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Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD $128 Delivered or C&C @ Officeworks


Officeworks has matched the Harvey Norman deal. It’s the lowest price according to Prino.

Free delivery or free click & collect.
For delivery, arrival estimated to be by 30 December. Based on a Metro Melbourne address.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • I'll pick this one up on Saturday with zip pay 10% off or do you think the price will go up

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      That was 10% off for Saturdays in December, there’s none of those left…

      You can still get 3% off every day until early January with Zip Tap & Go Visa.

    • there is no more zip 10% off all done dusted

      • +1

        I saved $120 by Zip Dec 10% rewards.

        • Bummer oh well was good while it lasted where can I find total saved?

          • +1

            @Gomo: You can track usage history in app

    • You can still use your Coles myer gift card in Officeworks, presumably bought with the 10% zip

  • Picked one up, thanks :)

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    Thank you just bought it OP

    HN has the same offer now


    • +10

      lol. Not to neg but did you not read op wrote "Officeworks has matched the Harvey Norman deal"

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        Harvey Osborne

      • All good :) Just saw it. Don't even know if they really matched the price or it was preexisting lol

        • I was just in officeworks and they had them marked at $128 so I suspect it was preexisting.

  • WD for $108 in JBHiFi or this?

    • Which WD is $108 at JB? All I can find are the $300 ones.

      • Saw these yesterday at JB Highpoint, Maribyrnong

        • So probably gone by now anyway. To answer your question then - this.

    • link?

  • Nice. Got a $50 gift card so might pop by this arvo

  • +1

    Great deal I managed to get officeworks to price match HN yesterday with their 5% beat thingo so it was $121

  • Any personal reviews on this?

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      amazing for everyday use. I am using it with my Macbook pro. It can also be used with Gaming console like PS4 i believe.

  • Does anyone know if this drive slows down when writing large files EG: 50GB - 100GB files.

  • Nice price, already got my T7 with fingerprint at $210 yesterday.

  • Bought one pick up, office work is near my place . not too bad at $128.00 , thanks OP .

  • Mine is ready for collection :)

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    Cheapest way to get this is from HN, use $50 gift card that is converted from prezzee (bought at 10% off with zip on Apple pay), pay the rest with Latitude Pay for a further $20 off. Ends up with around $103 for the SSD.

    • +2

      Awesome thanks for the psa on the latitude pay promotion! Extra 20 off.

  • What does OP stand for? Ozbargain People?

    • +3

      Original Poster.

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      Or Original Post, depends on context.

  • Thanks got one at my local, Oxley, QLD :)

    Will be using it in my Tesla Model 3 for it's dashcam system :)

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      Nice flex :)

  • What’s the reliability or data safety on these vs standard portable/external hard drives?

    • no moving parts vs conventional hard drive with disk plates spinning etc..

    • More sturdy in terms of you can drop it and throw it around. Long term reliability is about the same. SSDs tend to just die whereas HDDs show signs of dying so you can usually recover some data from them before they die.

  • Thanks OP - very good price. Bought.

  • Thanks for this - Just bought another.

  • Can you shuck these and use it for PC?

    • +2

      Yes. Msata OEM Evo 860 with slightly different firmware inside the cases. Well need msata socket to use, not m.2/nvme.

      • Might be good for my dell latitude 7240.

        • Just get a normal drive and save yourself the hassle. Common format drives are around this price anyway

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up at JB for $127 as I was already going there.

  • +1

    Not many people aware but if your local OW does not have any stock you can ask for quotation which locks price for 30 days. It looks like a receipt with current price and expiration date.

    • Can you lock in a price that has been price beaten? You just ask for a price quote at the counter?

  • Anyone using this with an Xbox one S? How much faster would that be compared to usb3.0?

  • I purchased one for $108. I had to try about 4 stores before anyone was kind enough to drop the price.

    • With latitude though?

      • No just phoning around.

  • According to some teardowns there is mSATA SSD inside and not M.2 SATA. Be warned if you plan to shuck it.

    • You could always buy a mSATA to M.2 or SATA adapter for a few bucks on ebay.. Although not sure if you lose any speed with adapters

  • +1

    Deal expired today.

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