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100% Cashback with Chemist Warehouse Capped at $10 @ jamjar (new users)


Hey OzBargainers, Happy Wednesday!

We have an offer with Chemist Warehouse today of 100% Cashback ($10 Cap) for new users to jamjar

The Offer Details

  • Register at www.joinjamjar.com.au or download the app (jamjar). Be sure to complete your registration by verifying via email and SMS as instructed.
  • Here is the link to the offer Chemist Warehouse
  • The offer is valid today only, 16th Decmber 2020 until 23:59 AEDT
  • Limit of 1 transaction per new registration
  • Read store Terms and Conditions before making your purchase
  • Your Cashback will be tracked at standard rates for all and you will receive a bonus amount up to a total Cashback totalling 100% (capped at $10) that will appear as a separate Cashback within 7 days.
  • Bonus Cashback will initially be set as 'Pending' and change to 'Approved' when the transaction is marked as 'Approved'
  • Note this is a new user bonus for joining jamjar and any other promotion currently running with jamjar will be excluded from your transaction

If you have any questions reach out to [email protected] or via our chat onsite.


What is jamjar?
jamjar is an Australian owned and operated Cashback business.

Do I need to link my account to jamjar?
NO! You only need to link an account to earn Cashback in-store. We use BSB and Acc No to process withdrawals.

How much do I need in my account before I can request a withdrawal?
Once you have $10 or more of 'Available' Cashback you can make a withdrawal.

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  • Any referral rewards for signing up?


      Hey macrOhard,

      Today's new user sign up bonus is the offer above :)

      • I was hoping there'd be a referral system on top of it :) but no worries, just signed up and purchased on CW, hope to see the cashback in my account soon lol. On that note, are there referral codes we can start adding to OB?


          Thanks for participating. I know the team are working on a new refer a friend model which will release soon. We will announce to the OZB community on how it all works when it is ready :)

          Bonus codes the team have just launched and will be putting them into market very soon.

  • Hi,

    After signing up I received a welcome email stating: "Get a $5 bonus on us if you make any purchase eligble for Cashback in the next 7 days!"

    I did a purchase for the $10 cashback. Am I also eligible for the $5 cashback? And it their a minimum spend for the $5 cashback? And finally, is it any purchase from any store on your website?


      Hey There,

      Just responded to you on email but for the benefit of this post. Todays new user bonus is exclusively for Chemist Warehouse and the $5 bonus is ineligible. We will be running other promotions very shortly :)

      • Tried buying on your app, it won't let me checkout, it just reloads the page everytime i click on checkout. Does it actually work???


          Hi There,

          Can you please reach out to [email protected] for them to support you?

          The last button you click is "Shop Now" before going to the Chemist Warehouse site and transacting. I just did a test on my app and was able to perform this so if you are unable to do so then we will be able to help :)

  • +2 votes

    too many cashback websites now, need a new ozb page that summarises all of them T.T

  • Is it for anything at CW or just the stuff in link?

    How can you tell if it is tracking? I don't want to buy if I ain't gonna get $10 back.


      Hi dmbminaret,

      This offer is sitewide at Chemist Warehouse. The link takes you to our site to ensure you register and then click out to CW to earn your Cashback.

      • First cashback notification came by email very fast. Wait to see how the $10 goes on the total purchase of $20.70. So far looks good and probably handy to not have to use an extension so can use any browser?


          Thanks for participating and glad that the notification came through. You will receive another notification for when the bonus is applied :)

  • Your site doesn't work, doesn't let me sign in with the password I just registered and then can't reset it either.


    Hi There,

    Please reach out to [email protected] or use the live chat and this can be sorted straight away :)

  • Hi, I just registered a new account and made a purchase with instructions above, however just received a tracking notification with 0.57c cashback instead of the $10 (purchase was $62.99). Are you able to look into it please?

  • Followed instructions and no email for cashback tracking yet…

  • Just received the bonus of $9.83 adding to the 17c to equal the $10.

  • How long it will take for 'Pending' to change to 'Approved'?