expired Silicon Power 32GB Thumb Drive $29 Plus 27 Cents Shipping Australia Wide


Silicon Power 32GB Thumb Drive $29 Plus 27 Cents Shipping Australia Wide

SILICON POWER LuxMini 910 - USB flash drive - 32 GB

The LuxMini 910 features a light, sophisticated body with a LED at the bottom of the USB that lights up during use. Its curved body with silver hairline treated surface has anti-scratch and fingerprint free. The huge amount of storage space enables users to backup easily and store all essential documents, music, digital photos, and high quality video recording, which is designed for businessmen traveling around the world.

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    Be warned - 7MB/s write speeds is pretty low (Should be looking for 20Mb/s+)


  • +2 votes

    Yeah, a mere 1.5 hours to fill the drive with this speed.
    Why bother with performance, right? :)

  • +2 votes

    Anything less than 20MB/s is too slow these days. We're not talking about 1GB anymore.

  • +2 votes

    For the price, it's okay.. I bought a year ago Kingston DT G2 32GB which has the similar speed: write (7MB/s) and read (20MB/s). Yeah the writing speeds is a bit low compared with the higher end product, but for normal backup data purposes, it's still okay. For me read speed is more important, since I can use it for watching lots of movies on TV using that flash drive without any problem at all (no lag). Once again, for that price, that's pretty good (but I don't know about the reliability of the brand itself to be honest)

  • +4 votes

    27c shipping….I don't know…might be a deal killer.


    Good for storing music files? (write once, play many times; only adding 1 cd at a time so slower write speed is okay?)