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MSI GeForce RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X OC 10GB GDDR6X Graphics Card $1349 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Seems like a decent price with free shipping. Good luck grabbing one. Deal starts on 26th @ 2AM.

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      • This is dirt cheap compared to the previous flagship, it has a 2gb vram more than its predecessor the 2080 already

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          Yep, I was comparing it to the 2080 Ti with 11GB.

          Without a 3080 Ti, this also replaces that.

          • @BradH13: Yeah I'm just saying that even though the performance of a 3080 is better than a 2080ti, it is just a generational improvement, the 3080 is not designed to be a flagship

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    Not many reviews on this, but here is my take after owning this GPU for the last 2 months - A welcomed upgrade from my 1080ti. It is quiet! out of the box, it hits ~75oC and using ~60% fan at full load. After some under-volting and adjusting fan curve, I get a few more fps in games and runs ~70oC. Happy with that :)

    I also compared this against my friends Vision OC 3080 and that card did run a bit cooler stock (~67-70oC and only 40% fan) and was slightly faster out of the box. I guess that's what you get for paying an extra ~$120? :)

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    This is roughly 20-30% over RRP and it should be posted in OzRipoff.

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    1749 normal price for the ventus card - good grief

    really who need scalpers.

  • holy moly, hope this will suffice for Cyberpunk 2077

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    I'll wait until the 3080's get to a more reasonable price.
    Maybe by then they will have fixed Cyberpunk :)

    • +1

      For a second I read that as "wait until the year 3080 and they'll be a more reasonable price and Cyberpunk will be fixed" and I thought "that sounds about right".

  • I will wait for them to patch Cyberpunk so I can play it properly - by then this will be priced where it should be $900
    I dont get ppl rushing to buy this when there are no games you can really use it on?
    not unless you have a pre 10x card that is

    • +1

      1080 crew here, staying strong

  • This card costs more than I build my mid level gaming PC!

    Good deal if you can manage to grab one

  • Dont get this ventus one, it has poor thermals!

    • Ironic given its name.

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    Sorry but (profanity) MSI and all the bs they've been pulling lately

    • +3

      Scalping their own cards on eBay through one of their owned distributors was a new low.

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    Only a few months till 3700/3080ti's people. Think about what you have now and how you've survived this long without a 3080. You can wait abit longer, don't give into the hype! I believe in you!

    • +1

      I'm holding out for then too, but not for the 3080ti which is overkill for my budget. I'm expecting that launch (expected release early March) will free up channel stock for other cards so pricing may normalise. Hope to save money both on card, plus on a new keyboard as I'm pretty sure my F5 key is going to die after last RTX shopping attempts

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      I don't think so mate, 3080ti will instantly make 3090 a very bad purchase unless you need SLI, but not 3080 which still has very good cost to performance. Speculating that $2000+ will likely be a lower bound for 3080ti to gain you like 10% performance (assume if it has stock availability)

      Also, this is itself a good deal considering that other retailers are selling at $1379 without stock, but I hardly can recommend ShoppingExpress since they've been scalping all RTX 3080 cards publicly by jacking up their price +$400 than all other retailers.

    • They're just gonna slot in price wise where they should for the performance anyway, it isn't going to be life changing lol.

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    its too late in the game now, wait for a 3080ti

    • The 3080 Ti will be at least USD1000. Make it USD1100 or so for the AIBs. That's likely to be AUD 2k at least, maybe even AUD 2.5k for higher end SKUs.

      That said, I'd take a $2k ti over the $1600-1800 3080s like the strix and aorus.

  • +1

    I miss the Amazon US buys pre Harvey Norman tax

    • Sold out.
      How much was it?

      • $1599.90

        • Is this the OC model or the non-oc? The subject is OC model but the picture is non-oc on the box

        • Who was the seller? Amazon?

  • lol i bet ppl will cry when the 3080ti comes out

    anyway thats a good price. cheers

    • +1

      But that will be 2000

      • thats true, looking at the specs it has the same tuda as 3090.

        • So why would they cry when the 3080 Ti will likely cost 30% more?

          In the end you get what you pay for.

          If prices start to scale down then maybe yes, but most people buying now don't care, as they would have been using their cards & getting gratification. The market caters for the "I want it now and prepared to pay"… sadly not the "it should be $800, it's a ripoff" crowd.

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    $1379 is a good price if you can get one, otherwise join ANZ Launcher Discord for a better chance to snag one, from personal experience 3080 stock level is much better than RX6000s.

    • -1

      Yeah but all rtx 3080s are always >1599 :(

  • Buy it, then claim credit card price protection after it drops… - how to beat a bot

  • I own a 3070 that i paid slightly above local RRP. I would say to most people here, unless you're gaming in 4k, please consider that an rtx 3070 is better value, has greater stock availability and prices are slowly normalising towards the local RRP.

    If you're not in a hurry, keep an eye out for deals below 900 for basic cards, and deals below 1000 for 3 fan models. I reckon by 2nd half of next year 3070 cards will sell at or slightly below RRP (with slight premiums for 3 fan models). Please note that the performance difference between a 2-fan and 3-fan model for 3070 models are negligible and unless fan noise is a big factor, you may be better off just buying a cheaper card.

    • Yea 3070 is a lot cheaper and strong card for 2k. But I prefer the 3080 only because of its ray tracing performance. With ray tracing turn on ultra you will need 3080 to run 2k smoothly above 60 FPS.

    • +1

      I cancelled my preorder of 3080 from HN 10 days ago as i had waited for one and a half month. I turned to PCC Wollongong and got one for just 2 days

      • Yeah, but you would have paid about $300 + more right?

        • Or you might have to wait for it in another month. i earned more than $300 with my pc in one month

  • +4

    Hands up if you bought into hype and battled every one for a 3080 finally got one delivered a couple of weeks ago, maxed out Cyberpunk for an hour and then proceeded to not even turn on your pc again becuase end of year has been so busy 🙋🏾‍♀️

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    USD/AUD has closened recently, US$699 + GST comes close to just over A$1,000.

    This card may very well be worth the asking price for your usecase, especially if you use it for some kind of work, but please just take note beforehand that you are paying a premium of +A$300 above MSRP, anything else is just you making yourself feel better about your purchase.

    You are free to spend your extra A$300 and I wish you well with your purchase, but don't kid yourself that this card isn't a A$1,049 card.

    +44% performance and almost same VRAM as the RTX 3060ti @ US$439 (with gst). 10GB VRAM on the 3080 cuts down the potential lifespan of this card on purpose.

    The 20-series was so over-priced that Nvidia saw the need to return to the 10-series pricing as they sold less because it was so poorly received, compare the 3080 to the 1080 in regards to price, a card that will be 5yrs old in May. Components have had exponential growth in performance for decades and this gen is no different then most of the ones before it.

    • +2

      This +1.

      The premium in Australia for a lot of AIB cards is absolutely ridiculous. Aorus and Strix in particular are $1600+ here while they range from 800-850 USD. The default for GPUs in Australia atm seems to be USD price converted and GST added + A$300 to 500 in the worst cases

    • -1

      The MSRP of this card is AU$1,200, check out the factory store at JD.com https://item.jd.com/100015237170.html

  • What time zone is this for? 2am AEST?

    • Yes as they are located in Sydney

      • Do you mean it is going online in 10 min?

  • +1

    Waiting for deal on 5080Ti


  • +1

    Already sold out. 2.00AM on the dot too.

  • +1

    Sold out in less than a min LOL

  • +2

    Sold out in 15secs. I just missed it… why did i bother

  • and its gone

  • sold out in 2 seconds, probably only have 1

    they won't tell you how many there were, i bet you that

    • Yeah I think it was one card.

      • What a joke

  • lol that was quick

  • +1

    lasted all of maybe 30 seconds hey… anyone actually get one?

    • tbh website wouldnt load quick enough for me lol

  • +2

    Sold out before I could complete checkout with all details saved in PayPal

    • +2

      Yea, sold out in 1min

  • +3

    I think I won't bother with the 10pm mystery 3070 with this kind of behavior from shopping express.

    • Yeah it's a running joke at this point. I'll probably try again late Jan (not really in a rush for a card until Cyberpunk gets fixed).

  • +2

    More like 5 sec.
    Had one in my cart.
    By the time I clicked "Check out" it was gone…

  • Don't buy it boys, this is not the one.

  • +1

    Well shopping express is a joke. Why 2AM? Stay up until 2AM for something that sells out in 15 seconds.

    • +2

      Maybe sold out less than 5 seconds. I guess only one card they post.

  • -2

    How did that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how pp do this is the same time 2:00AM HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • Wow, only managed to see the oos icon.

  • +3

    I plan to buy some other parts in shopping express. No need anymore :)

  • +1

    Look what they are doing!


    They have a stock of the RTX 3080 but they raised the price of all of them to $1849 !!!!!!!!!!! …. how disgusting is that! The Tuf and the X Trio are there not even the OC model…. I am out of words!

    • Boxing Day specials…

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