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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro $301.38 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Good price for the Shield TV Pro @ Amazon UK as per https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07Z6RD4M9 especially if you're a Prime member. There have been some slightly better deals from Australian retailers but they're quite rare and never get much lower than this. Stock is UK-based so there is a bit of a risk involved but I've delt with Amazon International returns before and never had an issue. If you don't want to take the risk then maybe wait until the Boxing Day sales.

Not sure how long it will last at this price so get in quick if you don't mind waiting until the new year for delivery from the UK.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Adapted needed I assume?

    • +6

      my au stock one came with a replaceable plug power supply and us/eu/au plugs

      • +3

        Yes, the Pro version is a global product with 3x plugs.

        The cylinder shield is market specific and contains just one "figure 8" lead.

  • +1

    $329 for local stock or $309 with Amex/westpac cashback

      • shipping though.
      • Free trial.

        • and if you've already used it?

          or don't live metro like me?

  • Hopefully this stays in stock to go buy gift cards tomorrow

    But where can I get zip pay applicable AMZ gifts cards past midnight?

    • AusPost/711/BP/ United/Freedom/Newslink

      • Went to 3 BP and 711 at 1am but no Amz cards :(

        Just got wait for Auspost to open

  • +2

    Not cheap enough to justify buying from overseas over local.

    • Would usually agree with you, but I've bought from Amazon International before and had no problems with returns, they just ask you to provide proof of your shipping return costs and when they receive it they'll give you the full refund.

  • +4
    • first one $325 delivered only to metro areas. Again, that brings the price of this to an extra $35 for me.

    • Why do I need to wait until tomorrow to buy it at HN?

      • The Zip 10% offer is on Saturdays only in December. I made that comment last night on Friday.

  • +2

    I always get confused when i see these, what are people using these for that modern smart TV's cant do? Im obvisouly missing something here

    • +2

      I for one don't have a nice modern smart TV, so it worked out much better for me to get this for my $500 ALDI special than to upgrade.

      The main bonus things I would say are supporting android apps so I can run whatever I like, and game streaming from my desktop which works flawlessly. Performance is also smooth as butter so much better than older smart TVs, though I know newer ones don't struggle with this as much.

      • Thanks for taking the time to clarify, i by no means have a good tele either (looking at you EKO TV), but i would be interested in game streaming from my PC to the TV without using my laggy Steam Link

        • Definitely recommend it if you have an nvidia GPU :)

          If you have AMD I think you can still use the Steam Link app, but I've never tried that.

        • Game streaming along with smooth interface for every streaming service are my major uses.
          You can run VPN to get other countries Netflix.
          You can set up emulation and run older games.
          You can set up a Media server and the Shield has support for pretty much every media format, and has processing for up to 4k playback.


    • +2

      Good question, it's much like the difference between buying a flagship Samsung Galaxy Phone V a cheap handset from the supermarket.

      Both do the same thing, both run the same apps, but one gives an overwhelmingly different experience, interns of speed, os refinement, os updates and additional features (ie plex server, game streaming).

      Even the most expensive smart 4k tvs do not offer the fluidity and speed of a shield.

      But ultimately, if you only use your smart TV features to watch Netflix, than this product will be of little value.

    • +3

      Needed it for playing hi-bitrate 4K remuxes through Plex

      Most TV's/Media players are 100Mbit networking, so can't handle the quality coming through. Add the extra processing power and it plays them with no sweat

      • Think your confusing Mb with mbps.. 100Mbit network can handle 4k 50GB Bluray rips. What causes buffering and problems is the Atmos decoding for regular smart tvs. I bought one for that but am disappointed that the GUI is 1080p and not as slick as a LG smart tv.

        • +1

          Ugh don't nit-pick

          100Mbit network can handle 4k 50GB Bluray rips.

          Yeah, my remux's are bigger than 50GB… Plex dashboard shows what it's pushing through, and it does push past 100Mbit, as the bitrate isn't constant

    • +1

      The AI upscaling is much better than the simpler upscallers in most TVs, it can also be a plex server, stream a bunch of games etc. It depends on what you do / care about. A luxury purchase for sure rather than a necessary one.

    • I just bought the nvidia shield tv for $238 at harvey norman. I got sick of my android ui on my sony bravia.. its slow, feels bloated, at times a video would stop for no reason.
      The shield tv fixed all that. Extremely smooth and responsive ui. Zero crashes. It serves my purpose as a media centre for all my apps.
      I guess you'd buy the pro version for the plex server capabilities and more RAM for gaming.

      • How did you get it for $238 at HN?

        • Non pro version

  • +1

    I've read this is good for AI upscaling. Not sure if it's worth getting for my Sony X95G tv though for that reason plus the 1gbe port

    • I had a Vodafone TV i was very happy with it, but bought a 4k projector so upgraded to the nvidia for the upscaling. I can say the ai upscale does the job really well. Had a large city shot like Zootopia on pause and could use the demo mode to slide left and right between unscaled and scaled, and the 4k mode squared and sharpened all the corners and edges of the many building windows. It also improves fur and trees. The other reason I believe people buy the nvidia is ongoing updates and seemingly a long working life.

    • First thing you will notice is the user interface on the Shield will look soft as its in 1080p and not 4k like your Sony. Unless you really want Atmos I wouldn't bother.

  • Does this version support streaming and playback of 3D ISO's ? Ive read a bit of mix reviews?

  • Would like to use this with STB EMU PRO so someone recommend a alternative remote with numeric keys

  • Just bought a C9. Was looking at one of these but I probably don't really need it ..

    • Unless you want Atmos for Plex and stream games its not worth it. I prefer my C9 over the 1080p shield UI

      • Depends on what content you consume. I use my c9 for 4k remux's and the Ethernet port is only 100mbps which isn't enough, movies stutter. Wifi chip in the c9 is crap aswell, stutters.
        I got a USB to Ethernet adapter thats supposed to do 300mpbs, I can stream most moves with that but it still stutters on the highest bit rate movies like Lucy.
        Its a common complaint the LG OLEDs not having a GBit port.

        I've got the new LOTR remastered trilogy in Dolby Vision but plex on the c9 is only playing it in HDR.
        If all you do is watch compressed Netflix streams you're fine

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