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Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD $128 @ Harvey Norman


Looks like a really good price, it’s $11 cheaper than JB and cheaper than previous deals before it!!

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    $108 with Latitude Pay

    • So I signed up for Latitude Pay, now how do I use that to purchase at the cheaper price?

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        Go all the way to checkout and select LatitudePay as payment method

    • +4

      Those f**kers won’t let me sign up… something about equifax details being incorrect.
      I have two mortgages and two credit cards yet somehow equifax/latitude won’t let me buy some crappy merchandise.

      • Same thing happened to me, just told me they can’t verify my details lol

        • Make sure you're entering the name and details exactly as per the identity documents

    • I already have a Latitude Go card however when i go to log in it states no user with this account?! But im signed in on the mobile app with same password?. Any ideas?

    • thanks for reminder

    • How do you get a discount with LP? cant see anything on their site for the discount

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    $108 for 1tb is an amazing price

  • +6

    lol how did I miss this..

    btw.. $7.95 delivery to most places if you don't want to be seen in HN

  • When will Amazon price match this?

    • hopefully before 11am.

    • +3

      They won't, as they don't have any stock of this that is sold by Amazon AU. Only Amazon US.

  • +4

    Great price for a great drive. Excellent for ps5 or series x back compat games.

    • I'm assuming PS5 games can't be stored on this due to read speed? Is the advantage of storing PS4 titles on this vs plugging in my old external 2TB HD from the PS4 the loading/transfer times?

      • Can’t say for PS5 but with my SeriesX the load times in Forza 7 have gone from 30s to under 1s to load a track
        Far Cry 5 from 1min to 15s

        Previously using an external seagate 4tb but moving to the T5 is phenomenal

    • This article on Gizmodo suggests modest benefits for PS5 owners at moment (despite title of the article) . There is a link to PlayStation comments on future plans for external drives contained in this article. As others have pointed out it is useful to facilitate PS4 gameplay on PS5

      • Hey just wondering how you rate the hisense hs512 soundbar now that you have had it over a year.
        I'm thinking about getting one but only a few reviews around

  • crazy cheap ! thanks

  • +2

    And the HN website is falling over :)

    • +1

      Haha yes. It took me more than 5 mins to load the payment page and another 3 to confirm my payment.

  • If FAT32 formatted, do these work with Android OTG adapters, or do they need too much power?

    • +1

      They work with my S10+

  • +1

    Easy price beat at OW in store, plus 10% back with zip pay tap. Brought them down to about $110ea.

  • +1

    Just got one from HN. The website is crawling….

  • +1

    Man, for 108 I couldn’t stop myself and snapped one up. That’s just too good of a price to ignore. HN and latitude websites are really chugga-luggin though right now haha

    • Same

    • Same, I bought one a few months ago at $249. Couldn't resist getting another one.

  • If i take this apart, will it fit in the PS4?

  • Thanks OP - just got one for the PS5.

  • Thanks op!

  • I am trying to sign to Latitude pay, waiting for a code to be sent to my mobile. After mor ethan 10 minutes, I still haven't received it

    • My code took quite a few minutes to arrive, try hitting the resend code link

      • Yes, I did try. In the end, I got 3 text messages, and none of them worked. So I started again and this time the code was correct. Ppphew… thanks Op

  • Now I got an email saying my order is delayed by 48 hours

  • +1

    Just got this email from HN. Will they cancel our orders cos they can’t manage their stock and inventory properly?

    Your order is currently delayed. It is estimated to be ready within 48 hours. You’ll receive an update as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    “Items on back order”

    • Just got an email 10mins after the order was placed to confirm it is ready for pick up.

      • Weird as I chose click and collect too.

        Hard to imagine that they don’t have the correct amount of stock available before accepting a click and collect order.

  • +2

    I just price matched officeworks for $121.60

    Thank you!

    • how did you manage this?
      trying myself but can't even load the webpage

  • I got -

    "Hi Matthew! Thanks for placing your order with us. It is currently being reviewed by our online team."

  • Website is down :/

  • +2

    Kogan and Dick Smith have this marked as $9,999. So $128 really is a bargain.

    • +1

      Buy from HN for $128, sell to Kogan and make a killing!

    • Kogan has the 500gb version not the 1tb version. Obviously 1<500 hence the price difference s/

  • +1

    Bargain $108 with Latitude Pay
    Went with store pickup
    Email received "We'll email you as soon as your order is ready for pickup"
    HN website very very slow and Latitude Sign up almost as slow
    geezzz what we do for a bargain :)
    Update: email arrived ready for pickup with drive thru contactless service :)

  • +1

    Priced matched with 5% OW, 2 units, done.

  • Paid with 28 degrees. Waiting for this to drop to below $80 for a price protection claim. This card is magic.

    • +1

      how do you have the price protection? I was gonna apply for this card but could not find price protection anywhere mentioned.

  • What cables / connectors does this come with?

    Cannot find on HN website, Amazon suggests USB-C but not really clear.

    • +3

      This is the superseded model (now T7)
      Mine came with 2 cables
      1. usb c both ends
      2. usb c with standard other end

      • Yes, but so what? The T5 is plenty good unless you have TB4 and need a TB drive, it's plenty fast and capable.

        • +1

          Agree which is why I bought a new one at $108
          GordonR was just asking about the cables

          • @Dobe: Yes, got the two cables as well.

      • +1

        @Dobe thanks

  • Paid 175 back in mid November. Bummer.

    • -5

      Paid $79 back in Aug 2019. Meh.

      • +1

        No you didn't.

        • -2

          A bunch of OzB professionals did.

          Edit: Ah, so you missed out on that deal and revoked your + vote. Still bitter.

          pizzaguy X 08/08/2019 - 09:49

          • +1

            @Thrift: Nah, I'm aways negging ebay flash sales as they're competitions. I got T7 at some other sale.

            Bragging about getting one in an ebay competition sure gets you negs like above, bragging about browsing my OzB record, assuming my intentions and commenting on that base is silly at best.

            • @pizzaguy: Bragging? Isn't this the thread where people post the price they previously bought the product followed by a FML?

              As for a 'competition', sergun posted a foolproof way of buying one in the eBay sale. Granted there was a little effort involved, they weren't just handed out on a platter of entitlement.

  • Price matched at JB with zip and tcn combo.

    • -1

      Still cant beat 20$ off with lattitudepay.

      • Considering it’s about 20% off yes it did.

        • -1

          nah it still can't beat - it is less effort with Harvey Norman / LPay.

  • +2

    Just got one from Officework, Price Beat down to $121.6. Saved the hassle registering Lattitude pay

    • Price match from officeworks, paid with zip pay, close to latitude price $108.

      • can you pay officeworks with zip pay over the phone?

      • How did you manage that? $121.60 with OW price beat, but I thought zip pay was just 3% back?

        • +3

          Today is Saturday, 10% rebate from zip pay. Last day for 10%.

  • Got one. Paid $7.95 postage as there were none in my local store for c&c.

  • Got a black one.
    The red units were gone and strangely the gold unit came up with a $298 price. To note, the HN site is running slow!

  • +1

    Got one for $105.50 with Latitude Pay ($58) and Suncorp 5% discounted gift card ($47.50)

  • So just beware that even if it shows in stock for click and collect, they might not actually have it in the store for pick up today or tomorrow.

    I got the delayed email and called up my local store at Broadway and they said the stock is in the warehouse and won’t be ready for pick up until Tuesday (after public holiday on Monday).

    Can’t imagine anyone would need it right now but if you do might be worth just going in store to JB or OW and price match

  • Ordered one for C&C and it's already ready for pickup! Took me more time to place order with the website behaving badly.

  • Got one with Lat pay $20 off. Thanks OP!

  • Oh FFS - just bought one of these at JB with previously discounted gift cards, then had Officeworks price-match them with an extra 10% off Zip … only to get home and see this deal, at bloody Harvey Norman of all places. That'd be right… lousy Smarch weather…

    • So you bought two? Using JB receipt to price match?

      • +1

        Yeah, was looking for things to buy with today's Zip discount given my original plan of stocking up on Amazon gift cards failed (can only get them from Australia Post in SA - and every farking post office was closed today). Just showed Officeworks the price on the JB website and they matched that without any hesitation.

  • Plenty stocks at North Ryde, NSW. If someone wants to get one and using zip pay 10% rebate. Some stocks next door officeworks, if someone wants PM.

  • Is latitude pay set and forget payments?

    • +1

      I wondered the same. Kinda looks like they want you to have to remember your payment each week!? Just pay the whole thing off before you forget and wear $10 in fees each time

      • yup. I linked LatitudePay with a CC, and paid the whole amount immediately after the deal went through.

  • +3

    Officeworks have updated their price to $128 now. No more price matching but free delivery now

    • Wow I must have gotten lucky then.

      $109.44 via OW pricebeat and ZIP around 2:30.

  • Does anyone know where I can get a good replacement USB-3.0 to USB-C cable for these that aren't super long, with the same transfer speeds?
    My cable became faulty after a few months as I have the bad habit of transporting my laptop around with the hard drive dangling off the side.

    • Can really recommend these Baseus 50cm (half metre) short cables (usb > usb c)
      Quality ports and cable finish, good short size.
      Also has a velcro cable tie.
      You may find cheaper elsewhere but just to guide you here is a cable that you will be pleased with.

      • Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out.

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