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$2 Bonus Cashback with $3 Min Spend on eBay Australia @ ShopBack (App Required, Excludes eBay Codes)


Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday! We're offering all OzBargainers an exclusive $2 cashback bonus (strictly limited to one bonus per customer) when you make a purchase of $3 or more (excluding delivery fees and GST for international items) through eBay Australia today.

  • To qualify for this offer, you must first enter the code OZB22DEC (case sensitive) in the 'Earn More' section of the ShopBack app prior to purchase (go to Earn More tab at the bottom of the app screen, then "Code" in the top right hand corner).

  • Once you've redeemed the code, you can make your qualifying purchase on any device (not just the app).

  • If you have the app already installed on your phone/tablet, clicking on "Go To Deal" will open up the app and pre-fill the voucher code field for you. Just remember to tap on "Apply" to actually redeem the code.

You can also buy eBay eGift Cards (Via Swap Celebration or TCN: Online) through our gift card portal on the app with a side of 5% cashback. Then you can use these gift cards towards your purchase on eBay for this $2 bonus offer.

Note: The cashback bonus will not be credited into your account straight away. It will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 26th February 2021.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer must be ‘claimed’ by redeeming the code OZB22DEC in the ShopBack app. This offer is valid until 22nd December 2020 11.59PM AEDT or until the maximum number of code redemptions have been reached (whichever occurs first).
  • To qualify for a $2 cashback bonus, you must then make one transaction ($3 minimum spend) from eBay Australia (eBay.com.au) through ShopBack between 12:00AM and 11:59PM AEDT on 22nd December 2020. Minimum spend does not include GST charged at checkout for international items, delivery and all other fees.
  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • The cashback bonus is in addition to the usual cashback you receive on eBay Australia purchases.
  • The cashback bonus will not be credited into your account straight away. It will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 26th February 2021.
  • Standard eBay Australia cashback terms and conditions apply.
  • Your cashback and bonus will still be valid if you pay for your purchase using gift cards.
  • The use of coupon codes will not qualify you for the regular cashback nor the bonus.
  • Purchases of items excluded from cashback (for example gift cards, charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Coins, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Travel) do not qualify you for the bonus.
  • Returned, exchanged and cancelled orders will void your eligibility for the bonus.
  • If your tracked cashback at eBay Australia is rejected, your bonus will be voided.


Can I use a gift card to pay and still qualify for cashback?
Yes. Refer to Notes under the T&Cs here.

Can I buy multiple items in the one transaction to add up to the minimum spend of this offer?

Can I buy items located overseas?
Yes. Please note that the minimum spend for items located overseas is not inclusive of GST which is charged at checkout. Also note that currency fluctuations apply if you're checking out in a foreign currency; your order could also fall short of the minimum spend by a few cents if you're aiming for an order total close to the $3 minimum spend. Best to spend a little more in case.

Can I use an eBay voucher code towards my order and still qualify for cashback?
No. This includes unique codes sent specially to eBay Plus members (such as sign up bonus codes).

Can I buy gift cards on eBay and still qualify for cashback?
No. Gift card purchases, charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Coins, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Travel are all excluded from cashback. Check our T&Cs here.

Can I purchase on any device after redeeming the reward code in the ShopBack app?
Yes. You must redeem the Reward code in the ShopBack app, but once redeemed you are free to make your purchase on any device.

Where's my bonus from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday eBay Challenge offers?
Once your regular cashback turns confirmed, the bonus will come through to your account.

My regular cashback hasn't come through after a week etc.
If your regular cashback hasn't come through after a week or longer, you can submit a manual claim using this form.

Handy Links:

Any questions or issues? Send an email to [email protected] or and we'll help sort it out.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3988)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • I'm surprised that there haven't been any recent 15-20% discount codes for eBay for Christmas

    • highly unlikely that there will be any Boxing Day sales either. budgets been met with $1 deals and Black Friday promotions

    • +3

      Feels like a million years since a genuine 15% off everything on Ebay huh?

  • +5

    Oh, it's you again. Are you still being instructed not to reply to any customer comments/questions relating to the shopback hack of customer data that resulted in customer's private details being sold on the darkweb?

    • +6

      I mean what's left to say? It sucks , but nothing is getting that data back and any promises they make about future security are entirely on faith.

    • What data do they have? I have signed up, purchased, but haven't cashed out anything yet. So far they have an alias email (dont recall DOB request, address or anything else…. Guess I'll eventually have to provide a BSB/ Account number to get cash. But how can anyone use that?

      • +3

        Millions of account emails and decrypted passwords are being sold online from the SB hack.

        It's curious that they say they're compliant with the NBD scheme but I've yet to be contacted about it.

        • We know most of them do not take the customer's data seriously, remember even facebook stored some customers' passwords in plain text?

          So just use seperately passwords, use a good pasword manager, do not link or store credit card, always use PayPal or other payment gateway if available. Get the bank to issue new credit card if the stie has been hacked.

          A site could eventually being hacked, but stored customer's data without encryption, and no email to inform the hack, is a big problem

        • +2

          The lesson to be learnt here is not to use the same password for all your online accounts.

          • +1

            @dust: Yep. I happened to have the same password as Spotify and someone attempted to log into that but it was blocked.

            • @Clear: I'm getting spam emails with my old Shopback password in the subject saying that I've been hacked and that they've got compromising videos of myself and that I need to send them some Bitcoin for them to delete it.

              • +2

                @dust: Free photo shoot… Nice! My phone got stolen last year and the last photo I took was a reach around of my butthole / beanbag (as a joke to send to the Mrs.. don't ask). Anyway, I hope it was the first thing they saw and they are scarred for life.

    • +1

      No wonder they request a password reset upon login.

      Just use seperately passwords, use a good pasword manager, do not link or store credit card, always use PayPal or other payment gateway if available. Get the bank to issue new credit card if the stie has been hacked.

      A site could eventually being hacked, but stored customer's data without encryption, and no email to inform the hack, is a big problem

  • +17

    @gotyourback I am still waiting for $60 cashback from Amaysim Black Friday deal? I have even provided screenshots.

    • When did you submit the claim/screenshots?

      • -16

        Oh, you're still selectively ignoring customer comments. Sad.

      • +4

        30th Nov. I can forward you email if you can share your email id. Its quite concerning this has happened to a member who has been using your service for last 2 years. Secondly, my only reason to take up the deal was due to cashback and now I am stuck with an expensive plan which doesn't serve my purpose.

        amaysim Mobile (Missing Cashback, 27-11-2020, AUD100.00)

        • If you've forwarded it through via email, then all good ([email protected]). If you have an order ID or email address you can PM through here we can check for you.

          • +1

            @gotyourback: @gotyourback Just sent you PM with details and email id.

            • @amsaini15: Thanks, received.

              • +1

                @gotyourback: Thanks. Look forward to your investigation.

              • @gotyourback: I have sent a PM for missing Cashback. Please help

              • +1

                @gotyourback: Thanks gotyourback for resolving the issue for me. Hopefully SB can work on upgrading system to identify gaps and ensure no one missouts on cashbacks.
                Many people here look for better deal and make purchases looking forward to cashback.

        • +3

          Just do a chargeback though your bank (if you used a CC)?

          • +2

            @tunzafun001: @tunzafun001 Too late mate, Amaysim had already shipped the sim card and shopback did not allow raising missing cashback claim until 3 days after taking up the offer on Black Friday 27/11.

            • +4

              @amsaini15: You have 30 days from the date that the transaction was recorded on your statement to lodge a cashback (via Westpac). Amaysim and Shopback both communicated to make this deal happen. The two businesses aren't mutually exclusive in this deal. Who's fault is their issue to sort out. It was indeed advertised at that price. Personally, I smelt a rat and didn't pull the trigger. Did anyones track? I've seen a lot of unhappy comments around that deal, not one positive?

              If you have evidence that you conformed to the deals t&cs, then a chargeback will stick. I would request a refund from Amaysim while the chargeback is in motion to give them the opportunity to do the right thing (offer to send back their sim if they pay the postage). I've had two successful charge backs, not sure why I got negged above, just trying to help. The chargeback is mightier than you may think.

              • @tunzafun001: Thanks mate. I have upvoted you to cancel neg. Let me see what @gotyourback comes back with his investigation.

                • +2

                  @amsaini15: Another one here in the same situation. I've raised a claim which was rejected and is now being "investigated". I don't really understand how these guys are still able to operate here on ozbargain when they are so blatantly pulling these bait and switches.

                  • +1

                    @takezo: If it doesn't show up you have no chance of getting the cash. Tried with two Aliexpress items that were rejected for no reason apart from being in the hundreds of dollars. Its complete horseshit.

  • +35

    No f*cl<!nG way. My last two $5 cash backs from these scums didn't track. Got your back, my arse.

    • -4

      Also their referral system seems to be a scam. Extra little hoops will appear so they don't need to pay out bonuses.

    • -2

      Do you have an order ID/ticket number you can supply via PM to look into?

    • +10

      Yep, my last one too. Followed the process exactly as I should. Seems like dumb luck when it tracks. Time to start negging.

    • +4

      I have very strong concerns about the ethics of this company.

      From the slap-dash system security that led to the data breach; the apparent astroturfing of review sites with 5-star reviews; to the consistent reports of repeated failure to honour transactions through their platform… it's nothing but a series of red flags for me.

      After all the warning signs, anyone who continues to use ShopBack will get what they deserve. And I hope they find the $5.68 worth their time invested, privacy lost and the mockery earned.

    • +5

      The dodgiest IMO is when they have "challenges" - everyone can activate but only the first 100/500/x will get the reward (only mentioned in the fine print). These challenges remain "open" up to the very second it expires, even if they've been open for many days and the hilariously low quota has definitely been exceeded many times over.

  • +11

    Shopback should be banned from Ozb. Rep never replies nor their team investigates missing cashbacks.

    • +4

      We haven't received any PMs from you to respond to - please do send a PM with your email address / order ID and we can follow up. Our team definitely does investigate missing cashbacks but some may take a bit longer than others to work through.

      • +12

        Yes, as I've been told after pushing back on the initial automated 'ineligible' email, they "require up to 35 days to appeal further with the merchant".

        Which is frankly ridiculous. And just enough time for someone to forget about their claim.

        I'm done with SB.

        • Sounds like my Dell claim. They're claiming that I must have clicked on a Cashrewards or Honey link from inside their Android app or that there must have been another company's add-in installed in the browser built into the shopback app that i downloaded from the Google play store.
          As a result, no base cashback nor challenge cashback, but wait 35 days for them to 'appeal'.

    • +2

      I totally agree. Shopback is a joke.

      OzBargain's ongoing tacit support for Shopback makes me wonder if any commercial kickbacks are in place. This site has cut ties with other sellers/platforms for lesser indiscretions. But Shopback appears to be a sacred cow.

      • ozbargain actually miss out on referral credit when people use shopback, so quite the opposite of what you suggest.

        • I'm not talking about partner program referrals.

          Anyway, I've asked Scott directly and will provide an update if/when he responds.

      • Scott answered (check your socials) and I'm surprised as a member for over 10 years you wouldn't know. There are no kickbacks, commercial agreements or anything like that. No one pays to post or use the site. We are an independent site. Looks like we'll have to push this message out a bit better going forward.

        • Thanks. 👍

  • +8

    I'm still waiting for 4 cashbacks for a while now😐

    • Hey mate, do you have an order ID/ticket number you can supply via PM to look into?

  • +5

    Genuine question. Are these deals botted to hit the front page? For what is essentially a data gathering service they sure get a lot of love.

    • +1

      $2 to $3 is cheap to get more customers to join to increase their data gathering

      same thing goes for cashrewards

      facebook and instagram on the hand has customer give their data to them for free.
      and google always gathering data when you use any of their services

      If you are not paying for it, then you are the product.

  • Oooh I like the new eBay's homepage. Looks so much cleaner

  • +2

    got my withdrawal request processed. bit concerned it shows my full name on the email, when I only have initials in account…. seems like updating your acc deets doesnt update across the board?

    • Account details and bank details would be separate. You'd need to update the account name associated with your bank details as well.

      • oh didn't know that. thanks rep

  • +11

    Cashback from 30-11 that ebay 15% not been tracked,report with 0.00 cash back which should be $~20,request the cash out that I left 5 days ago still havent receive the money.

    • -1

      We have a PM you sent over a few months ago with your account details so we can check the 15% matter. As for the cashout you've made, could you please send a separate email to [email protected]? We'll keep a lookout for your email as well.

      • +1

        I have a new report of missing cashback from the website please check my account,Ill email you about the cashout tomorrow.

        • Yep we can see the claim, and no worries.

  • +5

    why is ebay shop listed not available now on cashrewards? i have low faith now on shopback tracking transactions and a very good chance of reject report on missing transactions

  • +7

    Several hours ago, we became aware that a party has made available online our customers’ data, which was taken during the unauthorised access to our systems back in September.

    @gotyourback, if we buy shopback customer data off ebay do we still qualify for the $2 bonus?

  • Noticed that there is a $100 voucher in eBay account that expires today…not sure what promo that is?

    • Targeted.

      $100 discount for over $1000 spend
      $50 discount for over $500 spend
      $30 discount for over $300 spend

      Expires today.

  • +21

    My valid eBay transaction from the 10% promotion by Shopback was rejected. Surprise surprise.
    Between the hack and rejected cash returns, I’d would avoid attempting these promotions and Shopback.

    • +4

      Yeah they seem a bit of a lotto.

      I had a $5 cashback for using the browser extension that failed recently. No idea why.

      Also got shafted on the Amaysim deal amsaini15 complained about but a few have gone through too.

      • +19

        I’ve noted Shopback tends to reject cash backs when there is a more generous limited time promotion but less issues when it’s a messily 1-2% cash back. I’m now thinking it’s a deliberate devious strategy.

      • +2

        @roddy84 I will let you know once I get response from shopback.

      • roddy84 can you please send through an order ID/ticket number via PM to look into?

        • Thanks rep but I went through support and they told me I took to long to activate the amaysim offer so I'd blown my $20. So although it originally tracked and showed refund amount it moved top rejected.

          For the browser extension I've forgotten which order it was butwent through all the steps to satisfy the terms. After it didn't track I removed the browser extension.

          On a different note though I heard from shopback today regarding a $660 purhcse on catch with a $.075 cashback. They agreed it was all wrong and added almost $17 although I'm not confident I'll see that money in the end.

    • +10

      Same - ebay promo did not track. Claim rejected. Will use cashrewards instead whenever possible

      • Yep entirely agree. I just take the free money from SB and that's all.

        • how do you take free money, reliably? even their $5 off $5 min spends rarely track.

    • Hey there, do you have an order ID/ticket number you can supply via PM to look into for that eBay transaction?

      • +9

        So this OzB has become help desk for ShopBack, is it?
        Ppl are telling their concerns to other members and you pitch in to ask for order/track details. While this is good gesture, why not respond to each email which they have raised concerns already via official method.

        Even by the look of your responses here, seems just u r covering you a$$. Nothing seriously like customer care.

        • I don't know, the last 3 times I emailed shopback, they responded pretty quickly

  • Just bought this mirror i was needing. ($3.99-$2) 2 bucks mirror


    Was gonna buy some from repco using cashrewards offer but since they dont track my Groupon properly, I'm here with shopback.
    Hopefully shopback works fine

  • +1

    They do have a very poor record for missing Cashback, I understand that occasionally this happens and Shopback isn't always at fault but I feel the response from an automated system(Debra) just lacks that customer care factor…other Cashback operators have also rejected missing cashback for me but I felt they gave clear explanations with a genuine regret for this happening…Shopback response felt like "sorry…not sorry ;)"

  • rep - are you working overnight shifts, replying to comments at 1am lol

    • +1

      Prob still receiving death threats from hecklers about the hackers. Need to clear the DM as FT job.

      • +5

        death threats are just low. As much as we all dislike our data being leaked or untracked/missing cashback, no one deserves to be threatened with those comments

      • +9

        Errrr you have clearly never been to Singapore then if you think cheap labor can be had there.

        You know you can get your point across without being a knob about it?

  • +8

    Wow. Didn't realise people were having so many issues with shopback

    • +6

      Me either. I never monitor my previous cashbacks and just assume it’s tracking. Might have to be a bit more active now.

      • +9

        You will be surprised mate once you start tracking. They simply wont give any explanation and would reject cashback when they want.

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