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Organic Grass Straws (Reusable/Disposable) 50pk (13cm) $8.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Oazis via Amazon AU


BETTER DAILY CHOICE using Grass Straws is just as convenient as single-use plastic straws, but it has only a positive impact on the environment.
🌾THE GRASSY ALTERNATIVE? Our Grass straws originate in nature and end up in nature, making them truly 100% biodegradable! Not only beautiful, but our straws are also organic, strong and durable, contain NO inks or dyes. Your purchase make a difference to the Mekong Delta Region, protect the species and traditional industry.
🌾SAFE DRINKING doesn't transfer heat like Glass and stainless steel straws do, making them ideal for hot drinks, as well as a great choice for children who want to enjoy their favorite drinks without the risk of breakage, making them ideal for all drink types from your green juice or smoothie to coffee and cocktails. No pesticides or chemicals are used while growing or drying.
🌾EASY DISPOSE: You can use our Straws up to 3 times after rinsing them with fresh water, finally just dispose of in your organic bin or compost. Fantastic for private use as well as commercial food trucks, restaurant, bars clubs and many more
🌾BIO-DEGRADABLE Each pack contains 50 Grass Straws which might differ from one another as it is a 100% natural product.

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  • Hi where are these made? They look pretty cool

    • From description: "Your purchase make a difference to the Mekong Delta Region, protect the species and traditional industry."

      The Mekong is in Vietnam.

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      The Straws are sustainably farmed and hand processed in Vietnam. We pay fair. The whole process is chemical free. The straws are sundried.

  • but it has only a positive impact on the environment

    An even more positive impact is to not use any straw if there is a choice.

  • Seems a little perverse to order supposedly environmentally friendly straws, then have them individually shipped to you in small quantities…

    • Agree moose, but the same applies to most deals here. Transport is a huge contributer to greenhouse. Against that ,prima facie these are an order of magnitude better than the alternatives and you're supporting relatively poor countries (assuming things are as straight forward as they appear - big assumption).

      • Yeah consumption in general is a real issue. Buying anything at all is so much worse than just making do. I definitely indulge too much but I try to keep a lid on it and keep overconsumption in mind.

  • grasping at grass straws

  • I was going to buy these and then I thought, wait, I have grass at my house.