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Rebel: 15% Cashback, Nike 20%, Supercheap 10%, Shaver Shop 15% (Caps Apply), Apple 5%, Good Guys 5% @ Cashrewards


A whole heap of upsized cashback for CR. Note that caps apply for some -

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Cash rewards making a come back!

    • Even the CRW share price reclaimed support!

  • Can apple 5% be used in conjuction with their education store?

    • I too would like to know this.

    • +3

      Yes, if you search Cashrewards site for “apple” and click on education store, it confirms 5%. Standard exclusions, including the new M1 laptops

  • Cheers OP :)

    The Good Guys have just matched the $319 price on the Moto G9 Plus - might be time to pull the trigger:


  • What to buy at rebel sports ! hmmmm

  • +11

    NO APPLE NEW PRODUCTS INCLUDED. Generally speaking, useless. You can always get more than 5% at JB, OW.

    IMPORTANT - These products & services are ineligible for cashback until further notice: AirPods Max, new MacBook Air with M1, new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1, new Mac mini with M1, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, HomePod Mini, MagSafe chargers, 8th generation iPad, all-new iPad Air, 27-inch iMac, Mac Pro (console), Pro Display XDR, Bose products, Gift Cards, Gift Wrap, iTunes, Shipping, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare products purchased individually or after the applicable product has been shipped. (Exclusions updated 09/12/20).

    • +4

      Agree. Waste of time these apple deals.

  • Loving cashback
    Does it includes thegoodguys commercial?

    • +2

      The terms clearly say no.

  • +1

    Rats! I did all my SuperCheap Auto shopping on Christmas eve to take advantage of the 5% club discount. And now CR comes to the party with 10% cashback.

    • Same

    • +2

      Might not track vs guaranteed discount

      • I'm thinking the same thing too. No point stressing about it

    • Yep, same with me.

      For the amount that I'd bought, I'll rather take the upfront discount instead of waiting for the drawn out approval time on CR.
      At the end, it's just a couple of bucks' difference (1 x takeaway coffee that I'll bypass).

      • You win some, and occasionally, you have to give back some.

        No big deal to be honest.

    • Actually, just realised maximum $20 cashback today
      Wouldn't have helped at all.

  • Can cashback be used for good guys apple MacBook products for further 5% off?

  • Great new site also

  • Can you use sign up coupon code at shavershop with cashrewards?

  • is there a way to get the cashback for Nike? whenever i go to check-out it takes me to a global site and no longer tracks

    • Use the cashback app. It works.

      • +1

        too late, I thought I would try it out in web but don't think it worked. I should have used app, didn't even think of it.

        Is there a way to manually do it using the invoice or something?

        Also looks like I'm too late to cancel and re-order through the app. I'm making all kinds of mistakes today. Oh well, if I can't get cashback I'm not going to worry about losing $22 :'(

        However looks like I can send a claim through click history, so I'll try that next week if it didn't track

        • +2

          I'm in the same boat. CB activated when adding purchase, but seemed to turn off when checking out.
          Made sure to activate and showed up 3 times in click history! (made sure lol) Will follow up if not tracked

          Update: CR tracking email received with 20% amount.

  • Shopback has beaten CR with 6% cashback at The Good Guys.

  • Anyone else not have their cashback track from Shaver Shop? It's been 12 hours since my purchase and still no email (the Chrome plugin was activated when I purchased too).

    Is waiting this long normal for most retailers? I'm used to Dan Murphy's purchases tracking almost instantaneously.

    • +1

      I got three shaver shop tracking yesterday. Did it on my phone app.

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