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RENPHO Body Fat Scale with Smartphone App $25.99 (Save $10) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AC Green Amazon AU


AC Green is the ONLY authorized seller of the RENPHO brand. When purchasing this scale, please make sure it is sold by AC Green.

Smart App Syncs with Fitness Apps. Over 3 million happy global users. Easy setup app syncs with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit, offers Apple Watch App.

13 Essential Measurements. The scale shows body weight, data including weight, BMI, body fat percentage stores to app. You can weigh yourself anytime without your phone. The data will sync to the app once it is connected again.

Monitor Your Progress. RENPHO connects with the apps to help you set goals, save historical data, and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

High-Quality Product. Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure. Download the RENPHO app at the apple store or google play.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • AC can you check your pm. Cheers

    • Code status is normal, have you encountered any problems?

      • Code not working for me either.

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          Code only applies to black models

      • Code still not working, has it expired? Also, could you please check your msgs, thanks!

  • This is a good scale. Perfect for some fat bloke wanting to lose weight.

    • +13

      Or a woman …
      Or someone trying to put on weight …

      Or anything with mass on Earth; take your pick.

      • You remind me of a mentor of mine :)

      • I used mine to weigh my dogs the other day.

  • Im waiting for the rechargeable version to back on sale.

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    Hi OP
    Can you do the same deal on these Model 300M ?

    • +4

      I wouldn't get hung up on the rechargeable model. Surely every good OzBargainer has a stash of unused Eneloops. I have the non-rechargeable model. It's great. I weigh myself a minimum of twice a day. Still running original batteries for 3 months now.

      • +4

        Exactly my thoughts, that USB charging version actually seems like an unnecessary step back to me.

      • This uses the AAA "s which I haven't got in Eneloops only the AA's

        • +4

          Just hit up ALDI for a 4 pack for $6. Or IKEA I think has cheap ones that are possibly rebranded eneloops. My original batteries lasted quite a few months before I had to swap to the rechargable ones.

  • Any difference between the black and white model?

    • +18

      Yeah, one is black, one is white :)

      • +2

        I'm waiting for the RGB edition

  • +2

    I've been looking for something like this. Great timing thanks OP.

    EDIT: Getting a 2nd one, first Christmas separated and with a child so as parents we're still getting each other gifts for our childs sake. Do you think my ex will take it the wrong way if I give her scales? :)

    • +9

      Include it with a box of chocolates just to be safe.

      • Haha!

        Nevermind, the code only works once and I'm too cheap to pay full price. I'll look for something else :)

  • Does this require the app to be open for it to automatically log my weight?

    Any drama linking the logged weight to Garmin Connect?

    • Yes, need to have the app open on the phone unfortunately (or my experience anyways)

    • Yep, the app must be open on the phone as it syncs over bluetooth (not wifi). No direct support for Garmin Connect (only Google Fit, FitBit and Samsung Health), but apparently to can use SyncMyTracks to sync Garmin Connect to Google Fit as a workaround.

  • Is this better than Xiaomi?

    • My thinking too. I have heard bad things from the Xiaomi. Inconsistent readings mainly. So I think I will go with this one, despite the fact I would love to pair with the mi app.

  • +7

    Great scale - use mine daily - lost 8kg in 8 weeks playing games on ipad

    • what do you mean playing games on ipad lol

    • Typo? You meant gained right :P

    • How!!! About to buy ipad now

    • Legit!! Will drop the youtube video in a few weeks to show everyone how.

  • +5

    Got the rechargeable version of this, really impressed with the consistent readings and app integration.

  • +1

    It's good.

  • +3

    When my ridiculously expensive Tabita (spelling?) bodyfat scale died, I replaced it with one of these. Low and behold, bodyfat readings seem to be just as accurate, plus I get a history on my phone.

    I thought cheap bodyfat scales were wildly inconsistent when I bought the expensive one 10+ years ago. Not sure if I just didn't look hard enough, or if the cheap brands caught up. In any case, don't buy an expensive scale now, these are great.

    • +1

      Pretty sure the bodyfat is not a proper. It just works by intaking your weight and height and is taking it from the chart and all automated. Not your true bf at all with electrical signal etc.

      The weight reading on the other hand is very consistent

      • These scales use electrical signal.

        • Check your weight that is the same on any given day.

          then let me know the result because you will find they are exactly the same.

          I can tell you with 99% certainty it is not using bio impedence. Anyone who thinks so is buying into the marketing and selling it to others too.

          • @aerona: I mean, it does say on Amazon that it uses "Bio-Impedance Analysis".

            But I'm sceptical too. Have you been able to find any sources to say it's definitively not doing that?

            • @Dex: There are tons of reviews of various Renpho scales saying it's just calculated using height/weight.

              In one case a user reported still getting a bf% reading while wearing socks, which shouldn't be possible?

            • @Dex: It's a lie and I don't like this company for targeting unsuspecting customers. And the fact it's promoted so hard on ozbargain is bad.

      • I guess once I get mine, I'll chuck a multimeter on to the electrodes and see if I get a voltage out of them

  • Hi OP, somehow I am getting an error message 'The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase'. Has the code been expired?

  • Code doesn't work for the white one - OP can you please add the code to the white version as well?

    • That's racism

      • +3

        White scales matter!

    • I'm not logged into my Amazon account but it shows a $7 coupon for the white one (B077RXM292) - no code needed.

      But i wonder what the difference is (grey shapes notwithstanding) with the other black one they have (https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07Q4VVT99/) for regular price of $28.04?
      It's been available since April 2019, compared to November 2017 of this model posted.

  • Oh boy, I don't really need this but fk it, impulse buy ftw!

  • +1

    If this is the Renpho model ES-CS20M it should also be compatible with OpenScale - meaning that people who don't want to send their weight, etc, data to the cloud can keep it local, on your phone and not need to use the app.

    • may I ask how does it work? how to keep data local ? do you still use app somehow?

      • https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.health.openscale/

        It's also on the Playstore, but I think if you get it there you need to buy the pro version to get all the features - whereas the version from the f-droid repo is free and, I think, the full version. I'm not sure if they make an Apple version as I'm not in that ecosystem at all.

        In short though, yes, it is an app that keeps the data on your phone, unless you setup the backup options.

        Here's a pretty average yt vid on the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udK3Whlf8Fc

  • Bought one, cheers!

  • +2

    Got one for same price early November…
    Seriously impressed for the price. Yes, you need app open to log measurements but you just need to leave it on bed or table and it will chime loudly to say it's done. Unlike others you can also use as normal scales without phone.
    App is feature rich too.

  • 180kg weight limit…

    • +1

      Well that makes this bloody useless then

    • so i can't log the progress of the person I'm "feeding", what's the point of having this then

  • Can a pregnant woman use this? I've heard mixed things about the BEI that this uses

  • Buy one for each foot.

  • Does anyone know if Renpho is a rebranded Ahatech or vice versa?

  • Bit annoyed I only just purchased 3 of these units last week as Christmas presents! :(

    • +1

      Be just 33% annoyed as apparently the code only works for 1.

  • Renpho routinely gets best marks from Amazon reviewers. Good enough reason to replace my Kmart cheapo, though?

  • If you're trying to lose weight, buy this AFTER Xmas, and you'll be astounded with the results. You're welcome.

  • OP code no longer working? Just tried now on black model and told it can't be applied

    • Me too. No go on the code :(

      • Code just worked for me

  • Thanks, Bought one

  • Anyone able to comment on this vs the withings body + composition scales that are about $90 (on amazone on cyber friday sales).

    This one is clearly cheaper and i am wondering if the number of positive reviews is directly correlated to how cheap it is rather than being a good scale. Some odd reviews say the same thing about the BIA used being very linear i.e. you can weigh yourself multiple times in succession and get diff figures, and you lose a kg and other things adjust by same amount accordingly. I know this won't come as close as the gym ones where you hold the hand bars as well (as that scans more areas of your body, this one only goes through the feet) but still looking for what's a 'reasonable' choice out of these type of scales.

    Withings? Renpho? or some other brand?

  • +1

    I ended up buying one even though the code didn't work.
    It arrived today - only bought it yesterday so very quick postage to Brisbane suburbs.
    IT'S REALLY SMALL!! If you have feet bigger than about a size 10, they will hang over the edges and probably affect the accuracy of the scales.

    • that's worrying.. .size 11 in the US… 10 in UK generally.

      That said if your main feet is on the electrical pulses i think it does its job… and weight should be the same regardless of overhang i.e. standing on one foot you'll still get the same weight rating?

      Wonder why it's so small otherwise.

    • i checked the listing. says its 11" x 11" which is 27.94 cm? I'm a size 11 US or sometimes 10-10.5UK and with a ruler my feet sit just around 27 cm length wise. Also width wise should be able to squeeze both feet side by side on. Given i was under ther 28cm this should be fine iwth a size 10 feet, especially if thats in UK.