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Scotts Hand Sanitiser 950mL / 1L $2 @ Bunnings


This was previously available for Trade only until 18/12, it's now available in stores for all customers, end date unknown.

Edit: 1L version for the same price - Thanks doweyy. Difference between the 2 bottles, thanks to the Bunnings rep.

70% Ethanol according to previous deal

Edit 16/3: Now down to $1, see new deal.

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    I remember these were like $30+ Lol

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    Need to Google extracting Alcohol from Sanitiser

    • I was wondering the same thing, seeing as I have an 'Essential Oil Maker'.

      Just found this, albeit 8 months late

    • I suggest that you google the list of approved adulterants required for alcohol to skip tax before you go any further.

    • Just blend it with some crushed ice and lemon juice, then float some grenadine on top.

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    There was a report on the ABC about hand sanitisers containing less alcohol than stated on the label and this product was shown. I can't find it now but here's a post about it.

    From memory, the importer was giving them away for free since he couldn't sell them.

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    are these the ones that smell really bad?

    • +20


      • Worse than OzGuard?

        • +4

          Someone had commented here a while back.. that these 'smell like shit took a shit' :) :)
          I always remember that whenever I see these

    • +3

      No. I have some and they only have just a very mild scent. You have to put your nose to it to pick it up and then it's not bad, it's just not aftershave ;)

      • +2

        i think they changed it shortly after the pandemic surge, because it smelt a lot better after.

    • +1

      Yes. This stuff is rank.

    • Not as bad as the one at 7/11.

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    This stuff is disgusting. Every time I use it reminds me of a really bad smelling tequila.

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      Brilliant, will stop my kids from licking their fingers.

      • Or they will lick it more :P

      • +1

        The Coles branded Hand Sanitiser with Aloe Vera is especially foul if it happens to get into your mouth. I actively avoid using this one before eating. Appears to be perfect for your use case though!

        • +1

          Probably the Denatonium Benzoate they put in it to stop people drinking it.

      • +1

        Doesn't stop the first time, if there's an urge of curiosity.
        We've always had this stuff around the house. Avoid using soap 100x a day, changing nappies etc etc.
        Found the 3yo with a handpump in his gob. Ripped it out, put my nose to their mouth, stank of product.

        It all sounds ridiculous, until it happens to you. I read 'snowflake' warnings months ago, and thought they were playing the 0.01% card. Maybe, but one of my kids is in it.

    • I thought it smelt like nice gin.

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    The scent if this stuff is NASTY, but being ethanol-based it burns cleanly.

    If used in a charcoal BBQ or backyard fire pit, it won't release fumes (and flavour-taint your steak, sausages etc) like those little white fire starter blocks.

    • I hate it when my steaks taste like my taint.

      • Why even taste your taint? Stick to steaks bro

  • +6

    Time to stock up before the next hotel quarantine cleaner/guard fk up …

    • +1

      Agree we should stock up as come autumn we can expect the real "second wave" to arrive just as everyone becomes used to the good life. Also don't forget the toilet paper!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bronze-up.

        Save on toilet paper & social-distancing sorts itself.

    • -1

      like literally fk up :)

  • +2

    The worst smelling Hand Sanitiser in history.

  • +2

    Neither of them have a pump included.

    • Thank you, are there any differences apart from the size?

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        The 1L is taller and thinner. If you happen to have a pump from some other bottle it is far more likely to fit the more stout 950mL. Although I prefer the 1L because it is in a fully transparent bottle so it’s easier to see how much is left in it. The 950mL’s bottle is opaque.

        • +1

          I only use these to top-up pumps. Guessing that's their purpose.

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    They have had this brand at a nearby local supermarket for $1/ 450ml or 12 for $10 and several pallets of them sitting around for the last couple of weeks. Haven't tried it myself but at that price hard to go wrong.
    Thats at Yagoona 2199 at the supermarket near the train station that just changed names.

  • Although at the very beginning I didn’t notice anything wrong with the smell and after using it extensively I had started to notice a very particular smell that I don’t find in other hand sanitizers. I’m sure it does the job so I’m not gonna throw it away but now I dread having to use it :(

  • Scott or this Scotts, which one of these brands is better.

  • -1

    I remember a pharmacist saying that this stuff was extremely low on Ethanol

  • Ah man, if I had a pallet of this and a delorean time machine, I could make some money. Better yet, if I had a time machine I could skip 2020 all together.

  • +1


  • Don’t like the smell of scrotts sanitizer

    • +1

      smell of scrotts sanitizer

      Scrot… Um…

      • Scrotum sanitiser doesn't sound nearly as bad as scrotum smelling sanitiser lol

        • scrotum smelling sanitiser

          Chick magnet

  • Perfect for businesses to put in the entrance when they don't want to spend money on hand sanitiser and don't have to use it themselves

    • I saw this at Aldi today, but don't they sell a different brand?

      • Aldi sell Scott’s in smaller tubes.

        I’ve also seen Scott’s at the front of Coles.

  • +1

    how does it stack up against Roku 700ml Dan's deal?

  • Anyone happen to already swing by a Bunnings to see how quickly the stock is moving? I won't get to go till tomorrow.

    Scott's been cheap at other stores before from other deal posts, but not like there's a Spud shed or the like in Vic.

    • Moving slowly.

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    this is cheaper than the mt franklin spring water

  • People still buying hand sanitizers?

  • +1

    lol looks like Bunnings did some panic buying

    • +2

      just wait till their crappy 'lego' kits are being offloaded for like $2

      • +2

        Those knock off $30 kits!! I too thought they were pricy for what they were!

  • The expiry on these is May '21

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    Well, sell these to American or Euorpe where people actually need them. Or, maybe they are still profiting at this price…

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    I would literally sniff an (profanity) than use this. I left this in a hot car a month ago, upon opening it and squeezing some on my hand, I gagged, like I actually gagged. It was horrid. Disgusting. No thank you.

  • Lots of stock goulburn

  • 16/3: Now down to $1, see new deal.

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