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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months $33.57 (30% off) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB HiFi has a sale going on for game pass ultimate, 30 Percent off. EB Games does too with the same discount according to an Email but have yet to update it on their Website. Will comment below if I see it show up.
Edit: Update, EB Games also now has it available for the same discount on their website, link provided by a user in the comments.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • I'm new to Xbox, can these stack?

    I redeemed the $1 deal which expires in March. Can I add this onto it now and it will go til June? Or it doesn't work that way?

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      Pretty sure it’s stackable up around 2-3 years

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        3 years :)

        • sweet!

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      From what I know its 3 years.

  • I just redeemed the $1 promo for 3 months when I setup my new Series X console earlier on today.

    • Yeah the codes you buy should still work for it and stack, if anything it was probably better if you redeemed the 1 dollar promo first as I don't know if you can redeem it when you become a current customer. Then if you'd like you can stack it up to 3 years and pretty much be set for xbox exclusive games over the next 3 years for like $370

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    Been waiting for this one!

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      Same haha, a shame its not the buy one get one free. that'd be half price for stackers like me.

      • people were saying prices were going up etc. I wonder if that means no more buy one and get one free? Thats the one i usually get as well.

  • Stack up 12 months and you'll get to play Halo Infinite next holiday plus all the other games that come out from XGS

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      Or just wait until Halo infinite comes out and sign up then

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    Now up on EB Games as well. Instantaneous digital delivery. Get those carrots.


    • Cheers for the Update, saved me having to check every hour and remember to post it.

    • thanks for that , Just bought 5!

    • which one is better to buy from?

      • Exactly the same unless you want earn carrots with EB Games.

        • I have some carrots but never used them yet. Can you buy gift cards to use on eb games?

  • EB Games not working here - trying to buy 5 (maximum it will allow me to add to cart)

    Try to pay and it comes back with something went wrong contact customer support

    • im getting the same error tried just 1, tried a new email address nothing works

    • Just bought 5, no issues. order number came up immediately.

    • Tried on two different browsers with two different accounts and mine isn't working.
      Also with my phone and just being a guest. Nothing I try seems to work.

  • Does the Brazilian VPN method no longer work? Ie buy 3 years of Xbox live gold for around $180-$200 and use the $1 conversion to game pass ultimate?

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      Nah, I rather pay a little more for Aussie retail then giving my money to the overseas store.

      • You’re gunna buy both?

      • Kudos for wanting to support Aussie retailers. Couldn't you buy 3x Xbox live gold from EB games for $89 and then use the conversion? Still works out cheaper than buying game pass unless I'm mistaken:

        Assuming you buy 10 of these for $335.7 for between 30 and 32 months

        You can buy 3x Live gold link for 267 and convert for 16 ($283) for 36 months

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      I just did this method last night, still works a treat.
      I purchased 3x 12 month gold Brazil keys from cdkeys, then I used a free TunnelBear account with the app on my iPhone, connected to Brazil & went to redeem.microsoft.com & activated all 3, then I payed the $16 to convert the 36 months to Game Pass Ultimate. (I already used the $1 offer in the past).
      (This only works if you DONT have a current Game Pass subscription, otherwise the keys redeem at a lower conversion rate)

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    Bought 2 with two separate emails (in case the 1 per purchase was otherwise limited) and added them to my account, and upon activation it gave me a free month if I turned on recurrent billing. Turned it off between codes, so got 8 months for $67.

    • How long does it take for the code to arrive?

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        Think it was about half an hour.

      • just bought 5, email was 30 seconds, all 5 codes are there… entering them now :) (from EB)

      • On EBGames it took me like 5-10 minutes to receive them.

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    Jumped in and got 5x digital codes from EB. Instantly showed up in my EB World account.

    Took advantage of the $1 for 3 months deal I have in my account, plus the 5x3 month digital codes. It offered to give me another month free for turning on auto-renewal when I was redeeming the codes (happened twice). So now I have 20 months of Game Pass Ultimate for $168.80.

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    After 3 orders JB started cancelling subsequent orders. Bought 5 instead through EB.

    • Silly how JBHIFI put a limit on it, it's a digital product.

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        Agreed, limiting digital product's is a poor way of creating fake supply shortages, when ya know, the item is virtually unlimited. Makes no sense if you don't want folks paying for membership at that price then don't put it at that price.

  • Interesting, i thought the auto renewal bonus month had been discontinued, last couple of times i tried this year it was. Maybe they brought it back.

  • Whats the expiry on this if any? I know the bonus months used to have an expiry but the standard didnt. is that still the case?

    • expiry on the sale or expiry on when you can use the cards? if former the expiry is I believe the 29th of december. If the latter I'm not too sure, but assume less than 12 months.

  • Thanks OP! Managed to buy one at JB but I keep getting errors when trying to buy them from EB Games.

    • Try different browser, Chrome doesn't work for me, other browser does.

  • So these stack with current Ultimate subscriptions, mine runs till August next year?

    • Yep, tried it with two codes from the EB bunch, they stack. The JB I haven't tried cause they've got a limit on their purchases lol

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        But they should still stack.

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    pretty sure I'm on my second 3 months for $1, I totally will pay the continuing price when this account is up. Fantastic service if you don't need to play the latest greatest AAA games day one.

    • Well even xbox and xbox-bought studio games come out on day one such as outer worlds, gears 5 and I think soon halo infinite so it's even better on the day one release front.

  • Thanks. I bought 4 of these from EB Games and got an extra 8% discount through a work rewards program. Should be good for the next 12 months!

  • Wowee, not sure what happened but I got a steal!

    Bought 5 from EB as a LVL 4

    Proceeded to redeem and EVERY SINGLE TIME it asked to turn on recurring to give an extra month. Ended up getting 5 free month on top of the 5 cards.

    I was due to expire til November 2021. Now Im good to July 2023.

    To top it off I had EB credit so it all felt free

    • +1

      Yeah, lots of people got the extra month and got ask for turning on recurring but I bought 3 and none of it ask me to turn it on so no bonus for me at all. Not sure why.

    • I think people who hadnt used this feature before got it, I dont get asked for the last batch i bought but i did for the previous batch before that.

      • I have never got ask before, although I am a new subscriber (only joined a few days ago), not sure if that's why.

        • You need to turn off recurring after every activation. Got 3 cards, got 3 months free very happy.

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