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MSI GeForce RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X OC 10GB GDDR6X Graphics Card $1349 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Seems like a decent price with free shipping. Good luck grabbing one. Deal starts on 26th @ 2AM.

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    waiting for someone to write that this GPU should be priced sub 800 AUD

    • Is covid the reason this generation of cards is such a hot mess of stock levels? I walked into the shops days after the 1080ti launch and picked one up without issue or price hikes.

      • Covid
        Shipping Lines contributing to supply chain breakdown + massive freight costs
        Increased DIY sector interest
        Multiple massive hardware launches- AMD/nVidia/XBOX/PS5
        A year to forget

        • Makes sense. Cheers.

        • +4 votes

          Biggest generational jump too.

        • Shipping Lines contributing to supply chain breakdown + massive freight costs

          These are not issues any more so long as ordering is being done appropriately.

          The remaining issues are not significant enough as to create the disparity we're seeing, which is +$400 AUD right now if you're going off this deal.

          $30 USD premium for shipping and additional business costs? OK, but you can probably do better if you narrowed your focus and bought in higher volumes and maybe had it shipped by boat.

          GST? Sure, I like what tax revenue does for our country most of the time.

          A little lag with exchange rates? OK

          A 25% premium because you and your suppliers are buying stock from other retailers in other countries and think people will actually continue to pay for that? Get (profanity) idiot, get absolutely (profanity).

        • I'll add consumers being happy to spend stupid amounts on hardware.

          Nvidia spent $12usd billion in cash on arm.

        • You listed every reason but the main one.

          Nvidia moved their semi-conductor fab to Samsung's foundry this generation as the other fabs are all busy with more lucrative AMD (and other) contracts, but Samsung was never prepared to be able to keep up with Nvidia's demand. So then Nvidia had to scramble to get another fab to help produce the chips, and that either hasn't started yet, or is in early stages of production.

          All the other reasons are/were valid at some point, but the main one was the move of fabrication.

        • Crypto is also contributing factor, rumor has it Nvidia sold a stack of these to crypto miners hence the tighter supply.

          • @BargainKen: In their earnings report they did list a lot sold to miners (think it was $170m but could be wrong) but that worked out to 6% of their stock sold. It's a factor, but production issues mean they can't supply enough to meet huge demand. Until one of those changes, prices will remain jacked according to analysts

          • @BargainKen: Correct, the bit coin mining factories are at industrial scale. Most people here have no idea how many graphics cards have gone to those factories, because they have never seen the scale of those factories.

        • The biggest one you're missing:

          • Scalpers
      • maybe, though I thought ppl had less money due to Covid - from what you read but hey
        buy if you want
        they are cheaper then 20x card and better
        Ill wait for the $800-900 mark - maybe 1k before I jump on it

        • The rest of us will be 2 generationd ahead and from the looks of my 3080 and how it struggles on Cyberpunk without DLSS… I'd say the 3080 doesn't have much life left for maxed out AAA at anything over 1440p…

          • @Evanlet: I play on 1440p with my 1080ti and its not struggling at all - maybe best to avoid this crap card then

          • @Evanlet: Personally I wouldn't use a game with one of the poorest recorded performances at launch as a benchmark for the life span of the latest cards.
            It has nothing to do with the hardware not being good enough, and everything to do with CDPR.

            • @bumflufftornado: Poorest recorded performance at launch maybe, but there also isn't anything to compare it to out there. I'd have to hazard its due to high object LOD and density.

              In-game screencaps: https://photos.app.goo.gl/G12cs4xQJaGHuL1j8

              Those are my live (compressed) screencaps what the game actually looks like in-game with no filters or editing… never seen a game look that good during actual live gameplay and this is just the beginning of next-gen.

        • I remember the day when $200 for a Gfx card was a lot… and it was in this century.
          It wasn't until bitcon, i mean bitcoin, that they started screwing us, and y'all were OK with it, so they kept at it.

          • @raybies: I remember when I bought a new gfx card so i can play quake in 3d and thought - WOW…how amazing, that cost me maybe $200-300 :)

          • @raybies:

            I remember the day when $200 for a Gfx card was a lot… and it was in this century.

            $200 for a decent card would have pre-dated the 3Dfx Voodoo 1.

            Voodoo2's back in 98 would have cost over $500 and that was in 1998 money. That was an addon card that required a primary 2D card.

            I bought a Voodoo1 that year for $200 when Voodoo2 was the current card, and it was from the swap meet which was heavily discounted.

            My TNT2 (not Ultra) which I bought in 1999 for about $450-500. A Geforce 1 cost even more than that.

            You could probably get a card for under $200 in 2000, but that wouldn't have been a card you'd play games on.

            • @lostn: Maybe some slight hyperbole on my part, however I think 2005-2012 was the sweet spot. In the 90's they were expensive, unless you went with a Matrox, but then there was only SiS? and Voodoo 3dfx.

              I have a receipt from hboutlet.com.au Sep 28 2006
              POWERCOLOR PCIE X1900GT 256: $249

              I also sold a "Sapphire Radeon X1950XTX 512MB GDDR4" on ebay for $91.50 on the 26th of Sep 2008… I have no record of buying it though, but I do remember playing Crysis on it.

              Other options in 2006 from citylinkpcs.com.au, abit.com.au, pcquest.com.au:
              Palit PCIE 7900GS 256MB DDR3 Dual DVI: $225
              Gecube PCIE X1900XT Dual DVI GDDR3 256MB VIVO Edition: $379
              Hightech ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB 256-bit DDR3: $470
              GeForce 7950 GT > Gainward PCIE 7950GT 512MB DDR3 2xDVI HDTV: $410

            • @lostn: I guess an RTX3080 equivalent for 2012 would be the GTX 680 2GB, 1024 cores and a 512-bit bus A$700, could even be bought for $500~$700.
              Or a Gigabyte GV-R797OC-3GD which I bought for $449 Aug 2012.

            • @lostn: hrmmm i remember getting the geforce 2 mx400 for $200-240

              • @Homr: MX was the budget series. A full Geforce 2 would have cost more than $500. And then there'd be Geforce 2 Ultra.

                MX would be like a 1050 or 1650. Worse actually. MX still exists in the laptop ultrabook range, and they perform worse than 1050, 1650.

      • TSMC makes all sub 10nm chips.
        SMIC poached a lot of their workers, hampering expansion.
        Shipping doesn't really affect them that much as they use air freight, which has reduced capacity bcos less commercial flights… but really they just can't spit the chips out fast enough.

    • This GPU should be price around 950.

      • You cant do a direct price comparison, you have to think about GST and import duties as well. The US prices are all before tax too.

      • if you can someone to buy it from a tax free US state and send it to you labeled as a 'gift', maybe.

    • With AUD to USD this high, damn right these cards should be around the $800 mark….

      • +3 votes

        moot point; maybe we should go back to July 2011 when 1 AUD = 1.1033 USD.

      • Show us how it should be $800, cause it seems on all metrics I can't get $800 for a RTX 3080 at the moment.

        What do you think the dollar is at the moment because it's nowhere near parity for this card to be $800.

        Having said that would be a nice price though!

    • What is this, Stockholm syndrome or something?

    • That's probably the manufacturing cost of those cards.

    • It TOTALLY should.
      $1349 is a ridiculous amount… what games actually need it? Sure if you want to get ultra sharp 4k on a 120Hz monitor playing Cyberpunk 2077; but will you really notice any discrible difference to 1080p + DLSS and 60Hz?

      When was the last time you boasted about 120Hz game play outside of a gaming forum?

      • As someone with a 3090, I can tell you not even my card can run Cyberpunk on everything Max at a stable 60 without DLSS on. And to my eyes DLSS makes it look meh anyways.

      • I keep getting downvoted when I say
        xbox at $750 is such a bargain vs these cards that give you nothing at all gaming vise
        maybe 1 game…
        games I play on PC are usually competitive and this crap is just not needed and turned off
        for my 27 inch monitor 1440 p is more then enought and I still get very good output from my 1080ti that I didnt overpay - when that came out it was a titan of a card and it cost $800 - even less
        now top of the line card is upwards of $2k - rip off and a half and you get nothing out of that will justify that price

  • For $1329 I'm cueing up for one of these EVGA HYBRID 3080'S INSTEAD, just dropped.


    • This looks perfect for ITX… at 285mm and 2.2 slots is that right?

      EDIT: tried to order:

      There are no available shipping methods for your cart.
      Please select a click and collect option.
      Please contact our support if delivery is required.

      :’( sad panda

    • This looks good, do you know how the EVGA AIOs are? Do they run quiet?

  • My MSI Ventus 2080 was so loud my PC could have taken off.
    Definitely looking towards another brand.

    • I have 3080 Ventus for a bit, they are surprisingly quiet and cool compared to the previous Ventus models.

    • 2 fan or 3 fan for the 2080? Things change each generation, but Ventus is certainly the budget line of MSI cards.

  • +5 votes

    One of the worst cards you could get from what I've read. Makes sense this would be the one they chose to go on sale.

    • Can you post your source?

      • I've read similar. Don't have links but watched a lot of YouTube reviews and teardowns. Apparently MSI went extremely cheap on VRM and components on the card (worse parts than FE). That means it doesn't supply power very well and barely covers default levels so it is a poor overclocker. The cooler is a bit better than average, but not amazing. Fans are average.

        Depending on your build, there is a video I watched where one of the reviewers (popular, but cant remember name) did a deshroud mod for this card in an NR200 ITX case (multiple coolers and fan variations). He saw temps drop by over 10 degrees. Looks like a decent candidate if wanting to deshroud to help with noise, thermals, and a minor performance improvement. In the NR200P I'm likely to do similar, and use 120mm to 140mm fan adapters 3d printed to raise height to have fans directly on the cooler

  • I bought this card about 2 months ago. It runs very hot around 80C max and tends to always be power limited. It has a 320W firmware cap so i could only get around +80 on the core.

    Currently running this with a waterblock and the temps cap out around 45.

    • In hindsight, would you have purchased a different one?

    • it's all the same for 2 8 pin card, you'll experience the same thing on say Tuf and Aorus

      2 8 pin 3080 is pretty much only for people that doesn't overclock, putting a waterblock on it would only helps with temps, you're not really gonna get any gains

      • I had it mounted normally and it made the glass so hot it was very uncomfortable to touch for more than 1 or 2 seconds.

        Either way i didnt expect to get much of an OC on it anyways since its one of the lowest cards.

        I also paid $1450 for it. Will probs change it to the 20Gb 3080 when it comes out.

    • That all? My 2060 runs at 84-85c fan at max.Gigabyte windforce for the last time thats for sure.

    • My 2080 runs at 80c with fan 1000%, it so friggin loud i cant play games without the headset on

    • What case you running? My gigabyte eagle hottest is 70 under load with ambient temperature of 29 degrees.

    • MSI wouldn't have been top of my list, but I've got the MSI 3080 Gaming X TRIO when I found stock.

      It's the triple fan variant and is genuinely one of the quietest, coolest GPU's I've had.

      I don't think it's gone over 70c once so far.
      I left it mining yesterday on a +1000mhz memory overclock with the AC on and came home to find someone turned the AC off, and it was still below 70c.

      I've a decent case and CPU cooling so that may help.

      • Did you notice with your overclock the benchmarks showing a lesser score? 3080 overclocking memory is hard as it doesn't crash

        • I didn't benchmark it using conventional benchmark apps, so I'm not sure yet.

          I wouldn't try play any games or anything with that overclock. I just have an everyday profile (tiny overclock) and a mining profile (undervolted, underclocked clock, overclocked memory) and I was getting high 80's M/Hs.

          I'm only mining during the day as I've solar and while I'm at work, so not doing it proper.

  • Only $200 above msrp? Best listing yet.

  • +11 votes

    Seems like a PR move from Shopping Express - they pretty much have scalper prices usually on the 3080s

  • This should also be eligible for the Cold War redemption through nVidia. https://www.nvidia.com/en-au/geforce/campaigns/cod-black-ops... until Jan 11th

  • 10GB, is this enough?

    • It could use more for 'future proofing' (if that's even a thing in hardware), but it is adequate at the moment for 4K, and absolutely fine for 1440p.

      When you're spending this much though, it should have at least 11GB to match previous high end offerings, but that'd end up pushing the price up so they compromised.