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Pansonix LUMIX G 25mm Camera Lens $159.84 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Micro Four Thirds 25mm Fixed Focal Length Lens/ 50mm (35mm camera equiv.)
The high-speed F1.7 offers a beautiful bokeh effect for more impressive, creative shots.
UHR (Ultra High Refractive Index) Lens. The UHR lens and aspherical lenses achieve uniformed description from the centre to the edges.
Included Accessories: Lens cap, Hood, Pouch
Australian Plug and Australian Manufacturer's Warranty Provided

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    Beautiful bokeh effect.. On a m43 system? At this focal length? At f1.7?

    I suppose the price is not terrible.


      For sure! It does some really nice soft bokeh. Personally I don't get that stereotypical round bokeh too often however.

      dpreview examples: https://m.dpreview.com/samples/6498382246/panasonic-lumix-g-...

      If any is on mft and doesn't have a nice fast 50 lens, or hasn't tried one, this is a brilliant option. AF is very fast. It's a sharp lens (for all but the pixel peepers) and is fairly light. For $160 it's a great time to try.


        Apparently focus with video is not fantastic too btw.

        And yes. Price is okay like i said. Just idk about calling it 'beautiful' bokeh lmao


          Oh. Yeah my gx85 is dumb as a post when it comes to video focus. Hilariously so ¬¬

          I find some lenses do a really "murky" bokeh, like you're squinting at something and it makes me feel uncomfortable. This just does a nice soft defocus which I find appealing, but I'm no photographer haha.


    If only it had the other L word on it;-)


      what's the difference with L version?


        Better glass on the Leica, metal construction. OK price ATM, but I'm broke from HiFi purchases:) And I already have the 17mm.

        • +1 vote

          oh the f/1.4 Leica version. That thing is a beast, but not for my pocket haha. Apparently I already got the Olympus 45mm f1.8, thinking about to get this 25mm or olympus 17mm. Sems like I'll be pulling the trigger for the 25mm first.


            @kopisemendo: great lense setup. definitely get the 17mm when you get a chance. Occasionally digidirect does 20% off to about $450