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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $99 Upfront on Telstra $89 P/M (after $10 disc) 12M Contract (Port-In & New Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Same as previous/current deal, but all $99 plans at JB are eligible for a $10 port-in discount until this Sunday. For new services or port-in.

I just purcahased at JB Mile End in SA and they said it was nation-wide

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  • $1,167 total cost. Not too bad if you can't buy a phone up front to save money

    • ETC will only be 50%

    • Or $693 for the phone if you cancel the contract as soon as you get the phone. Pretty great deal for a very very solid phone.

      EDIT: Realised the $99 upfront and added it to the cost. Whilst not as good as the launch deals at $594, the S20 FE is pretty damn amazing at $693.

      • 99 upfront is prorata so you will get most of it back as a cheque

      • Launch was 149 upfront for the 5g model but we get the buds.

      • I cancelled the same contract last month and the etc was 598, not 693.

        edit my bad, didn't see the 99 upfront

  • is dual sim not available, even for 5g version?

    • No it's not dual sim

      • Tks, it's a shame or otherwise a great deal for me

      • What is dual standby?

    • I had to buy from the Tobydealsau deal for 710ish to get dual sim.

      Sold my 4 month old jb s20+ for 800 after 12 hrs listed online.

      pretty happy with that.

  • $800 GC back?

  • Are they doing the higher gift card amount?

  • +1

    Dont know why hardly normal and oparse don t do similar deals. Come on Gerry gives good deals like jaybee

  • Just ported from Boost to Kogan.
    How long do I have to wait before porting back to Telstra?

    • I think it is "supposed" to be 30 days, but seems to vary based on the JB staff member you get.

      • +1

        Base on JB?
        Isn’t it base on Telstra if they decline the application or not?

        • Not sure how it works now, last year it depended if the JB rep was doing it by phone with Telstra or by their own webpage.

          I had to try four different times to get the pixel 4 at $200 until the rep did it with the webpage… but it came with a google home and then cancelled the contract with no exit fee because according to Telstra it was not a phone with plan or something like that….

          • @Pelta: My JB staff does it on their computer. I assume it’s through a Telstra portal.

  • I am still waiting for $0 upfront 5g phone deal

    • good chance when new sammys are out

  • do people here usually keep the phone or just get it to sell?

    • Sell if cannot then keep?

    • Give it to kids.

      • Pretty old kids

  • First touch issue
    now heating issue

    • link?

      coming from s20+ after 2 days i haven't noticed touch and its never felt warm meanwhile the s20+ felt like it a poptart after 2 minutes

  • -1

    IMO, unless you need a lot of data (150gb), this is not worth it. You can get a decent plan with 18gb+ a month (in all networks) for about $25 a month, leaving a $74/month gap = $888. If you go for the 5G, that will be $100 more ($998). This is virtually the outright price, and you are stuck in a plan.

    If you can have access to an Education email account (or government as well, as I remember seeing), you can buy it (5G) for $697, directly via Samsung. That's $300 less.

    If Samsung is discounting it so heavily, this price will probably drop soon.

    • The cheapest you can get this phone for is $697.

      The total cost of this plan is $1167

      Monthly cost of plan ((1167 - 697) / 12) = $39.16

      So for $14.16 extra per month, you get 150gb of data (and 5g) on the full Telstra network, plus you don't have to pay the full $697 up front.

      Not worth it for everyone, but better value than any other plan on the full Telstra 5g network

      • Also that $697 price is for those with .edu stor access AND who receive their $50 voucher - I signed up 3 times with different addresses and never received my voucher!

        • I got it in 10 minutes.

  • does anyone know if jbhifi still offers $59/$65 per month plan with $500 gift card recently?

    • They last did it on black Friday. It comes up pretty regularly but who knows when it will be back next

      • @albuslee & @snorky - It’s been a while since it last run. Normally it was every 2 weeks.

        I reckon they’ll do it for Boxing Day. Hopefully it’s soon as I really want a new iPhone.

      • Yep, I thought it would last at least to the end of that weekends and was about to get the plan on Saturday. Then someone went to jbhifi on Saturday saying it ended on Firday. Really sad:-(

  • Do I need to ask for the $10 discount or is the deal updated when I go in store?

    • They told me about it when I called the store. YMMV

  • Hi does anyone know if I can return the phone for a credit

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