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Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD $128 @ Harvey Norman


Looks like a really good price, it’s $11 cheaper than JB and cheaper than previous deals before it!!

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Do you need to reformat between Mac and PC?

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      Format it to exfat and you can use it across both.

    • I used it directly in the shop to backup Galaxy Note 10+ 30GB DCIM (downloaded Android app http://www.samsung.com/PortableSSD) with encryption & directly available on the PC after installing the provided S/W to decrypt. It is formated as exFAT. I didn't see support for iOS/iPadOS.
      Comes with USB-C to USB-C & USB-A cables for 10Gb/s transfer over USB 3.1 Gen2. Great for Android transfer.

  • Even though it’s a great deal, I refuse to shop at Harvey Norman

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    I went to OW. Got pricematch. Paid with Zip Pay with supposed 10% back so came close to $108. Around $109.44. I paid $599 at PCcasegear 3 years ago.

  • A couple of questions

    • Does the tap and pay 10% promotion at Zip apply to Harvey Norman (instore purchases)? The T&C don't list any exclusions other than Westfarmers Gift Cards.
    • What is the Zip "reward goal" all about? It seems odd that they don't provide the reward goal up front given that the cashback expires in Jan.
    • What speeds are you all getting? I'm getting around 380mb/s real-world read/writes but over 500mb+ in crystal mark.
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    $20 saving to hand out your license number and credit card number?
    Not sure if that sounds like a bargain to me.
    Read the above again.

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      Probably not worth doing it. Pay extra $20 and save some stress time when you waiting your home loan to be approved.

      • Oh why would using latitude pay affect home loan approval?

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    Also used Latitude Pay. thanks OP!

  • Paid using latitude pay on the 27th and haven't received an invoice or notification for collection. Anyone else have the same experience?

    • I still don't have notification, Mines still processing….

  • I paid with Latitude for collect in store at $108 and it worked.
    Not sure where you live but Bing Lee still has them on special for $119

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