths, etc, no matter the wattage. They're classified as motor vehicles strangely enough, and as they don't meet Australian design rules are illegal. Also you'd need compulsory third party insurance.

      Oddly enough e-bikes are legal to 200W, as are rentable electric scooters in Adelaide, but not if you want to bring your own.


      • 😭

      • I saw a guy riding his own elec scooter here in Glenelg along the bike track by the tram line.. Is that illegal? As I was seriously considering getting one after seeing him speed off 🛴💨

        • +1

          Yes, it is. You can be fined by police for use of an uninsured/unregistered vehicle which is $1232.

          • @Morphio25: Wow that's a surprise especially as we've had those silly rentable purple ones all around the city (that litter every street) - I guess they are licenced then? They could still break someone's leg if they ran them over.

            • @beebul: Difference is those scooter hire companies have to pay a massive licencing fee to the council/SA Government which I assume includes some sort of insurance policy to assist if and when accidents happen.

              Stupid thing is though I can ride around a foot powered scooter, a bike or even an electric bike totally legally and if I ran into someone and broke their leg they would have zero recourse apart from suing me personally.

    • +2

      Been riding my two ES4s around Unley on the beers/ billys and it's pretty nice, all things considered.
      Other subs say take it easy and wear a helmet and you won't run into trouble.
      I haven't… yet

      • People are booked all the time, plus if you are drinking and riding it, you can still lose your licence, even though it is not a "vehicle" as such.

        • Believe me I'm acutely aware. Nighttime is best!

  • +2

    This of the Mi Pro that was $699 a couple weeks ago?

    • I went with this when I was considering between the two but it's much of a muchness

    • These are less prone to punctures than the Xiaomi..

    • +2

      Get the max; 350watt vs 300watt motor. My max is in for repair after an at fault bicycle rider hit me head on (cutting into footpath from road on a blind corner). I bought the pro scooter 2 to use while waiting on parts for the max. I'm 95kg and on the max I can get 38-42km range and slowest I go on a decently long/steep hill near me is 21-19kmph (4 to 6 kmph loss from 25kmph). On the Xiaomi I get 18-20km range & have to walk it on the above mentioned hill. Other things I noticed, the max is more solid quality/feeling/stable and the app is massively better than Xiaomi. The Xiaomi feels slightly more nimble in maneuvering and the disc brake is nicer than thr drum on the max. Overall I'd give the max 9/10 the Xiaomi a 7/10. If you need decent range then the Xiaomi is a 5/10.

    • Forgot to mention charging time on the Max is 6hrs no brick needed just a cable and the pro 2 is 8hrs with a brick charger.

  • Just got this the other day 👌

    • Hey. How heavy are you and how does it perform? Just so I can get some context

      • I'm 95kg and get 38 to 42 km range. Performs great.

  • NSW : "Powered foot scooters and skateboards cannot be registered and can only be used on private land"
    Reference : https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/pedestri...

    • +9

      Yesssss. Same thing is posted literally EVERY scooter deal.

      The emphasis is that as long as you aren't riding like a douche then the chances of being caught are extremely low.

      In saying that, you ride one knowing the potential risks you face if you do get caught.

      I have been riding one for about 12 months in Adelaide for a daily commute to work and never had an issue.

      • "The emphasis is that as long as you aren't riding like a douche then the chances of being caught are extremely low."

        • Well, YMMV ; you might just run into an over zealous ex-school monitor who's now a publically funded cop on a power trip

        In NSW ; the penalty is $78 (ref : https://www.criminaldefencelawyers.com.au/blog/electric-scoo... ) which is likely covered by the cost savings the e-scooter should provide
        - that's if you don't mind being treated like a drug dealer during the process as well

        • +6

          sorry however these are the penalties that will apply if riding these on a public roadway in nsw, its not just the $78 fine as stated

          Ride unregistered vehicle:
          $697 on the spot fine

          Ride uninsured vehicle:
          $697 on-the-spot fine

          Ride without License:

          Ride unlicensed:
          $116 on-the-spot fine

          • +1

            @bargainhunter1000: Thanks, I didn't know that.
            So much for it being a viable option for my teenagers to get around easily without a car

          • @bargainhunter1000: i think these only apply to cars and not scooters as utopia has pointed out that scooters cannot be registered

            • @joeydee: No. They apply to scooters as well. The fact it can't be registered is irrelevant, it is still classed as a vehicle (motorcycle from memory) and it is still unregistered. You will get fined for all the unregistered/uninsured/unlicensed at the same time.
              Here's one guy in Sydney who copped them all https://www.reddit.com/r/sydney/comments/aeqa53/25k_of_fines...

              This gets covered ad nauseum in every scooter thread.

          • +2

            @bargainhunter1000: What if one rode on the footpath then wheeled it over the road crossings?

            will it just be 78 fine?

            • @agalea101: As I stated, ride at your own risk, but in 12 months I am yet to have 1 issue and regularly see plenty of others doing the same thing.

              • @spuderump: true that. See a lot riding in CBD and no one minds and haven't seen anyone get pulled over or a daring high speed scooter chase lol

                Got this for Xmas present and only taken it out at night of fear of big fines and esp now during the xmas holidays etc

                • @agalea101: Does anyone personally know of someone that has been fined?
                  Not some one off thing on the news.

                  You can get fined for a million things in this country, riding sensibly and with a helmet seems extremely low risk in comparison.

                  • @Pimpiticians 4 Life: Well i did get fined for walking the street when it was a red sign but no cars at all. Safe to cross

                    So stupid cos half way i saw the cop and I'm like ahhh man and knew it was too late to walk back.

                    But no haven't heard anybody getting fined here in Sydney CBD.

        • This guy copped over $2200 in fines for riding one in Surrey Hills.


      • How far do you commute on it?

      • -1

        So you knowingly ride around flouting the law. You do realise that you're uninsured? Hopefully for your sake you never have an accident involving injury to another person or damage to property.

    • +1

      Any deals on Penalty Infringements? Pay 4 tickets get 1 free perhaps?

  • +7

    I don't understand how these are able to be sold in the shops but can't be legally ridden in most areas

  • +22

    Every time someone posts an e-scooter deal, do we really need to have hundreds of comments asking if or lamenting that they aren’t legal in x jurisdiction? They’re legal in Queensland and ACT only - if they’re not legal in your jurisdiction, then you’ll need to take that up with your elected officials, not OzBargainers!

    Perhaps we need the mods to include a disclaimer on each e-scooter deal with a summary of their legality.

    • +2

      Or a sticky to a FAQ?

    • There's new visitors and members everyday. This may be the first time they've seen it. Relax.

  • Do TCN Gift Cards work for this? When does this deal run to.

    • yup, until 21 dec

      • Thanks, I've been waiting to pull the trigger. Living in QLD is a big plus, and I imagine this will make it much easier taking the 4 and 5 year old on bike rides (riding a bike with them is painfully slow and difficult on a bike due to how slow they are).

        • Whatever makes you sleep better at night to justify your purchases I guess… 😁

          Difficult to ride a bike due to need to keep up with your kids… 😂

          Have you tried walking?

          It's free and cardio exercise…. 😏

    • How do I get the gift cards ?

      • +1

        Woollies still has 10% off until the end of the day

  • +8

    Worth noting that escooters will likely be legal from May next year, which is when a decision will be made:


    • +1

      Much better that it will be done at a federal level!

      • That's not how it works. The federal government has no power to regulate that, so what happens is the NTC adopts model road rules (the ARRs) and then states have to incorporate them into their state road rules by changing their own laws.

        With luck, the model rules will be similar to Queensland's rules, which are the most flexible of the current lot.

    • +1

      This probably didnt help https://7news.com.au/travel/driving/elderly-man-drives-mobil...
      Can imagine people on scooters doing this when it gets legalised.

      • You would be amazed how often this actually happens.

    • +1

      Thanks for the comment. This is why I always check these deals even though I live in NSW… I get my updates on legality from deals like this.

    • +1

      Worth keeping in mind though that each state still has their own version of the Australian Road Rules. Not all rules are replicated, and some are modified. Just because the national standard changes, doesn't inherently mean the states will all follow suit.

    • +1

      It won't be legal from May next year. The NTC will draft a model set of rules, and the states will choose whether they incorporate them and if so whether they incorporate them verbatim or change them. It's still possible that your state will choose not to adopt it, or will choose to make it more or less restrictive (for example, Queensland has the most permissive phone use while driving laws in Australia, because it did not adopt the model ARR 299).

  • +4

    There is a newer version of this scooter where it is lighter, bigger wheels but the range is less.

    Having the scooter ninebot max for 8 months, I would of preferred a lighter scooter with bigger wheels.
    I never scoot as long as 65km so 40km in the newer version would be just fine

    Expired Gen2 deal:

    • The wheels are 10 inch on both.
      In reality most won't get the top advertised range so for example I get ~40km on the max because I run it in sport mode (fastest) & I'm 6ft2 & 95kg, I'd guess on the Gen 2 it'd be more like 26km, which might be a bit low for some.

      • Nice, 40km is massive for sports mode. I hear people on Nord Daddy or SHMAX gets around 30km or less.

  • MAX Mobility
    With a range of up to 64km, the longest range on the market, and a 15% climbing angle, the KickScooter MAX allows you to ride from San Francisco Bay Area to Palo Alto with a single charge.

    What's this in Australian units?

    • +10


      • Or from Brisbane Airport to Dreamworld.

    • And 15% climbing angle

      • Climbing angle or downward angle….since Australia is upside down??

        • Gravity, man, gravity…..

  • Really want to get one. Only problem is find a place while I am working.

  • Thanks OP, bought mine

  • +2

    Excellent price. I’ve owned one for a couple of months now and the range is ridiculous. You will get tired standing on it before you run out of battery 😂. IMO biggest drawback would be the physical brake (but is less of an issue when you crank up the regenerative braking via the app)

    • I definitely think long term drum brake is WAYYY better than disc brake. No maintenance yet still works great along with your electronic brake. There's less issues, maintenance or changing brake pads. Drum brake's gentle braking in the front wheel is perfect for not throwing u off as well. Just don't be a speed demon xD

  • Anyone had a puncture on these? Was it a pain to repair/replace? Also does it have good shock absorption/suspension compared to other models?

  • I got one on last deal and it is worth it at this price.

  • Wish JB stocked widewheels and they were discounted to a similar price

  • +1

    Oh! When will Guangzhou build an escooter for the husky gentleman?!?!

    • +2

      I'm husky enough and they ride fine going over the max weight. Only real problem is hills if you aren't going fast enough already and "sometimes" max speed (strong head or side wind *depending on the girth of your husk). I haven't tested out the max charge distance yet.

  • +4

    I bought the xiaomi pro 2 on the last deal and have ridden this one before as well there isn't much difference between the 2 in the way they feel.

    They are made by the same factory and the parts and operation are almost identical. the only real difference is the charger, wheels, rear wheel drive. If those things are super important to you get this one. If this deal was available before the xiaomi I would of bought this one for the extra $100

    • +2

      I own both

      Max has better:
      Charging rate and no brick (6hrs vs 8.5hrs)
      Range, for me max 40km vs Xiaomi 20km (most important in my opinion)
      Quality, feels more solid and stable (it's a tank)
      Android App is 10x better & more stable
      Better handle grips, deck larger, better bell (you'll need it)
      Slightly taller handlebars
      Larger wheels and more puncture proof
      Better ability to climb hills (350watt vs 300watt)

      Xiaomi pro 2 has better:
      Disc brake beats drum break on max
      Slightly more nimble to maneuver
      Lighter to carry
      Brighter headlight
      Rear fender has metal support struts
      Larger rear light

  • Damn! I thought it was $799 minus another $160 with code. Probably still a great deal but I almost pulled the trigger on a Xiaomi one about 6 months ago for about $599 so can't bring myself to pay much more than that.

  • I recently bought a Zero 8 escooter, however even though it has rear suspension, the ride still feels a bit bumpy, I think possibly because the wheels are 8" and rear tyre is solid. I am not sure how it would compare to this with both pneumatic 10" tyres. Anyone know which is better over concrete footpaths/minor amount of grass area?

  • Just bought three Xiaomi e-scooters, and planning an ACT scooter trip, will be cool to scooter around the Lake - NSW you will not get my holiday spending.
    May be will scooter around Jervis Bay as well.

    The difference for this Kickscooter Max vs Xiaomi is mostly the rear wheel drive, and the tyres are harder to burst.

    but, you need to put slime in the Xiaomi to help.

  • How does one get this instore with the code. I just purchased the TCN cards but they are only available to be redeemed instore

    • To use in store, think you need the email as it has a barcode they scan for the discount.

      • any chance someone could forward the email through to me via pm?

      • I would appreciate if you could upload the barcode or pm me, thank you!

  • Man if I had have known. I got the xiaomi last deal. All great either way but the range would have been good

    • I might get this and sell the xiaomi

  • I bought the Xiaomi as a Christmas gift, shoud I return it and get this? Is it worth the $100 more?

  • Bugger, just got one last week when they had the 5% off!

  • what do these actually weigh? easy enough to take onto a train into the city and unfold

  • I have one and it's benefit is it is lighter to carry. Can't manage steep hills with it. Not powerful enough

  • -1

    How many miles before you have to change tires?

    • +1

      That many!

      Number of variables but I'm sure they have it somewhere in the instructions.

  • -1

    really appreciate it if someone can pm me the promo barcode for my TCN cards to be reddemed in store sigh……
    email [email protected]

    • +1

      I tried with just the number and got denied. Need the barcode :(

      If anyone could send one through to [email protected] I'd greatly appreciate it.

    • +7

      here is the code for you to print/scan at the register


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