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Arc'teryx Zeta AR Men's Jacket (Black II) - $432.25 (Was $800) Delivered @ Wild Earth


First time poster blahblahblah.
Arcteryx Zeta AR is the top-notch hiking hardshell, period.
Had my eyes on it for long.
Official Arcteryx website RRP is $800; Currently on sale on PaddyPallin for $629.95; Both of which of coz is nothing compares to this wildearth sale.
It is a steal to grab it at this price.

Womens' ones on sale at official site for $490:

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  • +1

    Great price for an absolute top quality product.. shame that they are already out of mediums…

    • that's a shame - the moment I posted it I can still see M with a price, now it's notify when it's back to stock.

    • -1

      Nope, Dan Andrews doesn't wear it.

      Not the top product in my mind.

  • And the blue colour doesn't seem to be on sale. Oh well, my wallet just sighed with relief lol

  • Nice deal. If I hadn't shelled out for a Beta AR during the last deal I would be jumping on this one.

    • How are you finding Beta AR?

      • +1

        really enjoying the AR. Granted I wasn't able to take it out for a spin during the Victorian lockdown it's served me well on the random walks I've taken in the rain

  • +8

    Serious question - what makes this $400 jacket better than the $50 one you can get at Kmart?

    • -2

      Both of them Made in China. So I would go for Kmart? No, I would support Australia Made Products if I can find any.

      • One planet has rain jackets that are made in Australia.

    • +9

      One will keep you dry in continuous rain, and let you stay comfortable in slightly warmer conditions. The other won't keep you dry after a while in continuous rain.
      There are other benefits but that's the main one.

    • +4

      my $20 aldi rain jacket can beat this $400 jacket for sure

    • +3

      Any $2 plastic poncho can keep you dry. The trick is keeping you dry while remaining breathable. The poncho will make you sweaty and uncomfortable pretty quickly, whereas this will allow you to sweat and produce body heat comfortably over a long hike.

      That’s the main difference and is why it can be worth paying this much.

  • +1

    Holy crap I bought one but not really sure if a rain jacket is worth over $400. I definitely do need a rain jacket and I do like picking quality over quantity.

    I guess I want to know if I can use it daily on a commute for years, or while cycling, or hiking in the Australian bush (where half the plants like grabbing and tearing clothing), or 4WDing with all the mud, or near the ocean where the salt spray might damage the jacket.

    I want something tough and usable, not a high priced jacket I would be too scared to use daily or avoid wearing in certain situations.

    • +4

      If you want to do all of that then from Arcteryx you have a couple of options. The most all round jacket is Beta. But if you want a lighter jacket that is also a little longer for cycling then Zeta is better. If you want a lot more abrasion resistance then Alpha is better. In terms of the AR classification, for what you write the AR range would be good. If you want an even tougher jacket then you would need to look at SV. Either Beta SV or Alpha SV. There is no one jacket that will be best at everything. Arcteryx jackets are good. One of the best really. I would expect this jacket to last a long time.

      • Thanks for that information, your comment has been very helpful. It seems now that the best suit for me would be a SV (durability) Beta (Versatility over lightweight). Honestly though this jacket could fit the bill too, so I'll be happy to try it on but return it if the fit is off or the material doesn't feel durable enough.

        • +1

          I have Alpha SV. I really like it. It was amazing in northern hemisphere winter but is getting very little use in Australia. It is way too much for anything other than colder conditions, at least for me. I also have Beta SL hybrid for all the other times haha. By your description the SL and FL lines will not be durable enough.
          Since you already grabbed Zeta AR try it on, etc. but in terms of fabric durability I would recommend you pop into a store to have a feel of the SV fabric. It's not for everyone. Good luck with your choice, I do find Arcteryx shells to be really good, and there have been a few brands of shells in the family.

          PS. Quick and light review https://weareexplorers.co/arcteryx-beta-ar-and-alpha-sv-wate...

      • I have the Sidewinder ski jacket. Bought it from the outlet in Vancouver.

        It is a shell-only ski jacket (i.e. no insulation), which is great for the warmer Australian ski conditions. So the main thing that makes it 'ski' vs the other jackets is mostly the cut - cuffs, powder skirt, over-helmet hood and the RECCO avalanche reflector. These days I use it as a rain jacket when commuting on my bicycle.

        it was a steal when bought for around $500AUD at the outlet, but now I see Arc'teryx AU has it on sale for $690 down from $900 https://arcteryx.com.au/products/sidewinder-jacket-mens?vari...

        • +1

          That slant on the zip is awesome. I have it on Klattermusen gear and it's really helpful when layering.

  • -2

    At that retail price, i'd save up for a Canada Goose.

    • +3

      Canada Goose? What would you buy as an Australian hiking jacket in Canada Goose range?

  • +1

    Damn, the womens one isn't on sale. Lucky blokes!

  • +1

    Where is the best place to repair the seam that holds the adjustable rope? It has started to peel off after very light use over 3 years.

    • +1

      I’d be tempted to try a warranty claim (under accc type rights)

  • Better buy waterproof pants! All the water drips to your pants.

    I’ll never buy waterproof jacket. I prefer to layer a thin superdry wind cheater over a pullover which deflects the rain but soaks the jacket. The pullover will need to be dried and taken off when you get back but more comfortable and practical , particularly if it isn’t raining for the whole outing as sun dries the jacket simultaneously.

    • It really depends what you are doing, doesn't it? I remember being toasty and comfortable on a certain trip with my shell and layers underneath. Two other people also had good shells and layers, and were pretty happy. Everyone else was shivering and looked miserable. To be fair most people wouldn't go out in the conditions that we were in, but hey there was no reason for the three of us to stay inside as we were comfortable in what we were wearing.

      • Sorry I should make clear that I once bought a waterproof jacket. I still have it in good condition. I have also travelled a lot, to 50 countries, but I prefer my way. I also travelled to snow trek in Nepal, on reflection I may have worn it then. I agree these are good for warmth in shivering cold

  • +1

    Solid jacket, don’t own one of these but the gf does. I personally prefer my Patagonia shell for snowboarding due to the quality and price, but had this jacket been this price, I would have got one of these for sure. Arcteryx is a great brand, their Atom LT hoodie is one of the best jackets I’ve ever owned, highly recommend that if you can get one of sale, even better

  • +3

    Mmmm, tough choice, this or 40 bee keeping suits????

  • Would love to get one. But I live in QLD and we’re nowhere near to being released to head to the REAL mountains any time soon… 🥱😫

  • Absolute quality deal, top post!

  • +1

    only XL left.

  • Costs more than my car.

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