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ALPHAMINE Thermogenic by PEScience from $34.31-$36.50 Shipped (Normally $53.75) @ Bargain Nutrition eBay


48 hour flash sale on PEScience Alphamine 84 scoops powdered and 60 caps.


As per PEScience website:

PES Alphamine is one of the most highly regarded fat burners on the market and for good reason better yet. Some of the biggest benefits are:

Appetite suppression
Increased thermogenesis and fat burning
Superior mental focus
Enhanced energy
Incredible Value
Alphamine is the source of energy for anyone and everyone. While energy drinks and caffeine are on every corner, Alphamine delivers unparalleled taste and formula. Now with the human research-backed combination of energy, thermogenesis and leaning.

Each scoop contain a full serving of theanine to provide mental focus, improved sleep, boosted mood and enhanced weight loss.

One serve will have your energy levels running on high and your metabolic engine room running on overdrive, burning more calories than you normally would of otherwise. This, over time, when combined with a sound nutrition and training protocol will get you into the caloric deficit you require to assist in losing body fat. Alphamine will have you energised, focused and in fat burning mode. It even has a kick ass taste too!

Are you lacking energy? Need motivation for early morning exercise? Struggling to lose that unwanted body fat? Finding it hard to suppress those food craving? PES Alphamine Advanced may just be what you are looking for.

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  • "Increased thermogenesis and fat burning" - Any scientific backing for that? Or is that a completely unsubstantiated claim like every other 'fat burner'

    Can you tell us the active ingredient in there that is meant to do that?

    • I believe I've had emails from a few companies trying to offload these as they have apparently been banned by WADA or ASADA (or something similar) so a lot of companies (such as nutritionwarehouse) can no longer stock these

      Potentially that indicates that it does something? All I know is they make me feel sick when I work out

  • He rags on caffeine but the product has caffeine in it….

  • There's nothing banned in this, PES went downhill years ago.

    It's literally Caffeine, garbage product.

    If you want a breakdown, I can but it's heavily under-dosed.

    PES use to make amazing products, then the boss just started seeing $$$ and started producing garbage products for profits especially when they entered the Australian market.

    Save your money, ain't even worth $15.

    If it's in your price range and you basically want flavoured Caffeine, then it's suitable.

  • Check out the seller's other items for some DBZ, pokemon, digimon and harry potter trading cards. They are probably better deals that this one…

  • It an under dosed basic profile, overpriced and defo not worth that price.

  • Me after reading of the first three words…
    “Is it even legal”?

  • Thought it said 'Amphetamine' for a sec..