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3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Router Wood Engraving Machine for US$109.99 or (~A$146.92) Aus Stock Delivered @ Banggood AU


I've come across what seems a really good deal on a 3018 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Router Standard Spindle Motor Wood Engraving Machine Milling Engraver. The price is down to $US109.99 delivered from an Australian warehouse. This is a really great price compared to what it normally sells at. Lots of really good customer reviews.

Youtube review below


If it sells out there is another coupon BG575AU for $US129.99

General Specifications:

Model Mini CNC3018 (Without Laser Module)
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Color Silver
Table Area Approx. 340x160mm
Working Area Approx. 340x160x40mm
Product Weight 7.5kg
Control Software for Spindle GrblControl
Control Software for Laser Litefire
System Requirements Windows XP SP3, Win7, Win8, Win10.
Adapter Plug 2-Pin US Plug, AU adaptor isn't included.
Adapter Input Voltage AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Adapter Output Voltage DC 24V 4A


  1. Aluminum Profile Stable Construction
  2. 3 Axis Movable, Powerful Spindle Motor
  3. Contains Quickstart Guide of GRBL Software
  4. 340x160x40mm Working Area, Meet Most Amateur DIY Needs
  5. Engrave Wood, Plastic, Acrylic, PCB, or Similar Material
  6. Assembly requires a certain mechanical skill. All assembly components are included.
  7. Engraving Materials: The machine can carve wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB, or the like materials.
  8. Can Not Engrave: Hard metal (such as brass, steel, iron, Metal, Steel, Aluminum.etc), jade and other very hard texture items.

Technical Details

  • Working Voltage DC 24V
  • Interface USB
  • Stepper Motor 42 Stepper Motor, Voltage: 12V, Phase Current 1.3A, Torque 0.25N.m
  • Spindle Motor 775 Spindle Motor (12-36V) 24V: 7000r/min, 36V: 9000r/min
  • Spindle Motor Shaft Diameter 5mm

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  • +1

    seem like a good start for CNC conversion.

    ofc nothing series, just some wood maybe acrylic

    • You're not wrong .. something like this, made of the aluminium extrusions, would be an ideal start to a slow upgrade!

    • +1

      Good start for a CNC conversion? Puzzled by what you mean there but it is a CNC. Just a very very light duty hobby one.

      I have one of these, its just for light stuff, would bother with the bigger spindle upgrade its a lot of work, just buy a kit with a bigger spindle in first place (Personallly I am not really comfortable with any of those powers supplies when they dont have covers for 240v). Its good if you dont know whether you will use it you can learn about CNC and decide if you want to get a proper one.

      Dont expect it to cut well but it can cut thinner stuff (Acrylic and wood only).

      I have inexpensively upgraded mine with a z height sensor thingie, limit switches and GRBL controller (So i can use a SDcard).

  • +2

    More powerful spindle motor/ER11 chuck and power supply also available delivered from AUS for $88.15 :-



  • +2

    If you want the pro version with ER11 spindle (fitted to the standard motor), it's a good price at the moment, A$214. Select AU store for this price with free shipping:

    I did a quick google search for coupons, and found this code for 10% off: BGAFF10OFF

    Total price, including GST and ~$4 shipping insurance, was A$196.62

    Pro version also has a deeper base, so presumably more rigid. It's not clear what the front and rear panels of the base are made from, it could be plastic, fibreglass (thick PCB material), or maybe even wood.

    • Nice one…ordered!

      • That was quick, mine has shipped already, ordered last night at 8pm. 17track.net identifies the tracking number as belonging to Australia Post, but no tracking info yet.

        Banggood estimates delivery on 1/1/21.

      • Mine arrived today, but I wasn't home when the delivery guy was there. So now I have to wait until 9am tomorrow, and collect at the post office.

  • +1

    got this a present. watching the video. good learning for kids. timber and plastic alot cheaper than 3d wire and wood more enviromental (speling closet enogh) friendly

    • What sort of things have you made, and how many hours did the routing take?

      During the routing process, do you have to periodically clear away the swarf/sawdust?

      • +1

        sorry my gramer terible tonite yet to get it.

      • +2

        Hard wood carving can be done. It is slow with speed of around 300-400mm/min. The spindle is terrible and you may want to upgrade it. If you are thinking commercial use then this is not good. Cleaning while carving depends on how deep you are carving. I have done a few names 6-8 letters and had to clean the dust while carving midway. The carving took approx 70min to carve a name plate size 9x20cm. Do not do MDF. MDF creates lots of dust.

        It is not for kids.

  • Any deal for laser ?

  • what would be the thickest material you could actually cut through with this? or would doing that at all break it?

    • +1

      When making deep cuts, you do several passes, each pass removing a new layer of material. The diameter of the router bit usually sets the maximum depth, because with deep cuts, the cutting bit tends to bend to one side while cutting, so the cut becomes increasingly inaccurate. For full-size milling machines, most machine shops won't go past 8:1 ratio (depth:bit diameter), and at that high a ratio they have to cut really slowly to minimise the bending.

      With the cutting bits on this page, the cutting surface is at most ~12mm long, so you could only cut deeper with the largest one, or the bit's shank will get in the way:

      • very helpful answer thank you!

        • There is a second way to make cuts, that has almost no problem with depth. It leaves a reverse-scalloped edge rather that a flat edge. Here's the process:

          • make a row of 1mm drill holes, every 2.5mm (so there is 1.5mm of material between the holes).
          • mount a 3mm drill in the router, and drill out every second 1mm hole to 3mm.
          • go back and drill out the remaining 1mm holes with the 3mm drill

          When this is done, the 3mm holes will overlap. The 1mm holes serve as pilot holes, to stop the drill from "wandering" when the second lot of 3mm holes are done.

          If you have a really "stiff" set-up, with no sideways movement of the drill head and a thick drill that won't bend, you sometimes don't need to drill the 1mm holes first. Here's a webpage showing the process using a drill press, and you can see the scalloped finish that results: https://www.wikihow.com/Cut-Slots-in-Wood

          Note that when drilling holes more than five times the drill diameter, you should use peck drilling, details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drilling

          The only depth limitation is the length and stiffness of the pilot drill. You can't buy 1mm drills that are 50mm long, and when drilling very deep holes, there will inevitably be some drill wander at depth, often due to varying material densities within the material you are drilling (particularly wood with grain and knots etc).

  • Hi OP,

    Just wondering how did you obtain this coupon?

    Doyou subscribe to something?

    Thanks in advance

  • want laser cut too…but is it legal for home use?

    • +1

      Laser is legal for home use.

      A kind note, there's a lot of laser types and power usage available.

      You would be looking for a "diode laser" for this machine. A safety warning, get appropriate laser filter glasses, as you can go blind. It's like looking into the sun.

      Diode lasers are pretty weak, can cut through maybe 1-3mm of soft wood, and only engrave the surface of black acrylic (can't burn transparent acrylic due to the wavelength).

      Below is an example of a laser:

      If you want a more hardcore laser, look up CO2 lasers:

  • Thanks, been wanting to try this tech out for a long time.
    Question: anyone know a well priced set of starter bits for this? Can you use normal Bunnings router bits or are there specific cnc bits?

    • +1

      AFAICT, it only takes router bits with a 1/8th-inch (3.175mm) diameter shank. They also have to be pretty short too, the vertical travel is limited.

      If you don't want to use the tapered bits that Banggood sell, these look good:

      MAKE SURE YOU WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHEN USING THEM. Tungsten carbide bits are brittle, when they break they shatter. You don't want a bit hitting you in the eye.

    • +1


      You will need specific bits.

      I recommend purchasing an ER11 collet, which is also available on banggood. Refer to the youtube link OP linked in the description, it shows you the ER11 collet (it's just a router/drill bit holder).

      Drill bits available here (located in Melb, and $2 postage for great quality drill bits):

      • +2

        Thanks Russ/Dave, appreciate it.

        • No worries.

          Feel free to message me in future if you end up getting one and need guidance on anything.

          I own 5 of these little cnc machines.

  • Would something like this be any good for making boardgame inserts? Ie custom wood or acrylic boxes for a 40cm-ish box? Or would it just end up being too small for that?

    • "Working Area Approx. 340x160x40mm"

      It's actually smaller because the spindle is in the center of the spindle mount, not on the edge/corner.

      It can definitely cut wood and acrylic, best watch the youtube link OP linked in the description

  • Mine arrived today and had a bonus ER11 collet attached to the spindle.

    • had a bonus ER11 collet attached

      You were lucky! Did you have any trouble assembling it?

      • +1

        No troubles but I've got other cnc machines, this one was for my 7 year old daughter. There are some good videos on assembling the 3018 style machines on youtube.

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